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Give Your Health a Boost by Travelling

Give Your Health a Boost by Travelling

Maintaining your physical, mental and emotional health is critical to getting the most out of life. A healthy person is capable of participating in more activities and will have a more fulfilling experience than someone in poor health. 

You may be thinking it’s time to start taking more vitamins to keep your health strong, but what if I suggested that travelling can help your overall health? Don’t get me wrong, i’m not suggesting that vitamins are bad for you but merely suggesting that travelling is really good for you! Below, is how travelling keeps us happy and healthy!

Helps Boost Your Immune System

Travelling to new places exposes your body to thousands of new bacteria, which in turn works to create stronger antibodies in you. Antibodies are blood proteins that are produced to counteract the effects of bacteria or viruses that enter the body.

Travelling exposes your body to a host of new germs, which prompt your body to create these antibodies that keep your immune system strong. 

Grows Your Perspective

Makes your more culturally aware and shows you how people live in other parts of the world. This can give you a greater appreciation for the life you live and increase your happiness with your life circumstances. 

Lowers Your Chances of Experiencing Heart Disease

Travelling provides the opportunity to get away from many of the things that stress us out, be it work, school or family stress. A trip away gives your mind and body the opportunity to disengage from your normal routine and just enjoy experiencing a different part of the world. 

All this helps to remove you from the major stressors in your life that lead to stress and anxiety. Because of this, travelling can reduce your chances of having a heart attack or developing heart disease. 

Pass the Time in Your Hotel Room with These Activities

Pass the Time in Your Hotel with These Activities

When staying a hotel for vacation, a business trip, a visit with family in another city or any other reason, have you ever found yourself lying on your hotel bed wondering how to pass the time?

Although a hotel stay is an excellent opportunity to catch up on sleep and relaxation, there are also many creative ways to spend your time that also help you de-stress and even develop useful skills!

Read a Book

Reading is an excellent exercise for our minds and aids in brain development as well as offers a number of other useful proficiencies. To begin, this activity enriches our language skills and vocabulary. Reading will increase your knowledge of sentence structure and you’ll see words used in different contexts, as well as learn new words. Diving into a book is also an effective way to learn about the world in which we live. Books educate us on topics we would otherwise have no exposure to. We can learn information on different people, places and events. 

Connect with Friends and Family

Depending on the circumstances behind your trip, you may be away from those you care about the most. Downtime in your hotel room is the perfect opportunity to connect with those back home. Whether it’s a significant other, your children or a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, use this downtime for meaningful conversation. After all, human relationships are the spice of life. With hotel Wi-Fi, you can use your laptop to face chat on Skype or even use your cell phone to have a conversation or utilize mobile apps, such as WhatsApp.

Use This Time to Play Your Favourite Game

If you’re travelling with others, like family or friends, games are excellent ways to pass the time. Not only can games pose a mental challenge but they’re also effective ways to bring people together and help them socialize. 

When travelling, card games are ideal because they require little packing space. Another option is group games offered on mobile phone apps. These are numerous apps offered on both Android and iOS, click here for some ideas!

Is Your Winter Travel Wardrobe Prepared?

Is Your Winter Travel Wardrobe Prepared?

With frigid temperatures, snow-covered ground and dry air, many find being outdoors in the winter unpleasant. But, with proper planning and the right wardrobe, winter is a wonderful season to get out and explore!

So, is your wardrobe winter ready? If you’re unsure what good winter attire looks like, we’ve laid it out for you below!

High-Quality Sunglasses

Proper eye protection, from the sun, is needed just as much in the winter as the summer. When snow blankets the ground, harmful UV rays reflect off of it and back towards our eyes. Good sunglasses will prevent these rays from damaging your eyes.

Wool Cap or Beanie

When trying to preserve body heat, keep your head covered is essential. Most of our body heat escapes through our heads and having a good wool cap or beanie will help keep your head insulated and retain body heat. 

Look for Certain Materials

Silk is very warm and easily compressed, which makes it a good packing item. Silk scarfs are great to keep off the chill and still be fashionable. Another great material for retaining heat is wool. This material is used to make socks, scarves, sweaters, hats and more! opting for wool clothing helps keep you toasty warm on those cold days. 

