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5 Tips to Improve Travel Photography

5 Tips to Improve Travel Photography

Vacations are full of amazing sights, attractions, and experiences that are worth remembering for a lifetime. That’s why it’s great to take as many pictures on your travels as possible to ensure you have a physical way to recall the trip. We’ve put together 5 tips to help you take the perfect, aesthetically pleasing pictures that will preserve the amazing memories of your trip forever!

Scout Out Locations

Before leaving for your trip, do research online to find some of the best spots to snap some photos. This can include finding out about the area’s famous landmarks, beautiful scenery, and top attractions. These will be a great place to start and make for some amazing photographs.

Ask the Locals

Try asking the locals of the destination where you should head to find the area’s best photo spots. Being familiar with the area, they may know of some hidden gems that wouldn’t necessarily be found online.

The Rule of Thirds

You may have heard about the “Rule of Thirds” before, but what does this actually mean? The rule involves imagining your photo split into three sections, and having each section take up a proportionate amount of the shot. This will help make your picture turn out even and pleasing to the eyes.

Take a Bunch of Shots

There’s nothing worse than getting back to your hotel at the end of the night and realizing that the pictures you took at a destination earlier didn’t turn out. That’s why it’s best to take as many shots as possible to ensure you get the best picture. This can include photographing the area from different vantage points, angles, and with different framing.

Learn the Technical Aspects of your Camera

Whether you’re using your phone or an actual camera, make sure you know the technical aspects of it before leaving for your trip. This includes how to operate the flash, using the zoom, and adjusting the lighting.