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8 Best Android Travel Apps Everyone Needs to Download

Best Android Travel Apps

Technology is now a part of how we travel. For entertainment and productivity, most of us use smartphones daily when on vacation. So get more from these devices with apps that make planning and capturing memories easier. We’ve hand-selected eight that do just this—check them out!

Trip It

Organize your travel plans and documents in one cloud-secured, shareable space. Sync with personal calendars and invite friends, too. This app is very popular for collaborative trips. Simply forward confirmation emails from hotels and airlines to and the app will generate a master itinerary.

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Conveniently and affordably get around any city. The app bills your credit card, saving you from carrying cash for fare and tips. Unlike taxis, you get to ride in a variety of everyday cars without paying extra. Plus, the app now offers car-pooling options for saving money and meeting locals.

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Google Maps

Google Maps is arguably the most valuable stock app that comes on new phones—aside from SMS and MMS clients. It serves as a GPS, transit schedule locator, local business finder and more. In fact, you can even navigate maps offline to save on roaming charges. New features like street view and indoor maps (i.e. malls) make it an excellent travel companion in the moment.

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Pack Point

This app checks the weather forecast and recommends apparel based on the type of traveling you intend to do (i.e. working, hiking, sightseeing, etc.). Never forget a piece of clothing again with this packing pal.

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Live Trekker

Plot your travels on an interactive map in real-time. Pin photos, videos, audio and text to each location for a media-rich reliving of your travels. To avoid roaming costs, you can use the “disconnected mode” and synchronize all multimedia uploads once back on Wi-Fi.

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An insanely popular app for photo-sharing. Keep your followers engaged while you travel by posting beautiful pictures every day. Thanks to close integrations with Facebook, you can share with friends and family not on Instagram.

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Trip Journal

Awarded the best travel application by Google, this app promises a stellar user experience for tracking, recording, documenting and sharing travel memories. Its integration with Google Earth allows friends and family to watch as you move. Real-time notifications let them see your videos and photos as you upload them, too!

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The best virtual guidebook to restaurants and shops in any city. The app holds over 60 million local reviews, allowing it to easily recommend places based on your own preferences and selections.

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