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Are You Prepared to Blend In with the Locals?

Are You Prepared to Blend In with the Locals

Are you looking forward to your vacation but trying to figure out how to enjoy travel without looking like such a tourist? Blending in comes with its benefits, like making you less of a target for pickpockets and can even result in better treatment and more respect. So, how do you come across less “touristy” on vacation?

Skip the Tourist Brochures and Do Research On Your Travel Destination

Researching your travel destination can be much more effective in ascertaining valuable information about the local culture, like:

  • Normal everyday dress;
  • What the landscape of your travel destination looks like;
  • Cultural customs: For instance, when you are greeting someone are there certain formalities that one is expected to perform?

In the Case of a Language Difference

If the main language of your travel is different from yours, it is best to make an effort to learn–at minimal–basic phrases prior to your trip. This will help you with greetings, engaging in rudimentary conversation and ask basic questions, such as: where is the washroom?

When a language barrier is present, travel can seem much more intimidating; however, with the correct preparation, it doesn’t have to prevent you from having an incredible experience!

Try to Uncover Local Events

Unlike with attractions catering more towards tourists, local events will attract more of the local population, which exposes you to more of the culture you came to see. These are great opportunities to see what the locals consider entertainment and help you grow your perspective.

When the time to plan your next vacation arrives or a business trip sends you to a foreign country, bare these tips in mind to ensure an enjoyable stay and to leave a positive impression on the local population.