Just like how there are certain materials you want to bring, there are also materials to leave at home. When possible, avoid cotton, as it absorbs water instead of repelling it. For instance, when traversing through snow, cotton socks will likely leave your feet cold and wet. Opt for wool socks instead. Also, avoid jeans if possible. With tights underneath, they can do ok for city use in the cold; however, they’re not great for outdoor activities like hiking. Jeans aren’t waterproof, which means they can get soaked if it snows or rains. They also take longer to dry, opposed to waterproof articles of clothing. 

Don’t Let Your Level of Exercise Drop on Vacation

Don't Let Your Level of Exercise Drop on Vacation

Do you ever feel like exercise requires massive amounts of time allocated towards that specific activity? This can be hard enough to achieve in your normal routine, let alone when you’re on vacation away from home, on a different schedule and in different accommodations. With exercise being so important for our health, we need to include it, no matter where we are. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to incorporate exercise into your vacation time!

Build Exercise into How You Explore Your Environment

When in a building consider walking up the stairs opposed to taking the elevator. If you’re in an urban destination, see if there’s a bike share program. Opposed to getting a bus tour, cycle through the city. This allows you to take in the sights and get exercise in the process. You can even turn already physical activities, like hiking or walking in a park, into strong workouts. In a park, try finding a bench and do 10 step-ups, followed by 10 push-ups and repeating the process a few times. 

Commence Your Day with a Morning Work

Setting aside 10 to 15 minutes for a high-intensity workout is an excellent way to start the day burning calories and feeling energized. If you’re unsure of the best workouts for a short timespan, a quick web search or even YouTube videos are great sources for workout ideas. 

Utilize Waiting In Line to Build Work Your Muscles

Whether you’re waiting in line for a popular attraction or to enter a movie theatre, these moments can provide a great opportunity to do simple workouts. For example, calf raises can be done standing anywhere and help build lower leg strength. Another simple workout to do in a line is tightening your abs and holding it for 20 seconds before releasing and repeating the process. This workout is excellent for gaining core strength.

Winter Fun: Tips for Making an Awesome Snow Fort!

Winter Fun: Tips for Making an Awesome Snow Fort

For some, winter is a long cold and depressing season; however, with some creativity, there are many ways to enjoy the weather that only this season offers! If outdoor sports (like snowboarding, skiing or snowshoeing) aren’t your thing, why not try something like making a snow fort. Below, are tips to create a winter fortress that will capture the attention of all those that see it!

Create a Perimeter

Regardless of how grand you plan on making your fort, it’s important to start the building process by creating a perimeter. This will outline the shape of the outer walls and give your fort clear size.

When tracing the perimeter of your snow fort consider how much snow you have available. If you don’t have tons, you’ll want to factor that in when determining the size of your fort. 

Begin Construction of the Walls

Ideally, the walls of your fort should be constructed with snow bricks. These can be created by filling containers with packing snow, much in the same way you would pack wet sand into a bucket when building a sand castle. 

To find good packing snow, gather snow closer to a house, street or landscaping. These areas give off more heat and will hold wetter snow, which makes for better packing. 

Now you can begin packing your snow into your container to form the bricks for your wall. Lay the bricks along the perimeter you created in the beginning and you’re well on your way to forming the outer layer of your snow fort!

Reinforce Your Walls

Once you have laid the bricks along the perimeter of your snow fort, they’ll need to be reinforced to prevent a cave-in. To commence this process, take additional snow and fill in any crevasses between the bricks of your snow fort to provide additional strength and durability. 

Once all gaps have been filled, it’s time to add ice! An icy finish enables your fort to withstand even the harshest of weather and attacks. The best way to do this step is to pour cold water on the inside and outside of the walls. Freezing temperatures will cause the water to freeze over the walls, adding a harder outer layer. 


Use These Tips to Choose the Ideal Valentine’s Day Gift

Use These Tips to Choose the Ideal Valentine's Day Gift

With Valentine’s Day fast-approaching, have you bought the perfect gift and planned how you and your significant other will share this romantic day? Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year dedicated to professing your love for that special person in your life and a poorly thought out gift can make or break the occasion. 

To ensure your Valentine’s Day plans are flawless, here are guidelines on choosing a good gift and plan a memorable day for you and your partner! 

