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5 Best Things to Wear on a Plane

5 Best Things to Wear on a Plane

Flights can feel long and often uncomfortable when you’re on a plane heading to your vacation destination. What you’re wearing can play a big part in how you feel during the ride, making the difference between an uncomfortable trip and an enjoyable flight. That’s why we’ve collected a list of the five best things to wear on a plane to maximize comfort for a smooth flight!

Breathable Clothing

Wearing clothes that can breathe has many benefits while on a plane. They allow air to circulate your skin to prevent you from sweating and making you feel less clean. Material like cotton and silk will help to keep you comfortable while allowing your skin to breathe and prevent sweating.


Layering up is important to make sure you stay at a good temperature the whole plane ride. The great thing about layers is if the temperature in the cabin is cold, you’re set with clothing to keep you warm. If it’s hot outside or gets warm in the plane, you can always take off a layer or two to always feel comfortable no matter the temperature.

Comfortable Footwear

With lots of walking involved on vacations, it’s easy for our feet to tire out and get sore. Wearing comfortable shoes will help to prepare your feet for the walking ahead during the plane ride to your destination, or help them relax on the way back.

Loose-fitting Clothes

Tight clothing can often add to the discomfort of a flight by restricting blood flow through your body, especially when sitting for a long period of time. Loose-fitting clothes will help to increase your circulation and allow your body to feel more relaxed and less sore.

Clothes with Pockets

Pockets will help you have easy access to anything you’ll need during the flight without the hassle of having to go into your carry-on bag.