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Capture Memorable Moments in the Pages of Your Journal

When travelling and trying new things (potentially outside our comfort zones), we often ask: “Did I get a picture of that?” We want evidence of our experiences so that we can share them after our vacation is over with others and relive moments that helped us grow as individuals. For many of us, remembering our travels is just as important as making them in the first place. Travel journaling can capture those feelings in a specific moment; you can’t necessarily get the same experience from a photograph.

Makes a Great Keepsake

Years down the road—after journaling all your fascinating, joyous and undoubtedly frustrating travelling experiences—your journal can make a great keepsake to remind you of the incredible adventures you’ve had, the people you met on those adventures and excite you to continue making more memories.

You could even pass your travel journal down to a family member – son or daughter, niece or nephew – or just someone you hope to inspire to start travelling themselves.

A Space for Your Own Thoughts

Self-reflection is an important part of your own growth and development. Travel journaling enables you to keep detailed notes of not just what you experienced, but the emotions that those experiences evoked. For example:

  • Were you apprehensive about this experience?
  • How did you feel after doing it?
  • What are you excited to do next on this trip?
  • If you were to do this trip over what would you leave out this time around?

This track record describing events will bring to light developments in your character. Perhaps, at the beginning of your travel journaling you were shy and timid. As you read it over it, you will see how outgoing and bold you have become. For another, maybe you liked to play it safe and you notice that some of your latest adventures are quite daring. A travel journal doesn’t just capture a moment; it captures your progression as an individual.