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4 Essentials to Pack This Winter

4 Essentials to Pack This Winter

Winter travel can be tons of fun and offer unique experiences that a summer excursion can’t. However, with the cold weather comes challenges that need to be overcome in order to make the most of your trip. That’s why we’ve collected a list of four things to pack that will help you tackle the cold and have an amazing vacation this winter!

Lip Balm

When the weather is cold, it’s easier for your lips to dry out. No one wants the discomfort of dry and chapped lips when on vacation, so a small tube of lip balm will come in very helpful, especially in the winter cold! Carry this around with you in your bag or in a pocket so you have it handy whenever your lips start to feel dry.

Hat and Mittens

Your head and hands are two areas that will become cold very quickly, so combat this by packing a warm pair of mittens and a winter hat or toque. This will help your whole body feel warmer and along with a few layers on your body, will help you stay outside and have fun no matter the activity or weather!

Feet Warmers         

Just like your fingers, your feet tend to get cold the quickest, and can cause major discomfort when they do so. Putting feet warmers in your shoes or boots will help to provide you with that bit of extra warmth to keep your toes comfortable and allow you to walk around your destination, even when there is lots of snow on the ground.

Extra Battery

Phones can lose battery much quicker when they are exposed to the cold, so having it in your pocket during your winter travels can affect the battery life. Carrying an extra portable battery could help you out if you’re away from a charger for a long period of time and need to make a call or text.