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3 Day Trips To Take In Sudbury

3 Day Trips to Sudbury


Sudbury is a city with many little gems hidden within it. There are all sorts of fun, exciting, and different things to discover in the great outdoors of our marvelous city. If you’re the type of person to enjoy rummaging around outside and taking quick day trips in and around cities, here’s a list of Sudbury’s greatest:

A.Y Jackson Trails at Onaping Falls

  • Onaping Falls is home to High Falls, a waterfall that drops nearly 150 feet right into the Sudbury Basin—the site of the third largest meteorite impact in history! It is a stunning Falls Park complete with scenic views, pedestrian bridges, and hiking trails (also wheelchair accessible). Take a walk anytime throughout the year and view the beauty of this hidden gem yourself!

 Dinosaur Valley Mini Golf

  • Want to take your mini golfing experience to the next level? If so, you’ve got to the Dinosaur Valley Mini Golf, a golf course with 63 different holes and challenges to make it entertaining and tricky for people of all ages. You can also do other things here such as play “pool golf” (shooting golf balls with pool cues) and check out the outdoor fossil and dinosaur exhibit.

 WagonWheel Ranch

  • This ranch is one of the best places to have outdoor fun in Sudbury.  WagonWheel Ranch offers a variety of seasonal activities. If you visit in the summer you can do fun activities such as visit the petting farm and go on a pony ride. During the fall you can attend one of their barbecues, go on a wagon ride, and pick your own pumpkins!

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5 Outdoor Activities in Sudbury

Outdoor Activities in Sudbury


There’s nothing better than spending a beautiful summer day outdoors. Sudbury, Ontario has an abundance of stunning scenery to look upon and enjoy in the upcoming summer months. If you’re searching for outdoor summer fun ideas in the Sudbury area, then this is the list for you. Here are our recommendations for how to spend your summer days outdoors:

  • Take a boat cruise on Ramsey Lake. Enjoy a one hour tour hosted by William Ramsey Cruise for under $20! Get more information on their website.
  • Go sailing or kayaking on Kukagami Lake. Kukagami Lake is a beautiful retreat spot in the Greater Sudbury Area and a great spot for relaxing, fishing, eating, or having water sport fun!
  • Hike through Lake Laurentian Conservation Area. This conservation area is one of remote tranquility. Relax around the scenic lookouts, nature trails, and floral displays.
  • Check out the Sudbury Blueberry Festival. This festival celebrates Sudbury’s largest above ground natural resource—the lowbush blueberry. It runs on through the third week of July and contains plenty of themed events located around the Greater Sudbury Area. To stay updated on the various events, follow them on their socials (Twitter: @sudblueberry, Instagram: @sudburyblueberryfestival, and Facebook: Sudbury Blueberry Festiva;) or check out their website.
  • Have a picnic in Bell Park. Enjoy some local food and the fresh outdoors at this beautiful park that overlooks the western shore of Ramsey Lake.

Whether you live across the street from these outdoor activity locations or are from far out of town, don’t let travel stop you from enjoying these unique outdoor activities. If you’re traveling near or far from Sudbury, stay at Quality Inn Sudbury and allow us to make your accommodation experience in Sudbury a great one.  Don’t complicate your travel accommodations— stay at Quality Inn. Call us today at 1.800.461.1120 to reserve a room today.

Inn The News: Our Newly Renovated Meeting Rooms



Quality Inn Sudbury has exciting news about recent improvement and renovations of our establishment. Although this particular item cannot be ordered through room service, we are excited to offer a newly reinvigorated item on our services list.

In our pursuit to always better our establishment and services for our visitors, we proudly announce that we have completed our meeting room renovations. This has been done to meet the demand of our visitors and accommodate for busy weekday and weekend travelers that require spaces to conduct their private business meetings, conferences, or other arrangements.

renovated meeting room in quality inn sudbury

Our newly renovated meeting rooms are spaces for professional use and are entirely adaptable to the user’s needs and requirements. The rooms have been completely refreshed with a new look and paint job of the Quality Inn Sudbury colour scheme: brown, beige, and orange. Following in the meeting room’s footsteps, Quality Inn Sudbury will also begin renovations to the exterior and lobby of the building. The exterior of the building and lobby renovations, complete with refreshing of the room and repainting, is scheduled to begin June 2019. Each of these will be painted in our warm and friendly colour scheme.

