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Experience Halloween in Sudbury!

Experience Halloween in Sudbury!

With Halloween fast approaching, people everywhere are getting ready to don their Halloween costume for this year and join the infamous ritual of collecting candy. Halloween is a day celebrated in cities all over the world and Sudbury is no exception. Here are some of the Halloween festivities to look forward to in Sudbury!


This Halloween spectacle gives visitors the opportunity to see intricately hand-carved, artificial pumpkins. This experience offers 30 to 45 minutes’ worth of visual displays for visitors to see. The images depicted on the pumpkins include faces, flames, animals and much more. This year’s depictions highlight the indigenous culture as well as Canadian history.

The Pumpkinferno is open to children and adults from 7 pm to 11 pm, every weekend from October 6 to 29.

Tunnel of Terror

The Tunnel of Terror is open, at Dynamic Earth, to all those brave enough to enter. Have you heard the saying, there’s safety in numbers? Don’t traverse this scary tunnel without the companionship of your friends! After all, it becomes more challenging to the morbid creatures prepared to scare you through this tunnel’s foggy surroundings. 

The Tunnel of Terror is a 20-minute experience, recommended for ages 12 and up and runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night in October. 

University of Sudbury Haunted House

What Halloween celebration would be complete without a haunted house? Held at the University of Sudbury, Sudbury’s haunted house is organized in partnership with Collège Boréal. The tickets for this activity are $5 a person and all ages are welcome.

The University of Sudbury Haunted House will run from October 28 to 29th 1 pm to 3 pm and October 31st 11 am to 1 pm.

At Sudbury Quality Inn we are proud to be part of such a vibrant community and look forward to providing you with excellent accommodations so you can focus on enjoying all of Sudbury!

Group or Solo Travel: Which One is Right for You?

Group or Solo Travel: Which One is Right for You?

Are you unsure of whether your next trip should be solo or with a group? Both travel styles have their advantages and disadvantages but how do you know which one is right for you?

Group Travel

Helps You Save Money

Generally speaking, group travel is the cheaper option. Many accommodations, attractions (amusement parks, museums, etc.) and even transportation (bus and train specifically), offers group rates.

Provides Safety in Numbers

When it comes to safety, the opportunity for misfortune to befall you is reduced in a group. With more eyes watching your back, people with bad intentions, such as pick-pockets, are less likely to see you as a potential target.

Gives You Someone to Share Memories With

Many of us travel to experience new things. When having these special and unique moments, it can be nice to have someone to share them with you.

Solo Travel

Enables You to Be Your Own Boss

A major aspect of group travel is the numerous opinions that come with travelling with others. Travelling solo removes the opinions of others and gives you complete freedom to chart your own course.

Allows You to Reflect

Many people view travel as an opportunity for a reprieve from daily life and an opportunity for reflection. If you’re the type of person who appreciates being alone with your thoughts, solo travel may be right for you. 


Both group and solo travel come with their respective benefits. Your personality, how experienced a traveller you are and what you hope to get out of your trip, all factor in to which form of travel is right for you.

You may not put much weight on this decision; however, understanding what each travel option brings to the table will help you get the most out of your vacation.

Come Checkout Sudbury’s Most Unusual Attractions

Come Checkout Sudbury's Most Unusual Attractions

No matter where you go, every city has aspects that make it unique in its own way and Sudbury is no exception. Here are some of the most unusual, yet awesome, attractions Sudbury has to offer!

Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

The Sudbury neutrino detector was built for the purpose of detecting solar neutrinos. What makes this attraction so unique is that it is located in the largest man-made underground cavity in the world, approximately one mile below ground level. The cavity or chamber is 108 feet deep and 72 feet across and is comparable in size to a 10 story building.  

Although the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory is not currently open to the public, Sudbury’s Science North museum offers a video tour of the observatory, called “Secrets from the Sun”. 

Big Nickel

Sudbury’s Dynamic Earth museum is home to what could be the world’s largest coin. At this museum, stands an enormous Canadian five cent coin. The model is 30 feet in diameter and weighs in at 13,000 kilograms.

Despite these impressive measurements, there’s more to the Big Nickel than just its size. This representation of the five cent coin signifies the efforts of Sudbury nickel miners. The coin is an exact replica of how the currency was designed in 1951.

