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Are Your Kids Ready to Head Back to School?

Are Your Kids Ready to Head Back to School?

With September just around the corner, many families are preparing for the upcoming school year. And after a long summer break, it’s easy for a child to fall out of the routines that are essential for success throughout the school year. Here are three key points to prepare your little one for the upcoming school year!


Going into a new grade or starting a new school year is a big transition for a child. This new chapter will be filled with interacting with new students and teachers, learning to educational content and potentially navigating a new classroom environment. As parents, it’s important to affirm your child as they prepare to start their new school year. Let them know nervous feelings are totally normal and that you’re here for them.

Establish Morning Routines

A vital part of all of our lives is our morning routine. We all have them whether we realize it or not. And when a new school year is about to start, the morning routine that child was following over the summer likely won’t look the same as the one they’ll be required to follow throughout the school year.

Ease your child into these changes by starting their new morning routine a couple weeks before school starts. Discussing what their new routine will look like and providing simple, well-defined steps for the routine, goes a long way toward ensuring your child’s success!

Prepare for Homework

Similar to the morning schedule, it’s hard for children to go from summer break to working to complete daily school tasks. As parents, it’s essential you encourage and motivate your child with their homework, as it not only helps them build the skills to be successful in this specific grade but future years or school and eventually the workplace.