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Canadian International Airfare Now the World’s Most Expensive

According to the Aviation Price Index, Canadians pay more for international flights than anywhere else. Comparing airfare from 75 of the world’s most high-trafficked countries, found that Canadians spend about $94.66 USD per 100km—$76.61 more than our Southern friends. Even for domestic flights, Canada ranked highly at $43.70 USD per 100km.

Why Does Airfare Cost So Much?

Airlines use an algorithm called yield management to determine flight costs. This algorithm involves hundreds of factors including oil prices, popularity and landing costs. In Canada, airports pay some of the highest landing fees, which our boarding costs reflect.

In 2012, Air Canada told CTV News that airport fees in the states are about 230% lower: “There are a lot of different people and a lot of different entities who can impose fees, taxes and surcharges.” Interestingly, these fees discourage airline competition and dissuade budget airlines from entering the market. Today, there are only two major airlines in Canada; any prospecting ones would find other countries more profitable.

How to Find Cheaper Airfare in Canada?

Despite the ludicrous costs of flying, we can still board planes affordably with some strategy.

  1. Book early or last minute—the further in advance you book, the larger the discount. Likewise, the closer to the departure date, the more likely the airline will reduce rates to fill the plane.
  2. Sign up for deals—log onto your favourite travel websites and opt to receive their newsletters. You never know what deals might appear in your inbox!
  3. Be flexible—if you can bend your departure or arrival dates, then you might save on your seat.
  4. Redeem frequent flier points—some airlines reward their passengers for their loyalty. See what programs are available to you and how you can start saving.