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A Guide to Creating Epic Instagram Travel Stories

A Guide to Creating Epic Instagram Travel Stories

Social media has become an integral part of our society. We use it to stay connected with those that distance has separated us from, to promote topics we’re passionate about and share exciting or important life moments with others. 

Despite the power that social media possesses, many don’t fully utilize these platforms in their entirety. This post will explore helpful tips to create epic Instagram travel stories!

Capitalize on All the Features

Filters take your photos and videos to another level by enhancing the colour, contrast and lighting. Using the same or similar filter throughout your story helps create a cohesive look and gives your posts a familiar aesthetic that your audience will begin to associate with your account. 

Tell a Story

Rather than a bunch of random posts, put thought into how you can weave your posts together so they flow with one another. As mentioned above, being consistent with your filters brings uniformity to your Instagram stories, but it’s also a good idea to have one main theme that connects your stories. For instance, if your travels will take place in one central location, use that city as the main focus in your stories. 

Context can be added to your posts with the text-overlay feature. Incorporating a brief written story also encourages your friends to keep clicking to see what’s next!

Engage Your Followers

Make your friends feel as if they’re on the trip with you by encouraging them to share their thoughts and opinions through the poll feature. 

Develop Your Inner Artist

The time of day, your location and what it is you’re trying to capture, all impact the ideal medium for your Instagram post. For example, Instagram enables you to shoot still photos or videos such as boomerang and superzoom. Mixing up your mediums creates a more compelling story for the viewer.