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8 Tips To Improve Your Hotel Stay

It always feels nice to stay at a hotel. Between the fresh sheets and towels, new
scenery, and tiny shampoo bottles, there’s so much to enjoy! We are hotel stay
professionals here at Quality Inn Sudbury. Here are 9 tips from us to make your
hotel stays even better:

Flip Flops
Don’t forget the flip flops. They’re useful for when you need to just walk out quickly
for ice or to speak to reception and for immediately after showering.

Save Money—Use The Kettle
You can use the kettle to make meals instead of going out to eat. You can use it to
boil eggs, make soup, or cook noodles.

Take Advantage of Free Services
Find out what your hotel has to offer and take advantage of them if they relate to
you. This may include free pool and hot tub services, free ice, breakfasts, wine and
cheese time, etc.

If something is wrong in your room, broken, isn’t what you asked for, or isn’t up to
your standards, say something. Be polite, but always voice your concerns.

Listen To Your Music
If you love music but your room doesn’t have a speaker, try putting your phone in a
mug or glass to amplify your sound quality and reach.

Do Your Laundry
If you are having an extended stay, invest in travel detergent. You can wash
whatever you need in the tub or the sink and hang everything to dry on towel racks.

Reception is Your Best Friend
Packing for travel makes people forgetful. You might forget things like your
toothbrush, umbrellas, phone charger… you name it. Before running out and buying
something you forgot, try visiting reception. They may be able to help you out.

Use The Safe
If your hotel comes with a safe, use it. Take advantage of having a place to securely
hold your items while you are out. If your hotel room safe is broken/ doesn’t look
safe enough, use the hotel safe. Be sure you get a receipt of your items and ask about
coverage for loss.

If you are traveling to or within Sudbury, consider making Quality Inn Sudbury your
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