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Come Checkout Sudbury’s Most Unusual Attractions

Come Checkout Sudbury's Most Unusual Attractions

No matter where you go, every city has aspects that make it unique in its own way and Sudbury is no exception. Here are some of the most unusual, yet awesome, attractions Sudbury has to offer!

Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

The Sudbury neutrino detector was built for the purpose of detecting solar neutrinos. What makes this attraction so unique is that it is located in the largest man-made underground cavity in the world, approximately one mile below ground level. The cavity or chamber is 108 feet deep and 72 feet across and is comparable in size to a 10 story building.  

Although the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory is not currently open to the public, Sudbury’s Science North museum offers a video tour of the observatory, called “Secrets from the Sun”. 

Big Nickel

Sudbury’s Dynamic Earth museum is home to what could be the world’s largest coin. At this museum, stands an enormous Canadian five cent coin. The model is 30 feet in diameter and weighs in at 13,000 kilograms.

Despite these impressive measurements, there’s more to the Big Nickel than just its size. This representation of the five cent coin signifies the efforts of Sudbury nickel miners. The coin is an exact replica of how the currency was designed in 1951.

The Big Nickel was built in 1964 with numerous steel plates, designed to endure the Ontario weather. All the plates were then attached to an inner frame and welded together to produce the final product. 

The giant coin rests on top of a base that allows visitors to up to and underneath it, to truly experience its size up close. 

These are just a couple of the attractions that contribute to making Sudbury the awesome place that it is. Come explore this city for yourself and discover the aspects of this city that you personally appreciate the most.