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5 Coffee Shops In Sudbury To Visit This Fall

5 Coffee Shops In Sudbury To Visit This Fall


Do you enjoy drinking coffee, particularly in the fall season? The perfect time to enjoy a hot coffee is when the weather becomes cool. If you’re looking to pick up a coffee during the fall, continue reading to learn about 5 coffee shops in Sudbury you must visit.

1. Kuppajo Espresso Bar

Located in the middle of downtown Sudbury, Kuppajo Espresso Bar not only has different coffee options, but it also offers different sandwiches, paninis, bagels, and even salads. With this multitude of options, you can start your morning with a nice breakfast before heading out to complete the tasks you planned for the day.

2. Salute Coffee Company

Salute Coffee Company is proud to produce food with real ingredients. They keep true to their word, as they use free range eggs, pure maple syrup from local sugar bushes, and by limiting artificial flavours in their foods. As well as having delicious quality foods on the menu, they also produce amazing coffees. In fact, their coffee flavours are also seasonal, so, if you are a pumpkin lover, this autumn you can try out their pumpkin spice latte!

3. Old Rock Coffee

At Old Rock Coffee, you can expect some of the best coffee in Sudbury. Old Rock Coffee produces organic, exotic, and holiday coffee blends. Apart from drinking the coffee in a cute little coffee shop, you can also purchase packages of their coffee for you to brew in your own home. Additionally, if you want to enjoy your coffee in a park, this shop is just a 15 to 20-minute walk from Bell Park. Grab a coffee and spend the day observing the fall colours in Bell Park!

4. Beard’s Coffee Bar And Bakery

As the name suggests, Beard’s Coffee Bar and Bakery serves both coffee and baked goods. At this store, you can taste cookies, scones, donuts, and cinnamon buns! What’s better than all that delicious food? These foods are 100% vegan, and sometimes come in gluten-free options. Alongside this yummy food, you can purchase coffees of different flavours to match with the baked goods you have purchased.

5. Da Capo Café And Lounge

Are you looking to take a stroll in downtown Sudbury this autumn? De Capo Café and Lounge is located in the heart of downtown Sudbury. This means that you can pick up a coffee and go for a walk to explore the other stores that downtown Sudbury has to offer. Not only do they have delicious coffees on the menu, but the coffees are also extremely affordable. In fact, a 12 oz drip café starts at only $2. If you are looking for a warm treat on your way through downtown Sudbury, Da Capo Café and Lounge is ready to serve you!

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3 Places in Sudbury to View Autumn Colours

3 Places in Sudbury to View Autumn Colours


Are you an autumn enthusiast? Autumn is a season full of excitement, comfort, and colours! If you enjoy seeing the different colours of leaves in the fall season, we have some recommendations for you. Continue reading to learn about the top 3 places in Sudbury to view autumn colours.

1. Kivi Park

Located in the South end of Sudbury, Kivi Park is the perfect destination for fall adventures! The trails at Kivi Park are open all season long for hiking, dog walking, biking, and even skiing. In the fall, going for a hike or a simple walk on one of the trails in Kivi Park will allow you to breathe in the fresh air while taking in the breathtaking view of all the trees changing colour! If you would like to view the reflection of the colourful trees, you can head down to Crowley Lake. Here you can go canoeing, kayaking, or simply take in the view from outside the water. Whatever you choose, this natural setting is beautiful in the autumn season when you can view the vibrant colours of the leaves on trees.

2. Bell Park

Bell Park is one of Sudbury’s most famous locations to participate in anything outdoors. With scenic trails, a beachside, and natural landscapes throughout the park, Bell Park is one of our top places for viewing the autumn colours. One of the most beautiful spots in Bell Park to watch the leaves change colours is on the boardwalk that borders Ramsey Lake. Here you can take a 2 km walk while enjoying the stunning scenery that surrounds you. If you are looking for a popular spot to view autumn colours, Bell Park is the place for you!

