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Use These Tips to Explore Sudbury by Bike!

Use These Tips to Explore Sudbury by Bike!

Are you looking for a way to explore a city that allows you to exercise and is better for the environment than using a vehicle? Then cycling is for you! Opting for a bicycle over other modes of transportation allows you to reap the following benefits:

  • Lower stress levels;
  • Enhance joint mobility;
  • Reduce body fat;
  • And improve cardiovascular health. 

But, before you go out and by a new bike, here are some safety tips to learn so you can enjoy your cycling experience to the fullest and for as long as possible. 

Ditch the Headphones

When biking your hearing is extremely valuable. It keeps you aware of what’s going on around you and helps you better discern vehicles coming up behind you. 

Plan Your Route

Although traffic is becoming harder and harder to avoid, this doesn’t mean that some routes aren’t better than others. Route planning goes a long way in determining the route with the least amount of traffic. Even Google Maps can be an effective way to find routes with less traffic. And less traffic means a higher chance of arriving at your destination safe and sound. 

Don’t Box Yourself or Tailgate

As a cyclist, your placement on the road is crucial. After all, in a collision with a vehicle, you’re going to get the worse end of the deal! For instance, cyclists should not be riding in between rows of stationary or slow-moving traffic at a red light. Many drivers may not see you when the light turns green and its time to go. 

Don’t Assume Drivers Can See You

The last point was a perfect segway into this one. Instead of assuming, always ensure that a driver can see you. The easiest way to do this is by making eye contact with them. If this isn’t doable, try keeping an eye on the vehicle’s front tire or the driver’s actions at the steering wheel. Either of these can be solid indicators of the vehicle’s movement. 

Watch Out for Car Doors

Unfortunately, getting doored is a common experience and can result in serious injury for the cyclist. Keeping a good distance between you and parked cars is a great way to prevent such accidents. Also, try to watch for movement inside parked vehicles, to get a sense of whether someone is inside or not. 

Let Us Help You Make the Most of Your Summer

Let Us Help You Make the Most of Your Summer

Summer is a brief collection of warm weather and long days before Ontario is plunged back into the deep-freeze that is Canadian winter. Don’t let the summer season slip by without making new memories, pushing yourself out of your comfort-zone and making time to enjoy life a bit. And if you’re confused on what that may look like, don’t worry the following suggestions will help you out!

Be Active

Summer is the perfect time to be active and have fun in the presence of friends and family. Plan fun outings like going to the beach or park, or even taking up a new hobby. These are all great opportunities to enjoy the outdoors during the summer months. 

Plan for the Future

For those whose schooling is coming to an end, summer is a great time to consider next steps and a course of action. For instance, maybe you’re interested in using this summer to gain valuable volunteer experience related to a future field or perhaps you’d like to use this time for a fun trip. 

Even for those already in the workforce, summer is a great time to take a trip! Working long hours at work can leave you exhausted and tired, a break gives you the opportunity to rejuvenate and bring everything back to center. 

Celebrate Life

Finally, remember you only get one life so make the most of it! It’ the celebrations in life that make all the hard work and dedication worth it, so find time to celebrate. Whether it’s a small step forward that’s setting you up for long-term success or you’ve reached the end of a chapter in life and have earned the right to enjoy this moment. 

A Family Guide to Car Rentals

A Family Guide to Car Rentals

Renting a car is enables you to take a road trip without putting wear and tear on your own vehicle. Should you visit another country, it also gives you the ability to have your own transportation, instead of using local transportation. Use this guide to ensure a smooth car rental process for your summer adventures. 

Take Advantage of Comparison Tools

Not all car rentals are priced equally and it’s worth your while to do research, to uncover the best deals. The company you choose to go with will impact the price that you pay, as well as the incentives that are offered to new and returning customers. 

Look Into Rewards Programs and Coupons

Rewards programs and coupons are excellent ways to receive a variety of discounts. For instance, rewards help you achieve lower prices on car seat rentals and extra drivers–while earning points to be used in future rentals. Other rewards program and coupon privileges can include allowing you to capitalize on vehicle upgrades and front-of-the-line pick-up privileges. 

Lookout for Hidden Fees

Make sure to educate yourself concerning any hidden fees that may be associated with your vehicle rental. Some car rentals will charge extra for returning the vehicle with a lower gas amount than when you got it. If this is the case, consider buying a pre-purchase option that allows you to buy a full tank of gas upon getting the vehicle. 

