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3 Tips to Carry Money on Vacation

3 Tips to Carry Money on Vacation

When carrying money on vacation, you want to keep it both safe and available. Making your money difficult to lose and free from thievery, as well as being able to quickly access it is the balancing act of carrying money while on vacation. That’s why we’ve put together 3 tips to help you with the process to keep your money safe and easily accessible!

Divide Your Money

Whenever possible, try divvying up your travel cash so that it isn’t all in one place. This can include keeping only the amount of cash that you think you’ll need for the day in your wallet, while having the rest of your cash in safe places. These safe places can include safes or even the wallet of a friend or loved one you’re travelling with. This way, if you do lose a bag or wallet or in the worst case of it being stolen, you’ll still have the majority of your money safe for the rest of the trip.

Lighten Your Wallet

We often have lots of cards, coupons, and receipts in our wallets that we keep handy for our everyday lives. However, many things in your wallet won’t be of any use during your vacation and would only serve to take up space in your wallet. Try to trim down the things that are in your wallet to travel lighter and more efficiently. Cards like gym memberships and library cards are good ones to leave at home to save as much room in your wallet as possible.

Buy a Separate Wallet

If you’d prefer not to take things out of your wallet at home, you can buy a separate wallet used just for travel. This way, you won’t have to unpack and repack your wallet when the trip is done and can pack only the essentials in your travel wallet.