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Can I Charge My Electric Car at a Hotel?

Electric Car Charging Hotels


Electric vehicles (EV) are becoming more common on the roads. People want to protect the environment and reduce their emissions. Not to mention, electric cars save on gas and other utilities.

That said, fewer charging stations exist compared to regular petrol outlets. Consequently, longer trips sometimes need detours to pass through EV stations in the area. In an effort to change this, many rest stops and hotels are now implementing free charging stations. This allows travellers to spend the night and resume driving the next day.

How Long Will a Single Charge Get Me?

On average, new EVs last roughly 100km per charge. Some models double this number—hybrid vehicles can sometimes exceed 500km per charge. How far your vehicle can travel depends on the battery size, type, temperature and weight. How you drive also affects battery usage, much like with oil-based engines. Once you’ve drained your battery, expect to spend 1 to 8 hours recharging it. Hybrids juice up quicker than strict EVs.

Plan Your Road Trips Conservatively

On long trips, always over-anticipate charging. New driving terrains might deplete your battery faster than you expect. For instance, steeply inclined and winding roads consume more power than flat highways. Since you cannot always forecast the road conditions, leave a buffer when driving EVs. To be safe, keep an emergency recharging kit somewhere in the car.

In case you’re curious where to find EV stations, check out This tool maps all reported EV stations in North America. The screenshot below shows just the Greater Sudbury Area.

Electric Car Charging Stations Sudbury

Our own charging station here at Quality Inn shows up on the map above. We recently added a commercial-grade charger to our facilities, capable of up to 50amps. This makes us the only northeastern Ontario hotel to offer EV charging!