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Business Outing Ideas for Team Engagement in New Cities

Business Outing Ideas New City

When hosting a business trip somewhere new, taking the team out for the day can build relationships, reduce workplace stress and improve morale. While standard outings like restaurants and bars can provide many of the aforesaid benefits, creative team-building activities teach valuable lessons that transfer into the workplace. Here are a few such activities worth organizing in a new city.

Local Sports Games

Not all cities offer venues for professional sporting events, but most put on great college and semi-pro matches. Sporting events give your employees the chance to socialize (outgoing personalities) and spectate (introverted personalities). They promise a fun afternoon or evening of snacks, drinks and fast-paced entertainment.

Tourist Attractions and Programs

Whenever visiting a new city, members of your team will surely want to explore the area. So give them the opportunity by assembling a group and checking out the sights together. You can drive to local landmarks, visit museums or take tour groups for a more comprehensive experience.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are becoming a very popular team-building activity for friends, families and co-workers. Because everyone must work together to solve puzzles and hunt for clues, it teaches strong communication skills. Not to mention, when the room finally unlocks, your team feels accomplished.

Laser Tag or Paintball

Here’s another great team-based activity; only this one pits employees against one another. But in the spirit of friendly rivalry, it encourages teams to work together and strategize. Either game promotes healthy competition, but which you choose depends on your team’s threshold for pain.

Scavenger Hunts

Like local tourist activities, scavenger hunts encourage your team to explore and interact with new people. They construct fun challenges and make memories—two important elements for team and self-growth.