The Big Nickel was built in 1964 with numerous steel plates, designed to endure the Ontario weather. All the plates were then attached to an inner frame and welded together to produce the final product. 

The giant coin rests on top of a base that allows visitors to up to and underneath it, to truly experience its size up close. 

These are just a couple of the attractions that contribute to making Sudbury the awesome place that it is. Come explore this city for yourself and discover the aspects of this city that you personally appreciate the most. 


What Does Your Age Say About Your Travel Habits?

What Does Your Age Say About Your Travel Habits?

Are you aware of the impact your age can have on your travel habits? Age plays a significant role in determining income and also dictates the generational ideals you were exposed to that play into how you view travel. So, how has your age impacted your travels?

What to Know About Age and Travel

Generation Z (Born in 1994 and After)

Out of all age groups, Generation Z takes the cake when it comes to being adventurous. Individuals in this age group are most likely to choose an international destination for vacationing.

Due to individuals in the Generation Z category being younger and tending to have a lower income, they are also the most likely group to stick to a budget during their travels.

Millennials (Age 24 to 35)

Travel trends linked with millennials are, liking their all-inclusive vacations and preferring to spend their vacation outdoors. This age group is also the most affected by advertisements.

Generation X (Ages 36 to 55)

On average, Generation X travels the least; however, when they do get out there, this group does their research and pays close attention to reviews. Generation Xer’s tend to care about getting a good deal.

Baby Boomers

And last but certainly not least are the Baby Boomers. This age group is the most resistant to travel ads, social media marketing or other forms of marketing. This group mainly travels to visit friends and family and are the least restricted with budget as they’ve had an entire career to build their financial position.

Travel has something to offer all of us, at every stage of life. Do you find that you travel according to your generation or are you breaking the mold? No matter where you fit, make sure you take advantage of opportunities to see our world and explore all it has to offer!

Reap the Benefits of Travelling

Reap the Benefits of Travelling

Travelling puts us in new situations and pushes many of us outside of our comfort zone. Through these opportunities, we can develop a more comprehensive perspective of the world we live in and grow as human beings. So, plan your next trip to reap the following benefits!

Helps You Get to Know Yourself

During your travels, you will likely experience unforeseen scenarios and challenges. When these situations arise, how you deal with them can reveal aspects of yourself that you were previously unaware of. For instance, you may come to discover you don’t deal well when changes are made to your plan. These chances to become more self-aware allow you to develop in the areas where you’re weaker and become a more well-rounded person. 

Helps You Develop a Peaceful Mindset

A great aspect of travelling is the ability to leave your daily tasks and responsibilities behind and break out of your normal routine. This reprieve helps you to de-stress and reenergize before returning home. 

Provides Real-Life Education

Travelling will introduce you to different cultures than your own. You may visit places with different greeting customs or even an entirely different language. Learning new forms of communication and interacting with different people can help increase your self-confidence. 

These experiences can shape how you look at your own life and the way you live. Also, by becoming conscious of how people all around the world live, we can fight narrow-mindedness and prejudice thinking, as people become more culturally aware. 

Gives You Lifelong Memories

Travelling with friends or family members, can strengthen your relationships with those individuals and give you memories that last a lifetime. 

This world is full of incredible surprises, so take the time to experience them. Whether it’s travelling to a nearby city or abroad to another country. Here at Sudbury Quality Inn, we provide you with superior accommodations so you can focus on enjoying your time in our city!

How to Spend a Family Weekend in Sudbury

How to Spend a Family Weekend in Sudbury

For many of us, family is at the core of many of our lives. All the time spent at work is to provide our loved ones with the best quality of life possible. So, when the opportunity arises for us to spend quality time with those closest to us, we need to capitalize on it! Here are some awesome ways to spend family time in Sudbury, this fall into winter. 

Science North

With a 20 year presence in the Sudbury community, Science North remains Sudbury’s top tourist attraction. This interactive science museum is home to an IMAX Theatre, planetarium and many other fun family exhibits and activities covering a range of topics. At Science North, kids can learn about a vast range of topics from biology to space and technology.

New Sudbury Center

Massive renovations have enabled the New Sudbury Center to claim the title of Northern Ontario’s largest and most fashion-forward mall. Offering the public over 110 stores and services, this shopping center has taken Sudbury’s retail sector to new heights. With so many stores, the New Sudbury Center has stores to interest the entire family. Spend an afternoon exploring the best of Northern Ontario’s retail!

