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A List of What Not to Forget When Packing for a Trip

A List of What Not to Forget When Packing for a Trip

There are so many steps involved in executing a successful vacation and one of the most important is the packing process. If you miss certain items on your packing list, you’ll either be forced to purchase them at your destination or go without them. Use the list below, to ensure you have packed these commonly forgotten items!

  • First Aid Kit: You don’t need all the medical equipment under the sun, just a small bag with the required medicine and tools, should you experience an upset stomach, headache or minor injuries.


  • Additional Space: Sometimes it’s not what we forget to add, but forgetting to leave space for what we will add! Whether you’re going on a road trip to a nearby destination or travelling internationally, leave some space in your suitcase for a few mementos.


  • Adapters: They’re simple and easy to forget but they make the world of a difference once you’ve arrived at your destination. Plus, if you bring your own you don’t have to worry about spending purchasing some unnecessarily once at your destination.


  • Add a Mini-Wardrobe to Your Hand Luggage: If you are flying, remember to pack a couple extra shirts, pants and underwear in your carry-on, should your luggage be lost.


  • Treat Delicates Delicately: Fragile items should be bound in bubble wrap and placed in the center of the suitcase, where they can be protected by clothes. This is the best way to ensure they arrive in one piece.


  • Towels: Don’t fill your suitcase with items you can easily get for free at your accommodations. Many hotels will provide you with free towels, so save yourself some room in your luggage and leave yours at home.


  • Roll All Clothing Items: Not only does rolling help to prevent unattractive wrinkles, it also minimizes the amount of space each clothing item takes up in your suitcase. 

Realizing a Peaceful Family Vacation

Realizing a Peaceful Family Vacation

Does your whole family live in the same house and yet none of you seem to spend any quality time together? With kids having to juggle school, after-school activities and chores, and parents having to parent, work, maintain the home and other tasks, spending time as a family is challenging. 

Vacation carves out time where a family can spend uninterrupted quality time together, without having so many other responsibilities distracting them. Below, are valuable insights for achieving a peaceful family vacation

Give Each Other Space

Although family trips are all about spending quality time together, too much time in each other’s presence can make individuals feel as though their being smothered. During your trip, consider scheduling in some free time for family members to do individual activities as well. If you have teenagers, let them go to the pool on their own or do another nearby activity. Not only will this provide them a sense of independence, but they’ll be more involved when they are spending time with you. 

Recognize Your Family Limits

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and the same thing will prove true on your family trip as well. For example, maybe you and your partner have small children and have already spent a full day out exploring. The two of you may be interested in a nice dinner at a restaurant; however, your little ones may not make it through without a tantrum. Be flexible and opt for room service, instead of a fancy dinner. 

Try New Things for the Sake of Your Loved Ones

As unique individuals, we all have different ideas of what fun is and how to best spend family time together. So, to make sure all family members have an enriching experience on your trip, try to include everyone in the planning process for the activities. Everyone should have at least one activity that they’re really looking forward to. 

This ensures everyone stays engaged on the trip, but also will help expose family members to new things. Maybe one of your children will suggest an activity that you would have never done otherwise. 

Why a Hotel is the Perfect Accommodation for Your Family Reunion

Why a Hotel is the Perfect Accommodation for Your Family Reunion

A much-anticipated family reunion can become much less anticipated when you factor in staying with your family throughout the visit. Although it’s always nice to spend quality time with loved ones you haven’t seen for a while, this post will explore why a hotel provides the best accommodations for a family reunion. 

You’ll Need Personal Space

As fun as it is to catch up and relive memories, too much time together can cause you and your family to rub each other the wrong way. Booking your own hotel room gives you the opportunity to spend time with your family and have your own space to go back to. 

Not only does a hotel room keep you from stepping on each other’s toes, it provides you an opportunity for some real “me” time. For you, that may be going to the pool and taking a swim or even put up the “Do Not Disturb” sign and enjoying your favourite book or time with your significant other in your hotel room. 