If you are traveling up to Sudbury for business or professional purposes, consider staying at Quality Inn Sudbury. With our newly renovated meeting rooms, you won’t need to outside source a space for your private meetings. Don’t complicate your travel and business requirements, stay at Quality Inn Sudbury. Call us at 1800.461.1120 or 705.675.1273 to make a reservation today.

The 5 Most Unique Places to Shop in Sudbury

Shopping in Sudbury


Everyone loves a bit of retail therapy from time to time and whatever it is that you’re into—clothes, shoes, books, jewllery, or it all—Sudbury has the shops for you. Our unique local flavour and diverse community creates an interesting and engaging shopping experience. If you’re gearing up to shop at some cool places in Sudbury, check out our master list of places to hit up below: 

Nepal Handicrafts

This store has wide variety of handmade Nepalese crafts as well as Nepalese craft supplies. A selection of singing bowls, incense, musical instruments and wooden products, and clothing are also available to purchase. Check out the shop located at 40 Elm St, Sudbury ON.

El Mercado

The two female owners of this shop have a unique history and humble beginnings. This shop began as, and continues to serve, as a place to acquire unique products or “artesanias” from Mexico. Check out their shop located at 88 Durham Street.

Stich & Stone

This place describes themselves as a women boho chic bouqitue. They carry everything from clothes and accessories to home décor and furnishings in this hip and trendy style. Check out the shop located at 588 Cedar Street.

Mimi’s Fine Jewelry and Repair

This specialty jewelry shop is an expert in all things jewelry. Whether it is custom, imported, or name brand jewelry, you can trust these people for all of your purchasing or repair needs. Check out the shop located at 66 Elm St.

 The Refinery

This edgy shop is for all of the skateboarders and snowboarders out there. Run by the Sudbury legend Will Himsl, you can count on The Refinery to keep you fashion forward and fresh. Check out the shop located at 72 Cedar St.

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5 Things To Do In Sudbury: Summer Edition

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Are you bored of your usual summer activities? Are you looking for new and fun things to do? Are you in the Sudbury area or will be traveling up to the Sudbury area this summer? If so, check out the attractions and entertainment in Sudbury! Our humble city has plenty to offer in terms of fun summer events and entertainment. Check out all of the things you can do below!

  • Visit The Big Nickel. Aptly named, the Big Nickel is a nine-metre replica of a 1951 Canadian nickel located outside of the Dynamic Earth museum. It is the world’s largest coin and pays homage to the city’s mining history.
  • Check out Peter Schnider’s Concert Series. These concerts run from June to August and take place every Sunday night at 6 pm. The best part is that they are entirely free of cost! For more information, check out the event’s website.
  • Pick up your binoculars and go bird watching at the Fielding Bird Sanctuary. What can be more relaxing than looking at and listening to these wonderful creatures?
  • If you’re not into birds, you can visit exotic animals at Northern Exotics. Check out the various animals that are colourful, scaly, and everything else in between!
  • Watch a movie at the Reel Life Drive In. All you need is a car, a radio, and some popcorn!

Sudbury is home to many exciting things to do so don’t underestimate our quaint little city. Take to our streets and discover something new! If you’re traveling from out of town, stay with us at Quality Inn Sudbury. We will make your accommodations during your stay in Sudbury convenient, easy, and relaxing. Traveling doesn’t have to be stressful with Quality Inn Sudbury. Don’t complicate your travel accommodations— stay at Quality Inn. Call us today at 1.800.461.1120 to reserve a room today.

How To Spend The Weekend In Sudbury—Upcoming Sudbury Weekend Events

Weekend Events in Sudbury


Sudbury is home to plenty of family fun and wholesome activities. Basically, we’ve got something for everyone! Check out what we have going on this weekend below!

Thursday May 23, 2019

South African Wine Tasting & Class

Hosted by Legacy Service Academy, this event showcases the best wines of South African. For $79 + HST you can take part of an evening of leading all about the wines South Africa produces and the hospitality industry. The price includes 5 wine samples and light snacks. To join the fun, you can buy tickets.

Saturday May 25, 2019

Children’s Clothing Swap

Christ Church in lively is reaching out to families who need different clothing sizes to suit their growing children. If you are in need or would like to donate some clothes for the cause or for the local Food Bank, you can join this event at Christ Church, 231 6th Avenue from 10am to 1pm. There will also be free BBQ and face painting. For more information you can check out their event page.