Choose a Suitable Gift for Your Relationship Status

When choosing your Valentine’s Day gift, for your significant other, it’s crucial that you consider the level of your relationship. If you’re in a serious, committed relationship and your gift doesn’t reflect that, your partner may feel as though you don’t value the relationship as much as they do. On the other hand, if you’re currently in the beginning of a relationship, going too over the top can make for an awkward situation if your Valentine didn’t feel the need to do the same. 

Choose a Gift Based on Your Significant Others Tastes and Not Yours

Remember, Valentine’s is a day to show your love and appreciation for someone else and that needs to be reflected in how you choose to spend the day with them! A Valentine’s day gift that’s more to your taste then theirs, will appear as if you were thinking more of yourself than them when purchasing the gift. For instance, just because you like baseball doesn’t mean your girlfriend or wife will have the same appreciation for tickets to a Blue Jays game. Instead, save the baseball game for a different occasion and choose a gift that better caters to her interests. 

Avoid Predictable Gifts

When picking your gift, it’s also important not just to pick something practical. For example, don’t just buy something you know they need. Try Picking a gift that your Valentine wouldn’t think of getting themselves. This adds creativity and surprise to your gift and your Valentine will appreciate the thought!

Tips to Be Productive on Your Next Flight

Tips to Be Productive on Your Next Flight

Travelling can be tiring, both mentally and physically. Once you factor in sitting for hours on end, potentially flying through different time zones and not necessarily being able to get proper sleep, not only can your time inflight be very unproductive but it can take a minute to back in your groove once on the ground. So, if you’re interested in making the most of your time in the air, use the following tips to stay productive

Make Time for Conversation

Although you may be inclined to keep your head down and work throughout the entire flight, take time to see who’s sitting next to you on the plane. If you’re travelling for business, it’s smart to always keep cards on hand; you end up beside someone who can offer invaluable advice or potentially be a partner or client. 

Stay Active

Not only is staying active on a flight important for productivity, it’s also crucial to staying healthy. Even making an effort to walk up and down the aisle is a great way to prevent blood clots and help you feel refreshed on long flights.

Set Goals Beforehand

For those trying to be productive on a plane, it helps to set goals beforehand. Prior to boarding the plane, make a list of all the tasks you want to complete in the air. This can help keep you focused and on track. 

Take a Break

Taking a break is just as important for productivity as goal setting. For many of us, trying to do work for extended periods of time leads to mental exhaustion and causes our quality of work to decrease. So, when you’re starting to feel the mental exhaustion kicking in, turn your mind to something else. There are many creative ways to give your brain a reprieve, such as a Sudoku game, meditation or a sketchbook. 

Flying is what you make it and hopefully, by implementing these tips, you’ll have positive and productive flights in the future.

Do You Have These Bad Travel Habits?

Do You Have These Bad Travel Habits?

As you travel, do you find yourself dealing with certain habits that you’ve accumulated over the years? We are all susceptible to bad habits that can prevent us from getting the most out of our travels. If the following bad habits apply to you, use our advice to change your ways and have more fulfilling trips in the future!

Not Learning the Exchange Rate in Advance

Not knowing the exchange rate can really throw you off when you got to purchase something in a foreign country. You’ll have no clue whether you’re purchasing something at fair value. 

One easy way to remedy this issue is downloading a currency exchange app on your phone. One benefit to these apps is that they are constantly updating, which means you’ll always have the most current rate. 

Not Leaving Enough Time to Pack

When it comes to packing for a trip, do you struggle with procrastination? Leaving packing to the last minute increases your chances of forgetting necessary items at home. 

Do laundry a few days before trip and instead of putting your clothes back in the closet, pack the necessary items right into your suitcase. This helps streamline the packing process and prevent you from having to revisit your clothing situation at a later point and determine what you want to bring with you.

Not Leaving Work at Home

Are you one of the many people who struggle to leave work behind on a vacation? Working when you’re supposed to be on vacation, stops you from enjoying the company of those you may be vacationing with and ultimately you miss out on relaxing and unwinding.

If you struggle with leaving your work at home, check our blog: Don’t Let Work Concerns Prevent You from Taking a Vacation!

Regardless of whether you are travelling with others, on your own or for business, the following bad travel habits invite stress into your trip and inhibit you from getting the most out of your travel time.