You’ll Be Excused from Cleaning Up After Yourself

Many still consider a trip to visit family a vacation of sorts; however, it likely doesn’t include room cleaning. When staying with family, you will still have to clean up after yourself and be a respectful member of their home, this means making your own bed. At a hotel, you can enjoy spending the day with family and have the privilege of room cleaning at the same time. It’s the best of worlds!

You Take Stress Off the Host

Not only is staying at a hotel a great option for you, but also for your family that would be hosting you. Being a host involves cleaning the house and preparing additional space for you and any other guests that would be staying there, as well as feeding you! Many people find this stressful and by staying at a hotel you’re relieving them of this duty.

Tips for Travelling as a Vegetarian or Vegan

Tips for Travelling as a Vegetarian or Vegan

Has your choice to be a vegetarian or vegan left you concerned about your food options, should you travel somewhere? It’s important to remember that these lifestyle choices are being practiced all around the world, with millions of people falling into either category in just North America alone. 

The following tips are for all the vegetarians and vegans out there, who want to enjoy food options that are in line with their lifestyle on vacation. 

Network with People

Technology enables us to connect with individuals all over the world. Social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) are all great ways to connect with individuals who have visited the destination you’re interested in and can provide feedback on where to find the best veg-friendly grub. 

Choose Veg-Friendly Destinations

Your travel destination is a large factor in what your meal options will look like and how plentiful they will be. Taking time to research the local cuisine of potential destinations goes a long way to gauging what your food options will be once you’re there. Even when visiting travel destinations that don’t have a reputation for being vegan or vegetarian-friendly, there’s a good chance you’ll find ample food to eat if you dig deep enough. 

When visiting new restaurants, make sure to state your dietary choices and many restaurants will do their best to accommodate you. Sudbury has numerous vegan-friendly eating options, some of them being:


Why Your Relationship Needs a Weekend Getaway

Why Your Relationship Needs a Weekend Getaway

Has the chaos of raising children and managing a career prevented you and your significant other from spending quality time together? Like most things in life, relationships take work and without allocating time to connecting with your significant other, your relationship will be hard-pressed to flourish.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to increase the amount of quality time you’re spending with your significant other and one of the best ways to do this is a weekend getaway! 

Rediscover Each Other

When you’re constantly occupied with life’s responsibilities and you’ve found yourself stuck in a rut, a trip is a great way to see your partner under a new light. You’ll be able to enjoy the other’s personality, free of other commitments. These settings also allow people to talk more freely and connect on a personal level. You can use this opportunity to understand how your significant other has been feeling about work, your relationship, parenting (if you’re doing this together), or other important topics that could be on their mind.

Take a Break from the Kids

There is only so much time in a day and we only have so much attention to give. For all the parents reading this, you know that parenting is a full-time job and leaves little energy for other things. A getaway without the kids, enables you and your partner to have each other’s undivided attention.  

Work Through Long-Standing Conflicts

Although navigating different point-of-views can be a challenge, it’s a necessary process for two individuals to grow closer together. Another aspect of spending more time together is you inevitably have more time to discuss and work through conflicts.

You may not see conflict-resolution as the ideal way to spend a getaway with your partner; however, it will definitely improve your relationship for the better in the long-run.

Use These Tips to Beat Poor Shopping Habits

Use These Tips to Beat Poor Shopping Habits

Whether you consider yourself an avid shopper or someone who only frequents a mall when the situation demands it, many of us can benefit from some simple shopping advice. These tips will help you be efficient with your time and prevent you from overspending during your trips to the mall. 

Have a List

One of the biggest danger in shopping is potential purchases that you don’t really want or need. Not everything that catches your eye should be bought. These purchases result in an item taking up space in your home and less money in your bank account, which is why they must be avoided. 

Having a list helps to give your trip to the mall structure and focus. You know exactly what you have come to buy and not to deviate from that list. 