Other Important Information

Above are key points associated with renting a vehicle for your summer trip. There are tons more info that could be relevant to you depending on who you’re travelling with, the duration of your stay and what you intend to do. Below, are some examples of this info:

  • Finding the right car seat: If your child is still in a car seat, bringing your own is likely the best option. This way you can avoid extra fees, potentially having no availability and you’ll know the car seat is already a proper fit.
  • Renting a vehicle abroad: If you’ll be renting a vehicle abroad, make sure you know the rules of the destination country. 

Tips to Make Father’s Day Special

Tips to Make Father's Day Special

Father’s Day is that one special day each year dedicated to lavishing your love upon your dad or significant other, for being an awesome dad–either to you or the children you’ve raised together. Don’t let this day go by without letting your dad feel the love! Below, we have compiled these tips to guide you in creating a great Father’s Day. 

Commit to Spending Unrushed Time with Him

Life is often hectic, whether you’re currently in school, dealing with a hectic career or maybe juggling that with raising a family of your own, life often gets so busy we have to sacrifice quality time with our loved ones. 

Dedicate Father’s Day to spending quality time with your father and really connecting with him. This can mean scheduling other commitments for other days throughout the week. 

Say ‘Thank You’

Father’s Day is the perfect time to share your gratitude for the sacrifices your father has made in your life. Often times, there are many things that we are grateful to our fathers for, but we don’t necessarily voice that gratitude. Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to intentionally express that to your dad. 

Showing gratitude can easily be incorporated into your gift giving. Leave those expensive purchases to other special occasions (e.g. the holidays or a birthday), use Father’s Day to highlight important moments where your dad really helped with your self-growth. This could take the form of a self-made video expressing the ways your dad has impacted you. Other options could be a creative story or poem expressing your appreciation for his contributions to your life. The creative direction you choose is totally up to you, but make sure it comes from the heart!

Check Off an Item on His Bucket List

We all have life goals we’d like to accomplish and whether your dad has an actual bucket list already made, he definitely has ideas in his head for one. Leading up to Father’s Day, consider trying to uncover some of the ‘to do’s’ that would be on your father’s bucket list and if possible, plan to do some of them with him. 


Summer Festivals in and Around Sudbury

Summer Festivals in Around Sudbury

Music is a great way to lower stress levels, elevate your mood and can even encourage you to eat less. Combine these awesome qualities with the great social environments that music festivals offer and you’re in for a real treat. Below, are different summer music festivals taking place in Sudbury. 

Northern Lights Festival Boréal

This must-see festival is an enormous showcase for alternative music in the North.  With over thirty performers delivered over three packed days of concerts, workshops and special performances and multiple stages, the Northern Lights Festival Boréal has no shortage of entertainment.

You’ll also have the opportunity to explore the many vendors selling artisan clothing, crafts, jewellery and refreshments. And all of this awesomeness can be enjoyed in the beauty of Bell Park.

Date: July 8–10  

River and Sky

The River and Sky festival is a relatively new festival, since its inception in 2009, and showcases the latest in folk, indie, country and other music genres. This festival is located on Sturgeon River near Field, Ontario. And with fresh air, unique acts and an environment that provides a sense of escape, many feel that this experience describes what a festival should truly be!

It’s also important to note that this music festival has many kid-friendly activities so bring the whole family out!

Date: July 19–22

Downtown Sudbury Ribfest

Don’t end your summer without experiencing the magnificence that is Sudbury’s Ribfest. With ribs, BBQ chicken, pulled pork, beans and veggie options, there’s something here for everyone.

Date: September 2–4

At Sudbury Quality Inn, we provide you with ideal accommodations, so you can just enjoy all this awesome city has to offer. To find out additional information regarding festivals and other events taking place in Sudbury throughout summer 2018, click here.

Get in on Sudbury’s Fishing Scene This Summer!

Get in on Sudbury's Fishing Scene This Summer!

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner looking to explore what fishing has to offer, Sudbury is the place to cast your line this summer! With many large bodies of water (e.g. Vermillion River, Ramsey Lake, Murdock River), Sudbury is an angler’s dream city for fishing. Below, are some of the reasons why fishing is such a fulfilling activity: 

Supports Fisheries Management: Angling is an effective tool in wildlife management. It helps to keep certain fish populations in check and prevents them from over-populating the environment. 

