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8 Ways to Make Your Hotel Room Romantic

Many couples find themselves in hotels on Valentine’s Day. Hotels make for a special gateway; they provide a private, intimate space for couples to share in new places. But let’s face it—not every hotel is romantic at first glance. You may need to spruce the place up a bit yourself.

1. Candles

I have yet to meet a single woman who does not love candles. You can choose between little tealight candles, go for gold with big, scented candles or opt for a flameless candle. Either way,  I guarantee she will love whatever you choose. Candles give off some great mood lighting, which can change the vibe of a hotel room very quickly.

2. Music

Make your hotel room more personalized and cozy by putting on some music you both enjoy. Invest in some travel-sized speakers and create a playlist of music that has some special meaning to you both. A little effort goes a long way.

3. Scent

If you did not choose a scented candle, spray a little perfume on a light bulb. It will subtly fill the room with a nice scent, but careful not to choose something too odorous; you don’t want your room to smell like a perfume store.

4. Take advantage of the hotel room robes

Slipping into comfy robes is one way to increase relaxation. They’re cozy and warm and you don’t have to worry about looking fancy.

5. Order room service

Make her feel special by ordering room service and eating dinner together in your hotel room. Restaurants are great but, sometimes, ordering room service is a more personal and intimate dinner style. You can talk about whatever you want while eating delicious room service meals and sipping on wine or champagne.

6. Flower petals

This idea may seem overdone because it’s so popular in movies, but the truth is that not enough people take advantage of the romantic gesture of flower petals. They are a super quick and inexpensive way to make any space feel and look more romantic.

7. Choose a room with a view

Try to choose a room with a view of something you enjoy. Nature or city lights can both be used to create a romantic ambiance and offer some privacy.

8. Check the alarm clock

Something you might not think of: check the clock to see if the guest before you set an alarm. Spending the night in is nice but it can quickly be ruined by a blaring alarm at 5 a.m.

Make Hotel Room More Romantic

Taking the Romance Outside the Hotel Room

Foreign cities—especially small, intimate towns—can be a romantic setting for Valentine’s Day. Here in Canada, most rural areas are surrounded by picturesque lakes, wooded areas and other unique landscapes. While you can reserve a table at a fine restaurant or book tickets to the theatre, immersing yourself in the outdoors can be a wonderful bonding experience with your partner.


Nature can be an extremely romantic setting. The green or snow covered trees, the sound of birds singing and the crisp fresh air can be a great place to spend Valentine’s Day. If you’re in a location that is not very cold and snowy, bring a blanket and some snacks and enjoy a mini picnic.

Ruin Exploration

In or around every small town, there exists an abandoned barn or building. If you’re the adventurous type, this can be an excellent date idea. Ask around to see which locations are popular. Of course, never enter a building that does not look safe. Ghost towns are always fun to explore but see what is around the small town you’re in.

Horseback Riding

Nothing beats the exhilaration and feeling of power that you get riding a large animal. Most small towns will have a ranch nearby that offers horseback riding. Impress the one you’re spending the day with or just go by yourself—the horse won’t judge you.

Arts and Culture

When the weather’s bad, museums, galleries and other indoor arts and culture institutions can be romantic settings. Surrounding yourself with history and fine art taps into emotional states you may not normally exercise with your partner. It is also a way to fill the day with additional beauty and awe.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day on a Different Day

Valentine’s Day can sometimes be a nightmare for making reservations—a reason why many couples choose to celebrate the holiday a few days before or after. Doing so can save some cash too.

Lots of people make a big deal out of the date itself, but does the day of the week it falls really matter? Romance is not something to come once a year—couples should regularly put time aside to nurture their relationships and experience new things together.