Set a Budget

A budget is very important and works with your list to encourage smart shopping. Overspending is super easy when you have no set parameters for the amount you’re comfortable spending. A list clarifies what you’re planning on buying, but the budget defines how much you’re willing to spend on those items. The key here is to stop buying once you’ve reached your budget. 

Shop on Your Own

Nothing makes buying unnecessary items easier than having someone egging you on.  If you’re someone that likes to make shopping a social activity, you may want to consider who you go with and the impact they have on your purchases. If you’re shopping partner is increasing your spending, it may be time to make your mall visits solo. 

Remember Sales People Aren’t On Your Side

We all appreciate a kind salesperson telling us how amazing we look in a certain outfit, but we must remember they are there to SELL. Ultimately, the job of a salesperson is to do everything they can to get you to leave with a purchase. They’re not going to point out the item isn’t on your list or that it’s over your budget! Having this in mind when you enter a store, will prevent a good salesperson from talking you into a purchase you don’t really need. 

Navigate Summer Business Travel Like a Pro

Navigate Business Travel Like a Pro

Summer travel, for business, can be hectic and confusing; however, these tips will help you to navigate it no problem!

Use Miles for an Upgrade

Although the cost for a seat tends to increase in the summer, due to the influx of summer travellers, the demand for business travel actually goes down. This means lower fares in business class. So, if you’re a business traveller with miles to spare, this summer could be the right time to use them.

Opt for Morning Flights to Avoid Flight Delays

If you have a flight late afternoon or evening, a delay or cancellation can mean you’re out of luck for that day, which can greatly inconvenience your day.

Early morning flights provide more cushion, in terms of arriving on time. Should a flight delay occur, you have a higher chance of still making it to your destination on time and if the flight gets cancelled, you can potentially still get another flight the same day. 

Make Lounges Your Workspace

Although travelling is a time commitment, it doesn’t have to ruin productivity. If you have work to complete, the desk space, reliable Wi-Fi and complimentary snacks and drinks can make an excellent space to complete tasks.

Choose the Right Hotel

Inadequate accommodations can make or break a business trip. The location of your hotel will be important, as you’ll want to be in a location that is convenient for attending business meetings and such; however, you’ll also want to have a hotel stay where excessive noise doesn’t prevent you from completing your work and. Try opting for hotels that an;t popular hotel destinations can be packed and make your hotel stay less

Pack Extra Clothes

Temperatures are high in the summer months and this translates to more sweating on your part. Bringing extra dress shirts can be great to avoid feeling all gross and sweaty in a business suit during a meeting.

Why You Need to Make Exploring New Places a Priority

Why You Need to Make Exploring New Places a Priority

It can be easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget that life is more than just our work and commitments at home. We exist to have fun, fulfilling lives and exploring new places is a big part of that. In this post, we will delve into the benefits that exploring new places offers us!

Improves Your Mental Health

Visiting new locations is great for stimulating brain activity in a way that many individuals lose out on as they age. Children attend school, which provides adequate brain activity; however, many adults aren’t exercising their brains as they should.

A change of scenery is also great for de-stressing. Too much stress is bad for your mental health and can lead to depression. Visiting new places helps us relax and averts our attention away from stressors in our life. These short breaks are also effective at allowing us to come back and

Increases Your Exercise Levels

Whether you go to a new location to hike in the hills or explore a city on foot, you can bet your step count will increase. Being mobile improves your cardiovascular health, as opposed to sitting at a desk at home.

Encourages You to Try New Things

Part of going to new places is having access to new things. In a new city, you’ll be exposed to a variety of new restaurants, different cuisine styles and more. It’s much easier to stay engaged throughout the day when everything around you is new!

Grows Your Perspective

Another big aspect of travel is growing our understanding of the world we live in. Seeing different cultures and parts of our worlds natural beauty goes a long way toward increasing our respect and understanding of the world we have the privilege to call home!

At Sudbury Quality Inn, we are proud to provide excellent accommodations to our guests, so they can focus on enjoying the amazing city that Sudbury is!