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6 Reasons Why I’m Going to Have a Winter Wedding

I’ve never wanted a summer wedding. Sure, they’re beautiful and popular, but they’re just not ‘me’. I think winter weddings are so much more beautiful and unique. It might be because I live in a country where it’s normal for winter to last 5 months, or maybe just because I like to stand out, but when I get married I’m doing it in the winter during or after a snowfall. Since this is a non-traditional wedding style, I’ve put together a very convincing list of very reasonable reasons as to why I will be choosing December over July for my wedding.

1. I don’t like sweat stains

I’m extremely uncomfortable in summer heat when I have to wear something formal. A wedding dress sounds like an absolute nightmare to wear in 30 degree weather; my sweat stains would be visible from outer space and I really don’t want to ask the photographer if he could kindly Photoshop them out. In the winter, I can be comfortable even when I’m dancing. If I get too hot, I can just step outside and cool off. Plus, there are so many beautiful ways to add warmth to a wedding dress.

2. I love winter decoration

Twigs and candles just look better in winter settings. Winters are naturally darker so candles stand out more and create a cozy and warm atmosphere. If you choose to have your wedding near Christmas, you practically have an endless amount of decorations to choose from. Any colour themes work great in a winter setting, too.

3. I have my choice of vendors

Because winter weddings are not popular, vendors have a larger array of availability so I have more options to choose from. I don’t have to fight over a wedding vendor with anyone else and I don’t have to be put on a waiting list. I’m also more likely to be able to book my wedding on a weekend which will be a kind thing for me to do for my hungover wedding guests.


4. Winter is the best time for comfort food

Comfort food is the greatest. It’s warm, it’s hearty, and it’s the best in the winter. When you’re hot and sweaty, you can’t enjoy a great bowl of macaroni and cheese the same way. I’ll be able to include all the best warm comfort food in my wedding menu that wouldn’t work as well in the summer.

5. Snow makes everything seem magical

If you’ve ever sat by a fire on a winter night when large snowflakes are floating down from the sky, then you know the feeling. You feel like you’re in a fairy-tale written by the brothers Grimm, and I want my wedding to feel the same. Not just that, but snow makes for some really great wedding photos. It’s the perfect way to make your wedding really stand out.

6. My tropical honeymoon will be just a little sweeter

Leaving for a tropical destination in the summer is just not as fun; you’re going from a hot place to a hot place so you almost don’t appreciate it as much. I want to leave for my tropical honeymoon on a cold winter’s day so I can appreciate the warm destination just a little more. Plus I can make all of my guests jealous who have to stay behind and shovel their driveways while I’m sipping margaritas on a beach somewhere.

If you’ve ever wanted to have a wedding that will stand out and won’t be soon forgotten, winter is the secret ingredient. You will be able to bypass the generic wedding pictures that, let’s be honest, all look very similar, and you will be able to cuddle up together by a romantic fire while the snow is glistening outside.