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Why Mini Golf Needs to Be Your Next Social Activity

Why Mini Golf Needs to Be Your Next Social Activity

If you’re looking for an activity to do with the family or a fun way to spend date night with your significant other, look no further than mini golf. Mini golf is fun for all ages and requires minimal physical prowess to participate. Below, are reasons why mini golf should be your next social event with friends or family

Promotes Social Interaction

Mini golf is a great activity for both youth and adults to spend time with others. While playing, participants can converse and learn more about the individuals they’re playing with and just enjoy each other’s company. Group activities like this, also promote healthy social behaviours for kids. They learn to patiently wait for their turn and also how to handle both winning and losing positively. 

Takes Kids Away From Electronics

Nowadays it’s so common to see kids planted in front of an electronic device for hours on end–whether they’re watching TV, playing video games or just browsing the internet. Mini golf is a great way to get kids outside, in the fresh air and participating in a healthy activity, that also gets them physically active. 

Engages You Mentally

Each mini golf course is designed in a different style and shape to provide different challenges than the course prior to it. At each new hole the players will have to develop new strategies to successfully move the ball through the course with as few hits as possible. 

Develops Hand-Eye Coordination

Mini golf also helps improve an individual’s hand-eye coordination. As players strive to guide the ball accurately toward the hole, they’ll use their fine motor skills to direct the ball in the direction it needs to go, with the appropriate amount of force for the distance. 

If you’re looking to enjoy mini golf this spring and summer, check out Sudbury’s Dinosaur Valley mini golf. Offering seven different courses, a total of 63 holes and giant steel dinosaurs and dragons decorating the course, it will be an experience the whole family will enjoy. 

Why You Need to Create a Summer Bucket List

Why You Need to Create a Summer Bucket List

Summer bucket lists are great ways to optimize your summer months. They’re great for determining what experiences you truly value and what can wait for a later time. They also help you keep track of important life highlights and help you to see new places and experience new things. 

Keep Some Simple

Make sure that not every item on your bucket list is one of your wildest dreams. It’s important to include goals that can be easily achieved as well, like spending an afternoon in the park or a family trip to the zoo. Although these goals aren’t incredibly exciting and they may be experiences you’ve already had, they still better your life and lead to you spending quality time with loved ones. 

Have Something for Everyone

Whether you’re in a committed relationship or you have kids, it’s a good idea to include those you share your life with in the making of the bucket list. Not only does this make the creating of the bucket list more fun, but it also help you bond with your loved ones and ensures everyone has memorable highlights in their summer.

Consider Costs

When making your bucket list, it’s also important to remember that there may be a financial component to some of your goals. If every item on the list is expensive for you, your bucket list may not be feasible. How much you’re willing to put financially towards this list is highly dependent on your financial situation, just remember to consider it. 

All in all, bucket lists help you to be the best you and live without regrets. If an item on your bucket list is spending more time as a family, make a trip to Science North here in Sudbury. Or, maybe you want to get more active, consider spending an afternoon hiking Sudbury’s numerous trails or even going for kayak in one of our lakes. 

Why Go-Karting Should Be Your Hobby

Why Go-Karting Should Be Your Hobby

Go-karting is a ton of fun and a great pastime to engage in with friends and family. On top of having a lot of fun, this activity offers a whole host of other benefits for those who participate. The following are all the reasons why you need to try go-karting for yourself

Improves Your Reflexes

Go-kart tracks tend to be filled with twists that can throw the drivers for a loop. Go-karting helps teach people to maneuver the course without losing control, crashing into those around them and all while maintaining the speed of the kart. 

Helps People Connect

Go-karting is also an excellent group activity. Whether it’s somebody’s birthday, a company team building event or just a group of friends looking for a fun activity, go-karting is awesome for fun competition and laughs. 

Prepares You for Real Driving

Although not the same as driving on the road, this experience can be an effective introduction to operating a motor vehicle, for younger kids. These experiences help youth to develop safety skills that will allow them to thrive behind the wheel of an actual car in the future.