3. Onaping Falls

Onaping Falls is located west of Sudbury with a beautiful natural environment. You can experience the falls by going through a tricky trail, or by standing at one of the easily accessible lookouts. The most iconic lookout is the A.Y. Jackson lookout which was named after A.Y. Jackson, a member of the Group of Seven. At this lookout point, you have a clear view of the waterfall and the surrounding scenery. In the autumn, the A.Y. Jackson lookout is even more vibrant as the neighbouring trees provide you with bright reds, oranges, and yellows, giving you a gorgeous view of the autumn colours. If you are looking for a way to spruce up your social media game, Onaping Falls will provide you with beautiful views of the fall foliage, so you can take as many aesthetic pictures as you want to.

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How To Spend A Rainy Day In Sudbury

How To Spend A Rainy Day In Sudbury


What a gloomy and rainy day it is! Are you looking for something to do that doesn’t involve getting wet? Sudbury has many indoor places to visit on a rainy day! If you are unsure how to spend your rainy day in Sudbury, read on.

1. Bay Used Books

A rainy day calls for reading! Bay Used Books provides customers with a wide selection of books for a reduced price. Bay Used Books has both older books and newer ones in various genres. If you need a new book to read, spend your rainy day here while you sift through hundreds of books to read. If you are unsure what type of book you are looking for and don’t want to spend time looking through many books, you can always explain your interests to an employer, and they will help you find a book you will like. Once you purchase your book, you can spend your rainy day reading your newfound obsession!

2. Northern Exotics

Are you passionate about animals? Northern Exotics is an indoor house that exhibits over 100 exotic animals. Not only can you spend time exploring the different species for your interest, but you can also learn about the various animals, their needs, and whether they would make good pets or not. If you want to do something educational and fun on your rainy day, Northern Exotics is the perfect place for you!

3. Northern Axperts

Have you ever tried axe throwing before? At Northern Axperts, you can try a wide range of axe throwing experiences. Axe throwing is a fun activity to try with a group of friends, especially if you are all bored on a rainy day. To try out something physical and thrilling, contact Northern Axperts to book a group axe throwing event!

4. ARC Climbing & Yoga

If you are a person who usually likes to exercise outdoors, rainy days may be disheartening for you, but they don’t have to be! Exercising indoors can be equally enjoyable as exercising outdoors. ARC Climbing & Yoga is a facility for anyone to test out rock climbing or yoga. Not only will you spend the day exercising, but if you have never tried rock climbing or yoga before, you can also learn a new skill!

Were you spending your rain day moping about the weather? Now you don’t have to! With our 4 suggestions, you can have an exciting rainy day! If your activities have tired you out and you would like a dry and cozy place to spend the night, the Quality Inn Sudbury is the place for you! To book your stay, call us at (705) 675-1273.

Top 3 Things To Do In Sudbury If You Like Arts & Culture

Top 3 Things To Do In Sudbury If You Like Arts & Culture


While many people know Sudbury for its beautiful hiking trails, beaches, or nature spots, Sudbury also has many things for people who enjoy Arts and Culture. If you want to take a break from nature, you can spend time with different artistic and cultural activities in Sudbury. Read our list about the top 3 things to do in Sudbury if you like Arts and Culture.

1. Art Gallery Of Sudbury

The Art Gallery of Sudbury is a bilingual art gallery with education and culture at its forefront. The goal of the Art Gallery of Sudbury is that you enjoy the pieces of art, while you also learn about the creative process that goes into creating the artwork, as well as the different interpretations that each artwork may have. If learning about art or admiring art are at the top of your to-do list, this art gallery is perfect for you! Additionally, if you have children who also enjoy art, the Art Gallery of Sudbury has specific activities for kids, like summer camp, art at home, or art classes. To enjoy the Art Gallery of Sudbury, make sure to book your tickets online here.

2. Sudbury Theatre Centre

Sudbury Theatre Centre is where you can experience all the excitement of going to shows! Known for their amazing plays and musicals, the shows at Sudbury Theatre Centre are always changing. From the Wizard of Oz to Elf, there are a variety of genres that are performed at this theatre. If you plan on seeing multiple shows in the 2022 season, you can purchase a Season’s Pass which will help you save 20% and allow you to experience all the shows of 2022. For general inquiries about events, call 705 674 8381 or email today!

