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How to Collect Travel Points and Rewards Faster

How to Collect Travel Points and Rewards Faster

The right travel rewards program can help you afford airfare, vehicle rentals and accommodations more often. Although some people feel that points take too long to accumulate to make collecting them worthwhile, there are ways to earn more points through your everyday purchases.

Become an Elite Member

When frequent travellers get promoted to an elite status, they can save up to 50% on airfare and receive other travel perks like free checked baggage. Elite members also get more rewards promotions along with better points-to-perk ratios as thanks for their continued loyalty.

Signup at Opportune Times

Credit cards constantly run signup bonuses that give away thousands of points to new registrants. If you’re getting into the travel rewards game, then plan your entrance strategically. Likewise, keep an eye out for promotions, upgrades and other specials that will help you maximize your return per dollar spent.

Dine Out and Sleep at Affiliate Hotels

Most reward programs include hotel and restaurant partnerships. You can redeem points in such establishments or earn extra points through the program. If you’re indifferent to where you sleep and eat on vacation, leveraging these partnerships can translate into oodles of free rewards.

Pay with Credit Everywhere You Can

Whenever you pay cash, you miss an opportunity to derive extra value from your purchase. Most reward programs even outline where you can earn more points. These places include grocery stores, gas stations, retailers and more. If you’re ever uncertain, just ask the cashier if they participate in the program. You’ll be surprised how often they do.