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What If I Need to Checkout Late or Extend My Stay?

Late Checkout Hotel


Afraid of oversleeping on your last day at a hotel? No one likes to end a trip in a rush, but not taking your check-out times seriously can cost you. Some hotels will charge for a full night if you leave late. Others will issue a warning or small fee. The severity of the consequence depends on how you handle the situation and the busyness of the hotel.

Let Front Desk Know You Need a Late Check Out

Sometimes, if you leave your room late, no one will notice. But more often than not, someone will call for an update. If you leave front desk in the dark about your late departure, the staff cannot plan accordingly. After all, how can they predict if you are a few minutes behind or wish to stay another day? Such confusion prevents the cleaning staff from working effectively.

With ample notice, you allow the staff to rework their route and buy more time. Therefore, you do not interrupt their schedules to the same degree, saving yourself the fees. But they can only accommodate your tardiness if they know about it.

Check Out of Hotel Room Late
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That said, even if you do notify front desk, you still might receive charges. The hotel’s lenience typically depends on three things:

  1. How many check outs are happening that day;
  2. How many housekeepers are on duty;
  3. How many arrives the hotel expects that afternoon.

So if Sunday is a popular check-out day and the staff works weekends at capacity, then you’re lateness inevitably delays the staff.

What to Do If You’re Denied a Late Checkout

If the front desk cannot allow you stay longer, there are other ways to extend your stay.

  • Ask to keep your luggage behind front desk while you explore the city one last time;
  • Request to use the facilities before you depart (i.e. gym or pool);
  • Kill time in the restaurant or lounge;
  • Ask for another night—even if this requires changing rooms.

The final tip, booking another night, will depend on room availability. At the beginning of your trip, if you realize you want to say another few days, notify the hotel immediately. The more in advance you plan, the greater your chances of securing another night.