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Are You Prepared for Camping This Spring?

Are You Prepared for Camping This Summer?

Camping has so many positive benefits, such as:

  • Better Sleep: Living in natural light, opposed to artificial light in our homes, works to reset our circadian rhythms, which helps us to sleep better and wake up less tired. 
  • Happier Mood: Time in nature is also a good mood booster. Just going for a walk in a natural environment reduces rumination, which is obsessive negative thinking that can be a precursor to mental illness. 
  • Lower Stress: Camping promotes physical activities like hiking, canoeing and much more. Not only is staying active great for burning calories, it’s also an effective de-stressor. 

So, if camping is in your future this spring or summer, make sure to utilize the following pieces of advice

Choosing the Best Campsite

When choosing a campsite wind direction is very important. You won’t want to be breathing in smoke from a neighboring campfire. To avoid this, look for campsites upwind if possible. 

Also, in case of potential rainfall, try finding a campsite with tree cover. This raises another good point, make sure to assess surrounding trees.  Dead trees have the potential to fall causing major damage to your campsite or a person. If you notice many downed tree limbs and debris around your campsite, take that as a warning of what’s to come and move elsewhere.

Selecting the Right Shelter

When it comes to shelter, it’s important to make sure you have a tent that meets your space needs; however, also remember that larger tents will likely require more effort to put together and take apart. On the flipside, smaller tents are more easily placed and provide greater options for location on a campsite. This is important when finding the ideal location for shelter, wind and potentially a view. 

Determining Your Sleeping System

Another option to sleeping bags and pad systems are inflatable mattresses. These can be great choices for a comfortable sleep, especially if there will be multiple people in the tent (i.e., other friends of family members). 

If you prefer sleeping off the ground, many larger tents can easily accommodate a cot system. Using a cot in conjunction with sleeping bags can make for a great night sleep.