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Methods for De-Wrinkling Your Clothes on the Go

De-Wrinkling Your Clothes

Wrinkles can ruin an outfit: they can make you look dishevelled and unpresentable. On vacation, after pulling clothes from the suitcase, you may be aghast to find them crumbled despite your efforts to pack neatly.

Most hotel rooms do offer irons, but in a rush, you’ll need to get creative. Here are a few popular ways to smoothen clothes on the go and in the hotel.

Carry a Bottle of Wrinkle Spray

Most pharmacies and grocers sell portable bottles of anti-wrinkle spray. Some require you to dampen the affected area while others work on dry fabric. There are homemade alternatives with vinegar and detergent, but these can leave an odour or residue. Regardless the type, pack a bottle in your car or purse for easy access during the day.

Throw Your Wardrobe into the Dryer

If you have 15 minutes to spare, find a dryer in the hotel or nearby. In the load, dampen one item (i.e. a sock) or include a few ice cubes. Letting your clothes tumble with such things can de-wrinkle them quickly.

Press Your Clothes with a Damp Towel

Either in the hotel or in a public bathroom, use a damp cloth or paper towel to de-wrinkle your clothes. If possible, remove the clothing, put it onto a flat surface and apply pressure with the damp cloth. Alternatively, keep the clothing on and press against the skin in the same way.

Use a Blow-Dryer

All public bathrooms have blow-dryers. When in a pinch, turn one on and put the wrinkled fabric under the heat about two inches from the machine. High heat alone can smoothen clothing.

Roll and Stuff

Back at the hotel, tightly roll your wrinkled clothing and stuff under the mattress for half an hour. Doing so can completely eliminate wrinkles!