Builds Your Confidence

When an individual learns how to successfully control the kart and even beat the competition in a race, it can definitely be a big confidence booster and affirm the skills you’ve developed on the track. 

At Sudbury Quality Inn, we are so fortunate to be operating in a community that offers such a wide variety of activities for all ages and this includes go-karts! Come check out Sudbury Kartways for an awesome experience. 

Why You Should Bring Your Spouse on Business Trips

Why You Should Bring Your Spouse on Business Trips

Life can get busy and finding time to spend with your partner can be difficult. So, why not bring them along on your business trip?  As long as your schedule allows for some downtime, corporate travel makes for a convenient way to spend time with your loved one, see a different part of the world and travel cheaper. Here is why business travel is actually something to look forward to, opposed to viewing it as something that pulls you away from your partner.

It’s Healthy for Your Relationship

In relationships, constantly spending time apart from one another can cause a strain. Although technology offers many ways to stay in touch, it’s not the same as actually having your partner in the room with you. Even if the trip’s main objective is business, bringing your partner along is a great way to add romance to your relationship. During your trip, depending on how much free time you can spare, try to make for a nice dinner or even an afternoon at a local event.

It’s Good for Business

Not only does business travel mean more time with your partner, it’s also a great opportunity to encourage deeper connections with clients. For instance, invite a business associate out to dinner with your spouses. This helps to cement relationships and enables you to converse outside of the typical business real. Forming these deeper personal connections goes a long way to making business negotiations go smoother. 

It Reduces Your Travel Costs

A business trip means that at least one of you will have your expenses covered, which means you’ll only be covering the costs of one person, opposed to covering both of your costs like on a regular vacation. When one of you will have airfare and accommodations covered by work, why not take advantage of those savings and bring your spouse as well. 

Navigate Flying Standby like a Pro

Navigate Flying Standby Like a Pro

When your meeting time is moved up and you have to arrive at your destination sooner or you’re trying to save costs on a plane ticket, flying standby can be a worthy option. If you want to go this route, planning is in order though. Use the following tips to fly standby like a pro.

Avoid Peak Travel Time

When flying standby, consider that you may have a harder time depending on the time of year. Holidays, long weekends and big events all increase airport traffic and make finding a plane seat that much harder.

Mind Your Manners

Whether you don’t get on a flight or get on, only to lose the spot to a ticketed passenger, being polite is essential. Remember, these are the risks you run flying standby and showing manners is not only respectful but might just encourage the gate agent to try and help you out.

Give Yourself Extra Time

When flying standby, definitely don’t show up at the airport late. To have the best chance of finding a free seat, get to the airport early and target the first flights out in the morning (these are most likely to have no-shows). If you’re travelling domestic, give yourself at minimum one day to get there and two if it’s international. 

Be Flexible

When trying to find a flight last minute, consider broadening your destination to other airports in the general area. This can expose you to more flights that can get you to your destination sooner. 

At Sudbury Quality Inn, we not only want to provide you with awesome accommodations but give you tips that can make your in travel experience as enjoyable as possible. Check out our other blogs for travel pointers and information on our wonderful city. 

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel Experience

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel Experience

When taking a trip, your hotel experience can have a pretty significant weight on what you make of the trip as a whole. So, don’t let your trip be ruined by a poor hotel experience. When booking your next hotel, use this advice to have an awesome experience and enjoy your accommodations to the fullest. 

Don’t Settle

When booking your hotel room, don’t back down on key features that you’d like to experience during your stay. These features could include an awesome view, having a room away from the elevator or not being on the first floor. 

To help make sure you’re booking accommodations that you’ll be comfortable with, consider looking at a layout of the hotel prior to booking your room. This helps to conceptualize the hotel space and ensures you’re making the most informed decision on the right room for you. 

Online Reviews

Online reviews can be great ways to gain a better perception of what the stay experience will be like, without actually staying at the hotel. Online reviews give you access to the experiences of those that have stayed in that specific hotel before you. Online reviews can cover important aspects of a guest’s stay, such as customer service, room quality, amenities and much more. 