Encourages People to Get Active and Outdoors: Another important benefit of fishing is that it get’s you outside and being active. Not only is being active great for your physical fitness, spending time outdoors also has numerous other health benefits that an activity like fishing can help you receive. 

Provides a healthy Source of Food: Wild fish are an excellent, healthy food source. They’re low in fat and cholesterol but rich in protein. 

Offers a Great Opportunity for Social Bonding: Fishing with friends and family offers a great opportunity to connect and enjoy activities together. You’re making memories with the individuals you are fishing with and an experienced angler can interact with those less experienced by mentoring them on how to fish successfully. Furthermore, fishing enables you to enjoy the splendor of nature in the company of others. 

With so many large bodies of water, Sudbury has numerous spots that make for excellent fishing and with the warm weather, it’s time to capitalize on this awesome pastime. 

5 Must-Try Coffee Shops in Sudbury

7 Must-Try Coffee Shops in Sudbury

In Canada, coffee is a beloved beverage. Not only does this wonderful liquid increase our energy levels and reduce feelings of tiredness, it helps burn body fat and reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. And the above benefits are just the tip of the iceberg for how coffee can aid our health.

To celebrate this awesome beverage, the following are some of Sudbury’s top coffee shops, enjoy!

Salute Coffee Company

Built from a passion for quality, Salute Coffee Company uses only the freshest ingredients in their products. From free range eggs to maple syrup from a local sugar bush, everything is naturally prepared!

Furthering their pursuit of a high-quality experience, this coffee shop aims to be a place for customers to de-stress, socialize or complete work or study. 

Beards Coffee Bar and Bakery

Offering superior baking products and drinks, Beards Coffee Bar and Bakery provides customers with genuine staff treatment, vegan goods and a modern atmosphere.

Twiggs Coffee Roasters

This innovative new coffee house not only serves organic Fair Trade certified beans that are roasted fresh in-house daily, but it also has an espresso bar, freshly squeezed juice, a gourmet deli and baked good. Known as a healthy and socially conscious alternative to larger chains, Twiggs has thrived since its opening.

Kuppajo Espresso Bar

If you’re looking for great food and a cozy atmosphere to enjoy it, look no further than Kuppajo Espresso Bar. Customers can enjoy delicious soups, salads, sandwiches and an assortment of beverages. Kuppajo is great for a full lunch or light snack and has a space ideal for conversation. So, if you’re planning a lunch get together with an older friend, why not make it a Kuppajo Espresso Bar!

Old Rock Coffee

Serving excellent quality coffee, with a wide selection, Old Rock Coffee makes a great place for a small breakfast or an afternoon snack. And the best part is it’s not only the food that is top-notch, but friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff take the whole experience to the next level. 

Make Outdoor Activities a Top Priority This Summer!

Young couple hiking in mountain on a footpath in Canada

More than ever before, society is opting for the online world over our actual physical one. Kids are taking to their smartphones, tablets and laptops for sources of entertainment, opposed to exploring the world around them. And adults aren’t doing much better. Many struggle to leave their work at work and often find themselves on their smartphone or laptop even when home. And although some adults aren’t as interested in the latest tech as younger generations, they still opt to sit in front of the television for hours. 

Well, although our society is moving further and further away from it, research shows that spending time outdoors has a plethora of health benefits for the human body!

You’ll Have Lower Stress

Instead of looking to a cup of coffee for your afternoon energy, try going for a walk at lunch. For instance, if your spare time involves yoga in your family room, try moving it outside on your back porch. And when possible, try enjoying your breakfast or an evening dinner on your outdoor patio. This allows you to benefit from the fresh air, sounds of nature and beautiful natural scenery that all work together to help you de-stress

They key here is to take normal daily activities and move them outdoors, so you’re reaping the benefits of being outside in your daily life.

You’ll Have a Better Attention Span

Studies have shown that spending time outdoors helps those that have a poor attention span. Natural environments are said to be “restorative” for the mind and a walk outside can go a long way to clear your head and focus your thoughts during the day. 

You’ll Have Healthier Eyes

Whether you’re a student in school or an adult in the workforce, many of us spend hours in front of computer screens, which causes numerous problems for our eyes such as:

  • Nearsightedness is on the rise: we spend too much time focusing on things right in front of us without giving our eyes a chance to focus on things in the distance.
  • Dry Eyes: using a computer involves intense concentration on a certain area that can lead to eye strain and dryness.