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5 Fun Unique Snow Activities for Kids and Adults

As we patiently wait for winter to be over and for spring and summer to come, we need to remember that snow is really fun. Kids know this and adults need to remember how much fun they used to have in the snow. Just because you’re an adult does not mean you cannot enjoy the snow anymore. You can spike your hot chocolate afterwards to remind yourself that you’re an adult, but you can still have fun in the snow. Sledding, snowboarding and skiing are the most popular snow activities, but I’ve put together a list of fun things you can do in the snow that are a little more creative.

1. Hula Hooping

Ever tried hula hooping while wearing a parka? It’s challenging, to say the least, but your face will be hurting from laughter. Have a contest to see who can keep it up the longest or who can hula while wearing the most amounts of layers. You’ll be warm and you’ll be having fun.

2. Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is another activity you’re used to enjoying in the summer, but you can also do it in the winter. When the temperature dips below 0 blow some bubbles and see them freeze on the wand. It’s mesmerizing to watch and the kids will love it too.

3. Snow Graffiti

Instead of using chalk to draw on sidewalks, you can now colour the snow in the winter. This is fun for kids and adults who are young at heart, plus it will make your front or back yard look great! Just grab a spray bottle from your nearest dollar store, and fill it up with water and food colouring. Make as many as you want with different colours and go paint crazy! The snow will melt away along with the food colouring so it won’t be doing any damage, plus it’s super fun.

4. Snow Toss

Yet another game that can be fun for kids as well as adults. Make a snow graffiti bottle (spray bottle filled with water and food colouring) and make a circle or a bullseye. Stand at least 10 feet back and have a contest to see who can throw snowballs closest to the circle. You can even colour your snowballs with food colouring, as long as the colouring you get is washable. If not, just wear black gloves and you won’t see the stains.

5. Snow Tubing

Much like sledding, snow tubing is a really fun winter activity. Blow up a water tube you would use at the beach and find a hill. Sit in the inner tube and go flying down! Depending on how packed the snow is, you could be sliding even faster than you would on a sled. Don’t give up hope yet; winter is still here for a little while but that’s okay because you can take advantage of it and have fun!