3. Murals

Sudbury is home to multiple colourful murals by various artists! Most of the street art is created from the Up Here Music & Art Festival. If you want to check out this festival, it is taking place on August 19-21, 2022. Click here for more information! Sudbury also has a legal graffiti wall, where both locals and artists can take a hand in using graffiti. Check out some of the art on the legal graffiti wall here. If you are interested in partaking in graffiti, taking a self-guided mural tour, or are just looking to take artsy Instagram pictures, head down to Sudbury this summer to experience the many artistic murals!

After checking out all the artistic activities and events Sudbury has to offer, head over to the Quality Inn Sudbury, so you can rest up for your next adventure! Call our front desk at 705-675-1273 to book your stay!

Top 4 Beaches Near Sudbury

Top 4 Beaches Near Sudbury


The warm summer weather makes the beach a number one vacation spot for many people. Swimming, playing in the sand, reading books, and enjoying the warm weather are all activities you can do at the beach! If your family or friends are looking to spend some time at a beach this summer, Sudbury has many beaches to choose from. Keep reading to learn about the top 4 beaches near Sudbury.

1. Moonlight Beach

Moonlight Beach is one of Sudbury’s most popular beaches! Not only is it a swimming location, but it has hiking and biking trails as well. What better way to cool down from a hike, then by swimming in a lake? Are you worried about swimming with your small children? No need to worry! Lifeguards are on duty from 11 am to 7 pm until August 19th. If you are looking for a beach to travel to with your entire family, Moonlight Beach is worth a visit!

2. Bell Park Main Beach

Bell Park has many beaches, but the main beach is guarded by lifeguards. The main beach is also notable because it is accessible for people with disabilities. In fact, if you use a wheelchair, you can reserve a floating wheelchair by calling 705-674-9116. Bell Park main beach is also very scenic, so if you want to experience a beautiful sunset or sunrise, it is the right beach for you!

3. Nepahwin Beach

Nepahwin beach is located on the shore of Nepahwin Lake, South of Sudbury. You can travel to Nepahwin beach by car or by public transit, as it is accessible by both. A fun fact about Nepahwin beach is that the lake that surrounds it, Nepahwin Lake, was naturally formed by glaciers 10 000 years ago! This beach is suitable for children who want to play in the sand, adults who want to play volleyball, and for individuals who just want to sit on a bench and listen to the sound of the waves on the shore. Whatever activity you choose, Nepahwin Beach is a hit for many people!

4. Kalmo Park Conservation Area

The last beach is at Kalmo Park Conservation Area. This beach is a simple beach that offers the basics: sand, water, and grass. While there are no extra amenities at this beach, parking is free! It is also a great place for boating, walking, or spending the day in nature. If your family or friends don’t need extra amenities to enjoy a day at the beach, Kalmo beach is perfect for you!

If it’s a tradition for you to go to the beach at least once during the summer, then these beaches near Sudbury are great options for you! To spend more than one day at the beach, it is important that you have a comfortable place to stay at after an entire day out. To book your stay at the Quality Inn Sudbury, call us at 705-675-1273 today!

Top 4 Places To Eat At In Sudbury If You Are Vegan


If you are vegan, you understand the struggles of having to find places to eat at! While the selection may seem slim, Sudbury has a few places worth checking out if you are vegan. If you are staying in Sudbury this summer, continue reading to find out what places you can eat at!

1. Tucos Taco Lounge

Now, we know what you are thinking, how can a taco place have vegan options? Tucos Taco Lounge serves salads, guacamole, nachos, burritos, and tacos. The burritos, nachos, and tacos are served with beans, soy, vegan mayo, and other vegetables. If you are craving burritos or tacos, you can ensure that you will get the right vegan food at Tucos Taco Lounge!

2. Sizzle Mongolian Grill

At Sizzle’s Mongolian Grill, they have created multiple options for individuals with special dietary needs. In fact, if you are looking for gluten-free, nut-free, vegetarian, or vegan options, you can order at Sizzle’s with no fear! Order their soup, or their signature vegetable stir fry to be energized for the day ahead of fun activities you had planned in Sudbury!

3. The Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha provides visitors with many vegan options! From hummus and dip to buddha bowls or sandwiches, The Laughing Buddha has food for all your cravings! Not only do they have these multiple options, but they also have a menu that clearly labels which items are vegetarian or vegan. With this clearly labeled menu, you can be confident that you will be served vegan food!

