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How to Stay Connected from Your Hotel Room

How to Stay Connected from Your Hotel Room

Did you know that more than 87% of hotels offer free WiFi in North America? Surprisingly, Vietnam and Cambodia beat out this average with 95% providing the amenity. If we incorporate wired internet into these statistics, the numbers would surely jump.

Whether in the room or in the lobby, you can always get online from your hotel. This means that you can stay connected with friends, colleagues, and clients easily. How you choose to do so comes down to preference.

Three Ways Travellers Communicate Abroad

Social Media

Services like Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and Skype effectively replace SMS. Of course, if you’re within your cellular coverage, then you can text as usual. Likewise, other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram continue uninterrupted regardless where you are.


Over the Internet, you can make cheap international and domestic calls. All you need is an onboard microphone, USB headset, or VoIP device. Travellers almost always prefer headsets because they offer better quality and portability.


When travelling, “out of office” responders can give you a break from email. Nevertheless, you can open email on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Unlike other social media services, email is highly lightweight (data-wise). So if you have roaming enabled, this is the cheapest mode of communication.

Boosting Your WiFi Signals in the Hotel

Not all hotels have strong Wi-Fi signals. If Ethernet is also available, you can bring a small Wi-Fi router to improve connectivity. Using a router will deliver faster speeds to your devices.

Similarly, you can connect to the internet from different locations within the hotel. For example, if you find the lobby has the best speeds, then perhaps you’ve found the Wi-Fi access point. The closer to the source of data, the more stable the connection.

Keeping Yourself Entertained on a Trip

Despite more hotels introducing high-grade technology into their suites, many fail to provide decent cable. Thankfully, streaming services like Netflix and Spotify can pass the time. Always pack an extra HDMI cable for plugging devices into the TV. You’ll appreciate the bigger screen when relaxing on the bed.