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Beat the Sweltering Summer Heat on the Lake

Water activities are a great source of fun in the warmer weather. If you are looking to enjoy some fun on the water, then Sudbury is the place for you. Home to numerous bodies of water such as Lake Nepahwin, Lake Panache and Lake Ramsey, Sudbury provides many water-based activities like kayaking, fishing, boating and swimming. Here is just a taste of the water activities offered in Sudbury throughout the warmer months.


Cortina Cruise

If you’re looking for something less action-packed and more relaxing than the Cortina Cruise may be a great option for you. Passengers on this cruise get to enjoy the snacks and beverages served on the cruise while also enjoying the view of Sudbury’s best landmarks from a viewpoint you may not have access to otherwise. The Cortina Cruise boat provides both an enclosed and outdoor viewing area for the passenger’s enjoyment. 


Chillin’ N Tubin

Chillin’ N Tubin is an attraction in Greater Sudbury, where visitors can enjoy a relaxing three-hour float down the Vermillion River.  This activity can be a great way for you and your friends or family to enjoy time together!


Get Your Exercise on the Lake

Canoeing is an activity that both younger and older members of the population can enjoy. Not only does rowing provide a great workout, it is an activity that you can perform on your own or with others (if you appreciate the social aspect). With many beautiful bodies of water, Sudbury is an excellent canoeing destination.

Water activities are only one of the many facets of Sudbury’s landscape. With a plethora of natural space, historical sites and excellent food to enjoy, this city has something of interest for everyone. Check out our other blogs to further explore what Sudbury offers you:!