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The Best App for Splitting Travel Expenses with Friends

Travelling with friends can be an administrative nightmare. As soon as one person picks up the bill, the game of IOU begins. For a beer or coffee, tracking the expense doesn’t really matter—courtesy dictates that the other person repays the favour. But the more people involved and the more complex the transaction, the harder it is to keep track. Thankfully, using the right app makes organizing receipts and calculating portions easier. It just so happens we’ve found the best one for your next trip.

Splitwise Simplifies Tracking and Collecting Frequently Shared Expenses

Splitwise is a free bill-splitting system for iOS, Android and Windows desktop (web-app). Regardless where you go to log in, the system syncs all accounts so that debts can be collected or claimed from any device. Repayment currently happens via PayPal; however, other transaction gateways are on the way.

Splitwise looks like a simple ledger, listing friends and family from your address book along with how much each person owes. It supports grouping, too, which is useful when splitting rent, accommodations or even transportation expenses among multiple people (i.e. car rental). As you enter more bills, the app automatically tallies each person’s fair portion, leaning his or her spending against his or her debts.

The Runner Up: Splittr

Splittr would contend for first place if it supported Android or Windows. Currently, only iOS users can download the app and enjoy its robust functionality. It sports a comparatively intuitive interface, with PDF reporting, offline support and multi-currency capabilities. Moreover, it tracks who pays for what, who should pay next and how much each group member owes. For splitting expenses, the app can calculate both uneven and even repayment amounts for situations where one person gets more from the transaction.

Although an advanced application, its website leaves room for improvement. Nevertheless, the video below explains this app in greater detail, so check it out!