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Where Might I Find Boat Parking at a Hotel?

Boat Parking at Hotel

If you plan to hitch a boat to your vehicle and park at the hotel, you need to inquire about space. Some hotel parking lots reserve spots for large vehicles, trailers and transports. You should call ahead to secure one before they fill up.

Unfortunately, some hotels cannot accommodate boats and large trailers due to limited space. For example, hotels in the down town core and those with underground parking levels. Regardless, ask the hotel for recommendations on where to park your boat if not on premise. The concierge and/or other guests might know somewhere nearby to store it.

Local Boat Launches

Local marinas sometimes sell overnight permits for vacationers who need a place to park their boats. Some marinas even offer rentable docks so that you can keep your vessel in the water. Such accommodations are preferable because:

  1. Marinas close their gates after hours for better security;
  2. Marinas have ramps for easy boat launching;
  3. Marinas let you leave your boat unattended, allowing you to explore other land destinations during your trip;
  4. Marinas have onsite mechanics should you need assistance with your boat;
  5. Marinas sell equipment for recreational sporting activities (i.e. fishing bait).

RV Parking Lots

In the least, most cities have parking lots for RV and trucks stopovers. Such places offer another place to store your boat if the hotel doesn’t have space. That said, such places do have time limits and are unmonitored, meaning you should lock your hitch and cover and remove valuables from the boat.