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6 Best Wedding Dress Trends of 2016

1. Bridal Suits

The first dress trend I will talk about is not a dress at all! A two piece suit, in white, is one of the biggest wedding trends this year. This suit will give your wedding a more casual and cool look.


2. Extreme Necklines

Jaw-droppingly low necklines are a huge trend this year, as well. This plunging neckline adds just the right touch of drama to your wedding dress. Your guests will definitely not forget this wedding.


3. Bateau Neckline

This classic style really stands out as well. This dress does not need any crazy embellishments because it stands out on its own as a classic yet modern style.


4. Blush Coloured Dresses

Just as blush coloured hair seems to be the style among some young women, the blush coloured wedding dress is also in this year. A barely there pop of colour is perfect for a spring wedding. Shades of rose and pink are most popular, but you can choose your own.


5. Cropped Tops

The cropped top wedding dress is a beautiful combination of casual and chic, and there is something just so elegant about a bride showing off just a tiny bit of skin on her wedding day. It’s a modern statement that would not have been acceptable a few decades ago.


6. Stone Washed Shades

Subtle taupe, nude, and silver tones are also quite popular this year. From sweetheart, tulle ball gowns to strapless silver toned gowns, they’re all the rage. This is a metallic version of the blush coloured wedding dresses, and they’re beautiful.