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Where to Charge Your Smartphone on Vacation?

Where to Charge Your Smartphone on Vacation?

The obvious answer to the question posed above is at your hotel, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to plug in their electronics overnight. Sometimes, the battery level doesn’t warrant a charge, but it can’t make it another full day either. Worse, some people do not bring the right power adapters, limiting them to only USB charging through other devices like laptops, smart backpacks and suitcases and credit-card-sized power packs.

External and Secondary Battery Packs

When travelling, the most convenient solution to low-battery alerts is an external or secondary battery:

  • An external battery plugs into your device, recharging it or letting it operate off the external power supply until it too depletes;
  • A secondary battery replaces the existing battery—popular phones like the LG G5 offer this feature.

Charging around the City

Power outlets are as common as free Wi-Fi in big cities. Of course, using such outlets requires you to have your own cord and adapter handy. Likewise, some places ask that you purchase something; otherwise, it’s loitering.

  • Malls & Cafeterias—common areas in malls, especially food courts, offer free charging stations. Because these are high-trafficked areas, you may need to wait for an outlet.
  • Cafes—cafes are the best place to charge your phones because you can sip a coffee or tea, read a book and relax while your device powers up.
  • Transit—some public transit now offers outlets. Coach buses, airlines and trains commonly provide this service; however, city buses and subways seldom have outlets available.