Saturday May 25, 2019

6th Annual Sudbury Defeat Depression Walk/Run

Sudbury Defeat Depression is hosting another walk/ run to raise funds to support NISA(Northern Initiative for Social Action), an organization that provides direct services to individuals and families effected by mental illness. You can join the run at Bell Park, Sudbury from 9-12pm. Find out more about the event on their page.

Friday May 31, 2019

Fair Food Market

If you love fresh food and local environments, you should definitely check out the Fair Food Market. This is a volunteer run non-profit project sponsored by the Social Planning Council/ NOAH Community Hub x 1960 Paris Street Positive Connections Tenant Group x The Greater Sudbury Housing Cooperation. It runs at the beginning and end of every month from 5pm to 6:30pm at 1960 Paris Street Building 6. Bring some cash and your reusable bags and have your pick from the assortment of quality fresh fruits and vegetables at an affordable price. For more information, check out their Facebook event page.

Join in on the fun and wholesome events. Take part in the community and do some good work. Whatever you’re planning to do, make sure you have a cozy place to return to. With Quality Inn Sudbury’s convenient location in the heart of Sudbury, we make travel within Sudbury close and comfortable. Don’t complicate your travel accommodations— stay at Quality Inn. Call us today at 1.800.461.1120 to reserve a room today.

Sudbury Spotlight—Disney’s The Lion King Jr.

The Lion Kind Jr. Show


From the Disney cartoon and Broadway stage, Fraser Auditorium will be welcoming the inspiring coming-of-age story The Lion King Jr. This all ages event will take you through the African savannah featuring a remarkable cast. Join Simba, Rafiki, Timon, and Pumbaa on their journey from Pride Rock to the jungle and all the way back again. The show runs from June 14- June 15, 2019 with show times at 2 pm and 6 pm. 

This show will be particularly special as it is a condensed, 60 –minute version of the original Broadway show and Disney film phenomenon. You can watch all of your favourite characters and story played by passionate and talented young actors. Join in on the magic and rediscover this timeless tale.

If you are traveling to watch this exciting event, consider staying with us at Quality Inn Sudbury. We are the best hotel in Sudbury, conveniently located in our city’s heart, making your traveling to and from our warm and welcoming residence simple and efficient. We will make your stay in Sudbury comfortable so that all your memories of our beautiful town are perfect. Don’t complicate your travel accommodations— stay at Quality Inn. Call us today at 1.800.461.1120 to reserve a room today.

5 Things You Might Not Know About Sudbury

Sudbury-Nickel City


The humble town of Sudbury is home to all sorts of fun, flavor, and culture. The local environment is full of fancy foods, arts, entertainment, and environmental phenomena that many people don’t know about. Here’s a list of 5 cool things you might not know about the Nickel City, that you might want to check out for yourself one day:

  1. Sudbury has the largest Francophone population in Ontario. If you speak French, you can show off your knowledge in our diverse and multi-lingual town.
  2. Need a place to go swimming or a beautiful summer-time view? The Greater Sudbury area has 330 freshwater lakes.
  3. Sudbury is home to the largest chimney in the Northern hemisphere. We know, this is a bit crazy but it’s true! It’s located at the Sudbury Superstack and measures at 380 metres tall!
  4. Sudbury Superstack is also the second tallest building in Canada. The only thing that beats it is—you guessed it—the CN Tower located in Toronto.
  5. One of Sudbury’s greatest geological landmarks is the Sudbury Basin, a 27 km deep impact crater. Also known as Sudbury Structure or the Sudbury Nickel Irruptive, it is the third largest known impact crater on Earth.

 Sudbury is full of fascinating sights, things, talents, and people. Come and discover them all by taking an adventure up to our unassuming yet magnificent town. If you’re traveling up to Sudbury, consider staying with us at Quality Inn Sudbury. Our convenient location in the heart of Sudbury allows for access all over the city and an easy route back to our warm and welcoming hotel.  We will make your stay in Sudbury comfortable so that you have the best memories of our beautiful town. Don’t complicate your travel accommodations— stay at Quality Inn. Call us today at 1.800.461.1120 to reserve a room today.