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A Family Guide to Car Rentals

A Family Guide to Car Rentals

Renting a car is enables you to take a road trip without putting wear and tear on your own vehicle. Should you visit another country, it also gives you the ability to have your own transportation, instead of using local transportation. Use this guide to ensure a smooth car rental process for your summer adventures. 

Take Advantage of Comparison Tools

Not all car rentals are priced equally and it’s worth your while to do research, to uncover the best deals. The company you choose to go with will impact the price that you pay, as well as the incentives that are offered to new and returning customers. 

Look Into Rewards Programs and Coupons

Rewards programs and coupons are excellent ways to receive a variety of discounts. For instance, rewards help you achieve lower prices on car seat rentals and extra drivers–while earning points to be used in future rentals. Other rewards program and coupon privileges can include allowing you to capitalize on vehicle upgrades and front-of-the-line pick-up privileges. 

Lookout for Hidden Fees

Make sure to educate yourself concerning any hidden fees that may be associated with your vehicle rental. Some car rentals will charge extra for returning the vehicle with a lower gas amount than when you got it. If this is the case, consider buying a pre-purchase option that allows you to buy a full tank of gas upon getting the vehicle. 

Other Important Information

Above are key points associated with renting a vehicle for your summer trip. There are tons more info that could be relevant to you depending on who you’re travelling with, the duration of your stay and what you intend to do. Below, are some examples of this info:

  • Finding the right car seat: If your child is still in a car seat, bringing your own is likely the best option. This way you can avoid extra fees, potentially having no availability and you’ll know the car seat is already a proper fit.
  • Renting a vehicle abroad: If you’ll be renting a vehicle abroad, make sure you know the rules of the destination country.