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Advice for Sharing a Hotel Room with Friends

Advice for Sharing a Hotel Room with Friends

When it comes to sharing a hotel room with friends, there is definitely some planning and consideration that needs to be done, to achieve an experience that everyone can enjoy. The following three points will help you enjoy sharing a hotel room with friends. 

Be Respectful of Others Wake-up Time

When sharing a room with others, it’s important to recognize you won’t all wake-up at the same time–unless an alarm has been set. So, if you’re the early riser, use this time to quietly leave the room and get in a morning workout or take your morning activities, such as watching a show on your laptop, down to the hotel lobby area. 

Discuss Television and Lights Out

These two points are always grounds for discussion, as they can greatly impact an individual’s ability to get proper rest. Some of your roommates may be ok with the television being on as they fall to sleep; however, others may find it impedes their ability to rest. In this case, consider watching TV on a laptop or iPad, to avoid disrupting others. It’s also good to determine an agreed upon time for lights out. For some people, falling asleep with the lights on isn’t an issue, but for others, light is a big sleep deterrent. 

Be Aware of Others Needs When Getting Ready 

If all members of the room are planning to get up and out at the same time, you’ll likely run into some issues sharing the space. Be a good friend and be aware of the needs of those around you. For instance, if you wake up a bit earlier and you know your friends will be up soon, use that time to take a shower so the bathroom will be free when they’re ready for it. 

Also, if you need to apply makeup, use a mirror in the main room instead of the bathroom mirror. This allows you to still get your makeup done while somebody else can get their turn using the bathroom.