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3 Tips to Travel More in the New Year

3 Tips to Travel More in the New Year

Didn’t get in as much travelling during 2018 as you would have liked? Now that we are into 2019 and a whole new year of travelling opportunities and adventures await, you can get in the travelling that you may have missed out on last year. That is why we have put together 3 tips that will allow you to get out adventuring in 2019 and have a year full of new experiences abroad!

Start on Planning a Big Trip

A great way to make sure you get out travelling is to plan well in advance for the trip. To do this, try planning one big trip to take a little later on in the year that you can start planning immediately. The early planning will get you excited for the trip and make sure you get in at least one great  travelling experience in 2019!

Take Small Weekend Trips

The best way to get travelling in 2019 is to simply go out and do it! That is why small weekend trips can be a great way to get out of the house and stray from your daily routine to have more experiences. The trip doesn’t need to be overly expensive or too far away for you to have a great time and a rewarding experience! To start this, try looking for attractions within a few hours of where you live and spend a weekend there taking in something you enjoy.

Start a Travel Fund

Often with travelling, people tend to back out of trips or procrastinate planning them due to the cost associated with it. To avoid this, set up a travel fund to save money solely for the trips you have been wanting to take. Putting travel money into a separate place helps to make the cost of a trip less intimidating and will also help you to save it throughout the year.