Dinosaur Valley Mini Golf

This fun mini golf experience offers 54 holes on 6 different courses. Adding to this fun experience, the courses consist of 20 mammoth dinosaur, dragons and insects.

Cross Country Skiing At Onaping Falls Nordics

As the weather begins to get colder and snow blankets the ground, come enjoy over 15 km of beautifully forested cross country skiing trails at Onaping Falls Nordics. The trails vary in difficulty from shorter and flatter beginner loops to longer more challenging loops for the more experienced skier. 

Adanac Ski Hill

With 240 vertical feet of skiable terrain,  Adanac Ski Hill also has a beginners area, rentals, lessons, and school programs available. 

At Sudbury Quality Inn, we are proud to be part of a community that has so much to offer locals as well as visitors, all year-round. 


Can I Travel with a Newborn Baby?

Can I Travel with a Newborn Baby?

A newborn baby is an awesome gift, but they’re certainly a ton of work. Many first-time parents, find the first few months are a big transition. Your baby will require nonstop attention and need constant feeding and diaper changes. Staying close to home for the first few months is probably a good idea. You’ll want to spend all your time bonding with your baby and will no doubt feel quite exhausted.

By the age of three or four months, your baby is actually much less fragile and can make a pretty good traveller. At this age, your child is young enough that they aren’t walking, which at least means they can’t access things they shouldn’t or run away when you’re not looking.

What Essentials Should I Bring When Travelling with My Baby?

Although travelling with a baby can seem daunting, with the right preparation it is very doable. Here are some essentials you’ll want to include when travelling with your little one.

Car Seat

In a vehicle, your child should be in a rear-facing car seat. It’s important to keep your little one out of the front seat, where there is an airbag. Also, if you’ll be travelling by public transportation (taxi, bus or train) at your destination, make sure to always bring a car seat to transport your baby. Even if public transportation doesn’t allow you to secure the seat in place, it still provides greater security for your child. Prior to your trip, ensure the car seat is correctly installed and the harness is adjusted to guarantee your baby’s comfort and security.


Before taking your baby outdoors for any activities it’s important that he or she is properly protected from the sun. Young babies have delicate skin and should be protected from the sun’s strong rays.

When choosing a sunscreen, ensure it has both UVA and UVB protection. Use a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 but one with SPF 30 is even better–especially if your baby has fair skin.

Lightweight Strollers

Lightweight strollers, also known as umbrella strollers, aren’t as comfy as larger options; however, their lightweight, compact design makes them great for travelling. It’s recommended to check your airline policy, prior to departing to see if your stroller can be checked and waiting for you at your destination.

Click here for additional information on travelling with a baby. 

Learn How to Be a More Spontaneous Traveller

Learn How to Be a More Spontaneous Traveller

We all love to get away and explore a new place, but do you find yourself following a strict plan that leaves you moving from one activity to the next? Although having a travel itinerary is important, leaving some unplanned room for random activities adds spontaneity to your travels.  Here are four tips to add spontaneity to your trip. 

Have Unplanned Days

Unplanned days are great as they give you the opportunity to just wander around your destination. You have the opportunity to explore places that interest you and potentially do activities you’d never considered doing or just visit places you had no prior knowledge of.

Limit Yourself to One major Attraction a Day

Sometimes, in our pursuit to see as much of a destination as possible, we cram more activities into a day than we can really see. Placing limits on how much you plan to visit allows you to get a more enriching experience at each attraction and still have time left over to just explore the area or other shops or things of interest you may have noticed.

Go All Out with the Activities You Do Participate In

One benefit to limiting how many activities you do in one day is it allows you to spend more time at each activity. Whether you’re going hiking, canoeing or visiting a historical site, take the opportunity to explore it fully and have fun.

Plan How You Will Spend Your Time Once Arriving at the Destination

Things are always different at a travel destination than when you researched the location beforehand. Upon arrival, you may see places of interest on your ride to the hotel, opposed to just what websites and guidebooks have suggested. Figuring things out once you’re there can open you up to more fulfilling travel destination and getting a better appreciation for a place’s culture and not just the tourist attractions.