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What to Check in a Hotel Room When You Arrive

What to Check in Hotel Room


After a long day of travelling, the first thing you’ll want to do is collapse onto your hotel bed. But if you can muster the energy, spend a few minutes inspecting the room before you relax. Doing so can save you the hassle of calling down to the front desk if you’re room is missing something. It can also save you from an unwanted bill should damage from the previous occupant go unnoticed.

What to Check in Hotel Room
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Check the Bathroom Supplies

Cleaning staff spend lots of time scouring and prepping the bathrooms. However, if you’re travelling with family, the staff might not put enough cups or towels out. Do a quick inventory of such items, along with shampoo, conditioner, soap and other toiletries.

A Cot

Some hotels provide cots for guests who need extra beds. For example, a one-bed hotel room might suit a couple, but an accompanying child needs a place to sleep. If you requested a cot, verify you got one.

Coat Hangers

Once you’re ready to unpack, you will want to check the storage space. Nowadays, hotels anchor their coat hangers onto the closet rod to prevent theft. In places where coat hangers can freely be taken down, make sure you have enough for your visit.

Temperature Control

If your room offers an adjustable thermostat, tweak its settings. Get the room as comfortable as you can for the remainder of your stay.

Key Cards

When travelling in groups or pairs, most hotels provide two or more key cards. Make sure that each key card works. If a card needs reprogramming, it’s best to get it out of the way.

General Cleanliness

To put your mind at ease, you can do a quick inspection for trash or dirt. Common places to look include the bed, drawers, closet and bathroom. Should you discover something, report it right away.

The Alarm

Verify that the alarm clock has not been set. Otherwise, you might be in for an early morning. Similarly, test the clock by setting the alarm minutes from your arrival. If you intend to rely on it later, you need to confirm it works.

The Fridge

Open the fridge and browse its contents. What beverages are there for you? More importantly, stick your hand inside. If you plan on bringing food back to the room, increase or decrease the temperature appropriately.