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Choosing the Right Hotel Room for Your Needs

Choosing the Right Hotel Room for Your Needs

How much thought do you give the hotel room you’ll be sleeping in? Choosing what hotel to go in is a choice many take quite seriously; however, the room is often given less consideration. Below is advice on how to get the best room for your hotel stay!

Consider Adjoining Rooms

Depending on who you’re travelling with or how many people you have in your group, adjoining rooms can be a convenient option. Not only do  Adjoining rooms give you access to additional sleeping space, you also get another television and washroom. 

If you’re travelling with children, one room can serve as space for them to watch their TV shows or movies, while the adults can enjoy each other’s company in the other room. When travelling in larger groups, having additional sleeping space and an extra washroom, for getting ready, can definitely come in handy!

Find out Your Room’s Proximity to an Elevator or a Busy Street

Although being in close proximity to an elevator may make sense from a convenience standpoint, it’s important to consider the noise factor that will accompany being in this location. You’ll likely hear talking as well as noise being generated from the elevator, as it is used, well into the night. A similar situation can occur if your room is located near busy roads. In both these situations, the location of the room can greatly impede your ability to have a restful night sleep. 

So, when booking your hotel room, it’s worth your while to ensure that your room is not in close proximation to busy intersections or an elevator!

Consider personal Travel Needs

Some travellers have personal requests that will need to be addressed when booking a room. For example, if you are travelling with your canine companion and would like a room that accommodates both of you, it’s important to address this when initially booking your room. To better meet the needs of customers, many hotels are accommodating furry guests as well; however, expect this to limit your choice of rooms, as most hotels have designated pet-friendly rooms.