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When Bad Weather Stops You from Checking into Your Hotel

When Bad Weather Stops You from Checking into Your Hotel

In 2015, major North American airlines cancelled more than 100,000 flights due to bad weather conditions. That amounts to roughly three percent of all flights that year. Especially during winter, cancellations and delays in transportation services are common, leaving passengers stranded for hours (sometimes days). Even buses, trains and car rental companies experience these setbacks—congested or obstructed roads throw all schedules out of whack.

Following Up with Reservations

If you find yourself stuck in transit and likely to miss follow-up reservations, you’re limited in the action that you can take. Airlines and other transportation companies are not obligated to compensate your losses, nor will they put you up for the night. While you should always check your passenger rights for a saving grace, your best bet is to cover yourself with travel insurance and get in touch with the establishments expecting your arrival.

When you fail to provide notice that you will be late to a hotel reservation, you’ll be flagged as a ‘no-show’ and become subject to a financial penalty—or simply the full amount of the room. Worse, the hotel may reassign your room to another individual. When you do show up late in the night or early in the morning, you’ll then be displaced.

Whether or not the hotel will waive their cancellation policy is up to the staff’s discretion, meaning the best way to protect yourself is with refundable rates. Refundable rates cost more—and not every hotel offers them—but these reservations allow you to cancel without charge in cases of bad weather, missed connections, illness and more. Likewise, becoming a member with that hotel can provide greater leniency and flexibility when it comes to such circumstances.