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7 Greater Sudbury Destinations You Must Visit This Spring

7 Greater Sudbury Destinations You Must Visit This Spring


Greater Sudbury boasts one of the most beautiful nature areas in Northern Ontario and is a great place to spend quality vacation time with your friends and family. As the cold winter season ends and Spring approaches, it is all the more reason to visit Greater Sudbury’s finest outdoor attractions. Quality Inn Sudbury presents you with some must-see locations on the radar for anyone visiting or passing by Sudbury!

Y. Jackson Lookout & Onaping’s High Falls

If the sound of a serene water flow and chirping birds out in nature is what you are looking for, then you are going to love the High Falls! Located on the Onaping River, this gorgeous trail is loved by many tourists and locals. It is widely believed by scientists that the falls were created as a result of a massive crater caused by a meteorite that struck the Earth 1.8 billion years ago! The views on the bridge of this massive crater are absolutely astonishing and a great place to go hiking in nature.

Kivi Park

If outdoor sports is your thing, then Kivi Park is your place! This massive park ranging over 480 acres includes some beautiful nature sceneries that accommodate many activities. The park works year round and is heavily maintained and guarded to conserve nature and your safety. Some of the activities you can do here include hiking, skiing, canoeing, snowshoeing, mountain biking, ice skating and even fishing! This park is perfect for those who are wishing to spend a wonderful relaxing afternoon with their friends and family. The park offers rental equipments for any activities and also hosts on-site playgrounds, sports courts and cafes for your enjoyment.

Dinosaur Valley Mini Golf

With 63 different holes, various challenges and of course, dinosaurs, this park is excellent for families to spend a fun afternoon. Challenge your inner child and try out your mini-golfing and pool-golfing skills here as you take a step back in time through a Jurassic Era jungle. Whatever happens, it is guaranteed that you will have fun here, whether you are with your friends or family!

Ramsey Lake Cruise

This uniquely shaped lake in Greater Sudbury is the perfect blend of water filled fun-tivities as well as the breathtaking views of surrounding woods. With bright colours blooming at the start of each Spring, this lake is a must see for anyone visiting Sudbury. Cruise tours are open at the harbour and can be a great view for the famous lakefront homes, sailboat ports and the shots of nature.

The Science North & The Big Nickel

Seeing Sudbury is never complete without the full Science North experience. Clear your entire schedule for the day and enjoy the full day activities offered at Science North, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Northern Ontario. The center is located right alongside the shores of Ramsey Lake and is surrounded by beautiful valleys. The Science center has tons to experience starting from fun and educational content for kids, IMAX theatres, games, outdoor play stations and the famous mining exhibits and museums that are sure to amaze you. Once you are outside you can take a sightseeing tour of the Sudbury area and also see the awe-inspiring Big Nickel statue!

Killarney Provincial Park

Touted as one of the best hiking trail in terms of sceneries, the Killarney Provincial Park does not disappoint! Standing between large mountains, rocks, hills and surrounded by sapphire lakes, you can never run out of things to see. The Crack trail is famous at the park as it offers a unique path between craggy rocks and brings you up to a vantage point for a stunning scene. If you are an experienced hiker, the Chikanishing trail, although a bit difficult, offers a rewarding experience for anyone who braves the challenge. The trail covers the coastline near the shallow, rocky waters and allows you to see the ends of the Earth from near a beautiful lighthouse.  

Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Center

One of the largest railroad museums is here in Sudbury! The Railroad Museum has an impressive collection of trains, model trains, figurines, souvenirs and other antiquities. Located inside a classic Victorian style house built in 1916, the museum is sure to inspire any history buffs, train fanatics and those who simply want to appreciate the culture and heritage of Canada itself.

 Sudbury is a peaceful, serene and beautiful place to visit any time of the year. With the blooming of the new season comes another great reason to wander through the great outdoors of Sudbury. If you are planning to visit Greater Sudbury and need someplace safe and comfortable to stay, then Quality Inn Sudbury is the perfect location for you to unwind. Offering smoke free, clean, spacious and environmentally friendly rooms, we are proud to serve our guests with utmost respect.

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