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How to Not Ruin a Diet on Vacation

How to Not Ruin a Diet on Vacation

Lots of vacationers eat out three meals a day. For someone who typically maintains a strict diet, this means breaking calorie restrictions; consuming an improper ratio of fats, proteins and other micro and macro-nutrients; as well as eating at irregular intervals. While some travellers prefer to leave their diets at home, you don’t need to do the same. With a little planning, you can still adhere to a diet on vacation.

Eat Out Less Often

Just because you’re living out of a hotel room for one week does not mean that you cannot make yourself meals. Visit the local grocery store and see what you can put together for simple meals and snacks. Snacks, particularly, are important because when you’re on-the-go in a new place, you’ll feel the greatest temptations to indulge.

Careful What You Eat Out

Realistically, you’re going to visit at least one restaurant on your vacation. Even if you eat out once a day, this doesn’t have to be a diet disaster if you’re cautious. Consider the following:

  • Restaurants serve over-sized portions;
  • Restaurant meals are often high in calories and fat;
  • Restaurants do not always post accurate (or specific) nutritional information.

Because of the above, you need to research your restaurants before eating at them and stop yourself from finishing the full meal. There is nothing wrong with requesting a take-home box.

Understand the Difference Between Thirst and Hunger

Surprisingly, we often eat when we’re not even hungry—just thirsty. When travelling, it’s common not to drink enough water (and sometimes imbue a bit too much pop and alcohol). Consequently, we have greater appetites and stronger cravings. So always pack water whenever you go out for the day.