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Do I Really Need a Travel Agent for My Trip?

Do I Need a Travel Agent

Ninety percent of leisure vacationers forgo travel agents and book their flights, hotels and rental services online. Of those who do consult travel professionals, they seek advice more than anything else. Most of us are capable of making simple reservations, but the experience of an agent can help settle the complexities of a big trip.

Document Assistance

Travel agents can translate the technical language found in most travel contracts. The fine print most of us skim over contains information that might prove useful (or detrimental) in emergencies—especially when dealing with insurance.

Finding the right insurance policy takes a lot of research even for someone who knows the industry. A travel agent can save you time and ensure you get the coverage you need.

Regardless what happens, your agent serves as the point-of-contact for all travel problems and inquiries.

Travel Coordination

Buying a direct flight or renting a car needn’t involve a travel agent. However, as more components go into a trip, the larger the margins for error. Getting a specialist to coordinate your schedule can prevent missed bookings and other complications. The more people you involve, the more necessary an agent will become.

Financial Planning

Some websites advertise low rates because they exclude taxes and fees from the price. An agent won’t beguile you in such a way—they are transparent about the costs involved in a trip. In fact, some agencies can help you budget.  Unlike most online services, you can take advantage of financing plans and deferred payment promos.

Agents can also leverage their relationships to attain discounts and specials through hotels and airlines.  Sometimes you just can’t beat the offers exclusive to agencies. Even if not a cost reduction, agents can add vouchers, credits and activities to your trip to enrich your experience. That’s the benefit of dealing with a professional as passionate as you about travel.