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Are You Dressed Properly for Outdoor Winter Activities?

Are You Dressed properly for Outdoor Winter Activities?

Winter weather is fast-approaching and in Sudbury, this means a whole new set of activities to look forward to. Cross-country skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling and downhill skiing, are just some of the outdoor winter activities that those in this beautiful city can enjoy. However, freezing temperatures and strong chilly winds can make enjoying time outside much more of a challenge. Use the following advice to ensure your wardrobe is winter wonderland ready!

Adjust Clothing Based on Weather and Activities

A big part of determining how you should dress is based on the activity that you’ll be doing. For example, are you going to be active at all times or on and off? Another question is, are you moving at a steady pace or is this a more intense activity?

Depending on how physical the activity is, it can be a good idea to remove a layer of clothing prior to starting the activity. This helps prevent overheating and dampening your clothes with sweat. 

Wear Layers

As discussed above, layers increase your ability to adapt to changing weather conditions and the activities you’re doing. For outdoor winter activities, it’s best to have the following three layers:

  1. Inner (Base) layer: Should be a thin layer,  covering all skin surfaces. This layer is meant to remove moisture from the skin. 
  2. Middle layer: Serves as insulation. Wool and fleece are both excellent materials to comprise this middle layer. 
  3. Outer layer: Meant to provide protection from the elements, such as water and wind. A good winter jacket should have a hood and collar for additional body protection. The jacket should also have a zipper and sleeve ends for ventilation. This will help remove moisture from the coat. 

Whenever you’re preparing to participate in any form of outdoor activity, make sure to be aware of the current weather and what the forecast is saying about how the weather will change throughout the day. Proper preparation is the best way to ensure you’ll have a blast outdoors this winter!