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A List of What Not to Forget When Packing for a Trip

A List of What Not to Forget When Packing for a Trip

There are so many steps involved in executing a successful vacation and one of the most important is the packing process. If you miss certain items on your packing list, you’ll either be forced to purchase them at your destination or go without them. Use the list below, to ensure you have packed these commonly forgotten items!

  • First Aid Kit: You don’t need all the medical equipment under the sun, just a small bag with the required medicine and tools, should you experience an upset stomach, headache or minor injuries.


  • Additional Space: Sometimes it’s not what we forget to add, but forgetting to leave space for what we will add! Whether you’re going on a road trip to a nearby destination or travelling internationally, leave some space in your suitcase for a few mementos.


  • Adapters: They’re simple and easy to forget but they make the world of a difference once you’ve arrived at your destination. Plus, if you bring your own you don’t have to worry about spending purchasing some unnecessarily once at your destination.


  • Add a Mini-Wardrobe to Your Hand Luggage: If you are flying, remember to pack a couple extra shirts, pants and underwear in your carry-on, should your luggage be lost.


  • Treat Delicates Delicately: Fragile items should be bound in bubble wrap and placed in the center of the suitcase, where they can be protected by clothes. This is the best way to ensure they arrive in one piece.


  • Towels: Don’t fill your suitcase with items you can easily get for free at your accommodations. Many hotels will provide you with free towels, so save yourself some room in your luggage and leave yours at home.


  • Roll All Clothing Items: Not only does rolling help to prevent unattractive wrinkles, it also minimizes the amount of space each clothing item takes up in your suitcase.