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Avoid These Common Travel Scams

Avoid These Common Travel Scams

As awesome as travelling is,  it’s important to remember that you’re the tourist. In these situations, vigilance and caution go a long way in preventing you from being the victim of common travel scams but understanding some of these common scams can help you stay clear of them on your trip!

Offer for Group Photo

When visiting high-traffic tourist areas, be wary of locals offering to take group photos of you and your travel companions. One second you’re trying to figure out an awesome pose for your picture and the next you’re chasing after your ‘would-be’ photographer who took off with your camera or phone, for the picture.

If a local approaches you, offering to take a picture of you and your fellow travellers, it’s best to politely decline. Locals approaching you, offering to take the picture, is generally a scam. Instead, try to find a fellow tourist and ask them if they wouldn’t mind snapping a few quick pictures for you. 

Fake Wi-Fi

Be on the lookout for dangerous Wi-Fi connections. Hackers can set up unsecured Wi-Fi spots in public locations, in the hopes that unsuspecting victims connect. This gives the hacker the opportunity to access your computer, passwords, online accounts and even more.

To avoid potentially dangerous connections, always verify the official Wi-Fi connection when you’re at a hotel, coffee shop or airport. 

False Hotel Phone Call

If you’re staying at a hotel and receive a call from the front desk, to confirm credit card details, the issue here is it’s a scammer calling. This individual is trying to gain your personal information to make a copy of your card and drain your accounts. 

If your hotel needs any information verified, make sure to handle it in person at the front desk. 

Nobody wants to be the victim of a travel scam. The above are just some of the potential risks that you can encounter while travelling. Common sense and caution are powerful weapons in avoiding such incidents. Also, if you know someone who has been to this specific travel destination, ask them about their experience and certain precautions they took to avoid being scammed.