To ensure the best service possible, consider tipping the custodial staff for high-quality work on your room. This small gesture of kindness goes a long way to getting you extras, such as additional towels or extra pillows, for your room. To better understand tipping etiquette and the scenarios that warrant this gesture, check out our blog on the topic!

At Sudbury Quality Inn, we strive to maintain the ideal atmosphere for guests by providing high-quality customer service and amenities. Click here to learn more about what our hotel offers you. 

Are You Prepared for Camping This Spring?

Are You Prepared for Camping This Summer?

Camping has so many positive benefits, such as:

  • Better Sleep: Living in natural light, opposed to artificial light in our homes, works to reset our circadian rhythms, which helps us to sleep better and wake up less tired. 
  • Happier Mood: Time in nature is also a good mood booster. Just going for a walk in a natural environment reduces rumination, which is obsessive negative thinking that can be a precursor to mental illness. 
  • Lower Stress: Camping promotes physical activities like hiking, canoeing and much more. Not only is staying active great for burning calories, it’s also an effective de-stressor. 

So, if camping is in your future this spring or summer, make sure to utilize the following pieces of advice

Choosing the Best Campsite

When choosing a campsite wind direction is very important. You won’t want to be breathing in smoke from a neighboring campfire. To avoid this, look for campsites upwind if possible. 

Also, in case of potential rainfall, try finding a campsite with tree cover. This raises another good point, make sure to assess surrounding trees.  Dead trees have the potential to fall causing major damage to your campsite or a person. If you notice many downed tree limbs and debris around your campsite, take that as a warning of what’s to come and move elsewhere.

Selecting the Right Shelter

When it comes to shelter, it’s important to make sure you have a tent that meets your space needs; however, also remember that larger tents will likely require more effort to put together and take apart. On the flipside, smaller tents are more easily placed and provide greater options for location on a campsite. This is important when finding the ideal location for shelter, wind and potentially a view. 

Determining Your Sleeping System

Another option to sleeping bags and pad systems are inflatable mattresses. These can be great choices for a comfortable sleep, especially if there will be multiple people in the tent (i.e., other friends of family members). 

If you prefer sleeping off the ground, many larger tents can easily accommodate a cot system. Using a cot in conjunction with sleeping bags can make for a great night sleep. 

Exercise Must-Haves for Your Travel Suitcase

Exercise Must-Haves for Your Travel Suitcase

Physical activity strengthens your bones and muscles, reduces your chances of getting Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome and helps achieve a positive mental state. With all these benefits to our overall health, it’s really a no-brainer that we should all strive to incorporate exercise into our daily lives. Whether that means going for a walk on your lunch break or waking up an hour earlier to have a morning workout, your body will only thank you for the effort.

But what about when we’re out of our daily routine, on a business trip or vacation for instance? Fortunately, there are many easy ways to continue making time for fitness, when travelling, and it starts with what you put in your suitcase. Here are five suitcase essentials to staying active while travelling.

Water Bottle

With any physical exercise, hydration is crucial. Whether you’re going for a run or walk in a local park, don’t forget to bring your water bottle.

Sun Protection

Depending on the time of year and location of your travel destination, sun protection can be very important. If you plan on doing any outdoor activities (i.e., jogging, canoeing, swimming, etc.) adequate sun protection is needed. Packing sunscreen and a hat/visor is recommended.  

Light Jacket

A light jacket adds some versatility to your attire and will keep you comfortable should you want to go jogging or perform some other outdoor exercise during a breeze or light rain. 

Athletic Socks

It never hurts to pack a couple pairs of athletic socks. Our feet are tasked with supporting our whole body and if we’re going to put them through rigorous activity, it’s best to have a comfortable layer for protection. Plus athletic socks help avert blisters. 

Sport Armband

Armbands are useful as they keep your hands free during your fitness session. For example, armbands enable you to go for a walk or jog without having to hold your phone the whole time.