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After Returning from Your Travels What’s On Your to Do List?

What to Do After Returning from a Trip

After coming home from a trip, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of chores and responsibilities we must assume again. Here are some of the most important things to do once returning from travelling!

Check Your Bank and Credit Card Statements

Unfortunately, issues like identity theft, are a real concern. On trips, many travellers find themselves using unsecured internet connections at a local coffee shop and even carry extensive documentation on their person. 

Make checking your bank statements for, anything unusual, a top priority once arriving home. Look for things like missing refund credits or unauthorized spending, alert your bank immediately. 

Begin Opening All Those Emails

To capitalize on your travel time, it’s best to minimize the amount of time you spend on other tasks, such as work. Informing your work team of your trip and doing additional work, in preparation for the trip, can provide peace-of-mind that everything is handled back home, prior to leaving. 

Once home, the longer you wait the more of a mess you’ll have to wade through. It’s best to quickly start scanning through subject lines and addressing anything urgent while deleting newsletters and other items that will never be read. 

Make sure to turn off any “out of office” or “away on vacation” auto-messages you turned on before your trip. 

Give Your Body Time to Recuperate

Travelling across different time zones, having poor sleep on planes and being more relaxed with your diet, can lead to you feeling physically exhausted upon returning home. 

Depending on how far you’ve travelled and the duration of your trip, you may want to schedule an extra day of rest before you head back to work, school or your other commitments. During this time listen to your body. If you’re feeling overly exhausted, set aside some time for a nap. Many travellers find an extra “recovery day” perfect for catching up on sleep and