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A Travel Wardrobe for Fashion and Function

A travel wardrobe for fashion and function

For many of us, our clothes are a means of expressing our unique personality. They’re an integral part of how we interact with the world around us. So, when planning a vacation, correct packing ensures your favourite fashion trends can accompany you.

Consider the following points when selecting your vacation wardrobe:

  • The climate of where you’ll be going–so you can pack clothes for the appropriate season;
  • The duration of your trip ;
  • And the purpose of your trip (will you be doing outdoor activities, like hiking or rock climbing, or will you be attending a wedding).

Considering these main points, prior to packing, enables you to bring your fashion-sense with you on vacation–without needing multiple suitcases. So, here are tips on packing a light travel suitcase that serves both fashion and function.

Invest in Quality

When travelling –especially for extended period of time–the durability of your clothes can be put to the test. Although purchasing lower-cost clothes may save money up front, they will likely break down faster and need to be replaced sooner. Clothes made from more durable fabric may cost more; however, they can endure more washes and have a longer lifespan.

Can it Be Used on Multiple Occasions?

Part of what makes vacation so fun is spontaneity. It’s important to pack clothes that enable you to go on long walks to see attractions and also explore a city’s nightlife. Also, packing clothes with multiple uses cuts down on the amount of clothes required.  

How Much of My Packing Space Does This Item Take?

The more space clothing takes up in a bag, means you will either have to reduce the amount of clothes you bring or check another bag.

Before choosing a piece of clothing, fold it up and see how much space it occupies in your suitcase. This allows you to optimize the space in your suitcase and pack the most clothes possible. This is especially important if you are travelling.