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Art of the Staycation

Are you feeling the itch to getaway for a vacation this summer? Many of our incredible summer aspirations are put to rest when our travel budget doesn’t support our travel plans. So, how do you enjoy time-off and have adventures within your budget? A hotel staycation may be just what you need.

Travelling overseas isn’t required to experience new sights and cultures. In many cases, there is so much offered locally that we have yet to explore. Before planning an overseas trip, consider all that hotel staycations have to offer.


Enjoy Indulgences at a Lower Cost

Just because you aren’t halfway across the world doesn’t mean you have to stay home. Book a hotel a short drive from your residence. This drastically lowers travel costs but still allows you to appreciate continental breakfast, room service and all the rest hotels have to offer.


Unplug from Daily Stresses

Much like regular vacations, hotel staycations are a great way to unplug from the daily stresses life throws at us. These getaways remove us from our normal surroundings that tempt to pull us into work and chores during our timeout from responsibility.


Benefits to Not Leaving the Country

Not leaving the country rules out certain challenges that you may run into travelling abroad. For example, with staycations, you are less likely to run into language barriers and you won’t have to deal with currency exchanges.


Creates a New Appreciation for Your Home Country

A very real and often underappreciated benefit of staycations is they can cultivate a greater gratefulness for your country of residence. A country is comprised of the natural beauty, people and unique landmarks that reside in it. Instead of exploring another country, staycations help us realize the beauty that exists in our own backyard!