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3 Myths about Travelling to Sudbury

When most people think about travelling to or around Canada, not many of them think of visiting a city such as Sudbury. They all flock to the larger cities or to the small mountain towns around the country.  However, Sudbury is a great city to visit, even if just passing by and need a place to sleep for the night. There are lots of things to do and places to see. Here are three myths about Sudbury that you may have heard and that might be making you question visiting.

  1. There is nothing to do

Some people might think that because Sudbury is far from large Canadian cities, that it might be boring or dull. But with over 330 lakes and rivers, museums, and plenty of tourist areas, there are definitely lots to do in Sudbury. If you’re a fan off fishing you will definitely not run out of places to go and fish, if you’re a lover of nature or cycling there are hundreds of trails you can explore, and if you’re a lover of wildlife then you’re in the right place because the huge amounts of trails, forests, and lakes you’ll have a hard time not seeing wildlife.

  1. It’s not interesting

Sudbury is not interesting for people who don’t love cool science centers, beautiful art galleries, sports, or amazing craters made by a comet. Sudbury does not come up short on interesting places to go and see, nor does it fall short on things to do for people of any age. Whether you’re a child or a senior, there is something for you to do in Sudbury. You will not be bored.

  1. It’s in the middle of nowhere


Sudbury may not be as geographically convenient as most large cities in Canada but that’s because it’s not a large city. It’s a small city that is nestled at the edge of where most cities are in Ontario and considering how large Canada is in general, Sudbury could be a lot more “in the middle of nowhere” than it is. You don’t have to take a ferry or a helicopter to get here; you can conveniently just drive over or hop on a train.

Sudbury is a great city with great people and lots to do. If you’re looking for a place to stay when driving through, we’ve got you covered and we will feed you well, too. Sudbury is a true Canadian city.