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Capturing Picture Perfect Moments

More than ever, we live in a digital culture. Images have become a staple in how we interact with the world and even how we express ourselves. Vacation gives us the opportunity to break away from our normal routine and have some special moments. So are you ready to get the perfect shot?


Snap Shots from Different Viewpoints

Incorporating shots from different angles can lead to a better portrayal of the object, location or individual(s) you are photographing.


When It Comes to Photos, the More the Merrier!

With the price of memory being so affordable, don’t hesitate to snap away! Taking more pictures gives you a broader base to choose from when it comes time to select what to keep and discard.


Photograph Different Aspects of Your Vacation Destination

Don’t just capture the exciting moments. We all want the picture of friends and family jumping into a lake or scenic shots from a hike, but what about local storefronts or interesting menus from your vacation? These things may seem trivial in the moment; however, they can be meaningful additions to this visual narrative of your trip. 


Leave the Tripod At Home

In many cases, tripods can bring more hassle than benefit. Not only are they an extra–often bulky–item for you to carry, but not all places allow them. For example, many museums prohibit tripod use. Instead of packing another item to carry around the place, be creative and use your surroundings for balance. Resting your arms on a railing or leaning against a wall can provide the balance needed for the shot.


 Try to Capture Naturally Occurring Moments

Posing for a group photo is always nice, but catching facial expressions in the moment can add another dynamic to your trip’s photo album. Snapping impromptu pictures during fun activities, window shopping or group shenanigans can make for good snapshots.

Unfortunately, a vacation is just a moment in time whereas photographs can last a lifetime. Don’t let your travel experiences die. Relive special moments in your shots with friends and family.