4. Flurples

After a long day in the summer heat, you might want to enjoy a delicious cold treat! What better way to cool down than with some ice cream? Flurples is a small vegan ice cream store in Sudbury. From chocolate peanut butter to smores, they sell solely vegan ice cream! If you are looking for a great evening snack, check out Flurples for their delectable ice creams!

If you are thinking of staying in Sudbury for a few nights to explore these vegan places, the Quality Inn Sudbury is here to accommodate all your travel needs! We will ensure your rooms are nice and comfortable after a long day of exploring downtown Sudbury! Book your stay with us today by calling 705-675-1273.

3 Things To Put On Your Summer Sudbury Bucket List


With summer in full swing, you might be trying to figure out what to do in your spare time. Sudbury has many exciting activities for you and your family to enjoy! If you are thinking of creating a bucket list, here are 3 things that you need to put on your summer Sudbury list!

1. Swim At A Blue Flag Beach

Blue flag beaches are beaches that have been officially recognized by the Foundation for Environmental Education. This status suggests that the beaches are sustainable, clean, and swimmable for visitors! Did you know Sudbury is home to two blue flag beaches? Both Bell Park and Moonlight Beach have official recognition from the Foundation For Environmental Education! This means that you can ensure you and your family will be swimming in a clean and safe environment! If you are looking for a beautiful beach to swim at in the summer, you should definitely put Bell Park or Moonlight Beach on your bucket list!

2. Enjoy A Live Concert At Northern Lights Festival Boréal

The Northern Lights Festival Boréal is one of Canada’s longest consecutively running music festivals, and this year they are celebrating its 50th anniversary! The Northern Lights Festival Boréal is a place where you can come out and enjoy music from artists like Judy Collins, Bombino, Born Ruffians, and many more! Join the region of Sudbury on July 7th – 10th to listen to some live entertaining music! Purchase your tickets here:

3. Explore The Outdoors

Summer is the perfect time to explore the outdoors, and Sudbury has the best outdoor spots to travel to! Lake Laurentian Conservation Area and Bell Park are two of the most wonderful outdoor places in Sudbury. Bird watching, hiking, biking, and picnicking are just a few of the things you can do in these parks! Take in the stunning outdoor views this summer at Sudbury’s top parks!

Are you looking to check these 3 things off your summer Sudbury bucket list? If you need a place to stay, the Quality Inn Sudbury will ensure you have a relaxing and quiet place to come back to each night! Call our front desk at 705-675-1273 to book your stay in Sudbury today!

The Best Waterfalls To Visit Near Sudbury



Waterfalls are some of nature’s most serene and relaxing wonders. They are beautiful to look at and even experience by immersing yourself in the cool and refreshing water! There are many waterfalls that are located around the Sudbury region and we’ve got your covered on the best ones to visit during summer break!


Onaping Falls

Onaping Falls is located about 35 km west of Sudbury and is considered one of the best waterfalls in all of Ontario. The Onaping River drops over 150 feet, the largest of which is a 30 foot final drop. A trail climbs up across the rock alongside the falls allowing the ability to view different parts of the falls. There are also some impressive rock formations to look at by the falls.


Paradise Lagoon

Paradise Lagoon located in the Greater Sudbury Region is a considered a secret “swimming hole” that sports a beautiful waterfall! Most canoeists who pass along the Chiniguchi River that’s located close to Paradise Lagoon don’t even know the lagoon exists, as it lies off the portage and across from the main course of the river and associated waterfall. Getting to these falls is quite a trek as it can only be accessed by canoeing, so these falls are definitely meant to be visited by the explorer at heart!


Larchwood Cascade

If you’re looking to hit 2 waterfalls in a day, after your visit to Onaping Falls, we suggest stopping by Larchwood Cascade! There are many small falls that can be explored within narrow rock channels. Parking is located on Mooney Rd., south of the river.


After exploring some of Sudbury’s most treasured waterfalls, the Quality Inn Sudbury is here to help you get settled in after your long day out with clean and comfortable accommodations. Book your stay with us by connecting with our front desk at 705-675-1273.