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Why You Should Journal on Your Travels

Why You Should Journal on Your Travels

Do you find it hard to retain a vivid memory of unique travel experiences and the small details, such as the names of memorable locations or people, when travelling? Travel journaling is a great way to record these details on paper so they won’t be forgotten, not to mention you’ll improve your writing skills in the process! Here are other benefits of travel journaling

Capture Your Thoughts and Feelings in the Moment

Travelling is all about having new experiences and the emotions that these experiences can spark inside of us. Whether it’s trying a new food dish, having a unique cultural experience or the feelings elicited when you do an activity that pushes you out of your comfort-zone, a trip is all about making us feel new things. 

Unfortunately, our feelings and thoughts cannot accurately be captured in a picture and when you’re looking back on pictures of your trip, years later, it would be a shame not to remember the details. 

Journaling gives you an outlet to record your personal thoughts and feelings as you have new experiences throughout your trip.

Reduce Stress

While travelling, not every experience will be positive. Writing not only allows you to remember the happy moments but also gives you a place to release your anxieties and frustrations on paper. This prevents you from harboring negative emotions internally and allows you to stay stress-free on your trip. 

Create a Great Keepsake

For those that lack a passion for writing, journaling may seem like a real hassle; however, you won’t regret your efforts year later when you open your notebook and you’re transported back to those specific moments of your trip. You’ll be amazed at how vivid your memories are. Not to mention, your old travel journal is an awesome artifact to pass down to your children or grandchildren. 

Engage in Self-Discovery

Filled with unexpected moments, a lack of control and a loss of routine, journaling provides a unique opportunity for you to uncover details about yourself you may not have realized were there. 

To Tip or Not to Tip, That is the Question

To Tip or Not to Tip, That is the Question

At times it can be difficult to determine when tipping is appropriate and when it’s unnecessary. Tipping is done because many service providers receive a relatively low base pay and depend on tips to earn a good rate.

Tipping is not a mandatory practice; however, in certain scenarios, it is an expected or appropriate course of action. In Canada, tips generally range between 15% to 20% but can vary depending on who is being tipped. 

Tipping at Restaurants

Tipping in restaurants is a common practice in many countries. In Canada, tips for wait staff/servers tend to range between 15 to 20% of the before-tax total. 

Tipping at Hotels

Tipping at hotels can apply in a number of different scenarios. For instance, when hotel staff bring your baggage to your room, a tip of  $2 to $5 per bag is an appropriate gesture of thanks. Another example is with valet service. If you make use of this feature consider tipping the valet $5 to $10, upon picking up your car. Your hotel room attendant is another person who should be tipped for their service. Consider writing ‘thank you’ on a notepad and leaving a tip with it. 

The above scenarios are all common instances when you would be tipping hotel staff; however, there are other scenarios, such as if the hotel concierge does an extra service, like securing theatre tickets for you. This would deserve a tip. 

When staying at a hotel, it’s important to check if a tip is included on top of the cost of service, as it would then be unnecessary to tip on top of this amount. 

What Other Instances Should I Tip?

Other instances when tips are still an acceptable practice are with hair stylists, beauticians and masseurs. With these services, it’s still appropriate to tip between 15 to 20% of the before-tax total. 

At the end of the day, we all want to feel the love! If you feel someone has really provided exceptional service, be kind and leave them a good tip as a sign of appreciation!

Has Technology Taken the Adventure out of Travel or Enhanced It?

Has Technology Taken the Adventure out of Travel or Enhanced it?

There was a time when visiting a new location was an entirely new experience. Without endless pictures being shared on Facebook, Instagram and of course Google, travellers relied on guidebooks and their imagination to paint a picture of what their travel destination would be like. Today we have travel blogs outlining the likes, dislikes and recommendations of others and apps to help us make an itinerary or track our travel budget. With so much assistance, has travelling lost the uncertainty and adventurous nature it previously had?

Do You Ever Truly Disconnect?

The whole point of a trip is to get away; however, many of us choose time on our tech over just enjoying the moment. Do you give more energy to posting pictures and videos to your Instagram story than meeting the local people and culture of your travel destination?

With forms of communication, like Whats-app, Facebook messenger, Skype and many more, allowing us to stay connected with those back home our attention is often split with life back home, instead of fully enjoying the beauty of the trip.

Has the Adventure Been Taken out of Travel?

Technology has enabled us to be more prepared travellers and aided us in learning more about travel destinations that we would have otherwise never considered. From finding travel activities that match your travel style to making travel more affordable, technology has definitely broadened our travel horizons and opened doors that many of us probably never even knew existed. 

So, it’s probably not fair to say that technology has decreased the adventurous nature of travel; however, as travellers in this technology-driven era, it’s important to remember to put the tech away and just enjoy new experiences of your trip for what they are and truly be present in the moment!

Why Should I Get Travel Insurance?

Why Should I Get Travel Insurance?

If you are planning a trip out of the country or even just out of province, having travellers insurance is highly recommended. Here is why you should have travellers insurance on your next trip. 

Covers Disruptions to your Trip

When travelling, there is so much that’s beyond our control and unfortunately this can lead to costly disruptions to your travel plans. Flight delays and emergency cancellations are examples of trip disruptions that can be covered by some travel insurance plans. 

Protects You from Medical Costs

If you happen to sustain an injury while travelling out of the country, you may find yourself dealing with a hefty medical bill. Depending on the country, the extent of your care and the duration of your hospital stay, your medical treatment can be quite high. Travellers insurance will cover any medical costs incurred over the course of your trip.

Reimburses You for Lost Luggage

If your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged while in another country, you can end up paying significant expenses out-of-pocket. Comprehensive travel insurance can reimburse you for your items, so you’re not left responsible for the expenses.

Purchasing travel insurance is a proactive measure that is definitely worth taking you’re travelling out of the country. Make sure to do your research, prior to your trip, so you can purchase the best travel insurance for your needs. 

Choosing the Right Hotel Room for Your Needs

Choosing the Right Hotel Room for Your Needs

How much thought do you give the hotel room you’ll be sleeping in? Choosing what hotel to go in is a choice many take quite seriously; however, the room is often given less consideration. Below is advice on how to get the best room for your hotel stay!

Consider Adjoining Rooms

Depending on who you’re travelling with or how many people you have in your group, adjoining rooms can be a convenient option. Not only do  Adjoining rooms give you access to additional sleeping space, you also get another television and washroom. 

If you’re travelling with children, one room can serve as space for them to watch their TV shows or movies, while the adults can enjoy each other’s company in the other room. When travelling in larger groups, having additional sleeping space and an extra washroom, for getting ready, can definitely come in handy!

Find out Your Room’s Proximity to an Elevator or a Busy Street

Although being in close proximity to an elevator may make sense from a convenience standpoint, it’s important to consider the noise factor that will accompany being in this location. You’ll likely hear talking as well as noise being generated from the elevator, as it is used, well into the night. A similar situation can occur if your room is located near busy roads. In both these situations, the location of the room can greatly impede your ability to have a restful night sleep. 

So, when booking your hotel room, it’s worth your while to ensure that your room is not in close proximation to busy intersections or an elevator!

Consider personal Travel Needs

Some travellers have personal requests that will need to be addressed when booking a room. For example, if you are travelling with your canine companion and would like a room that accommodates both of you, it’s important to address this when initially booking your room. To better meet the needs of customers, many hotels are accommodating furry guests as well; however, expect this to limit your choice of rooms, as most hotels have designated pet-friendly rooms. 

Are You Dressed Properly for Outdoor Winter Activities?

Are You Dressed properly for Outdoor Winter Activities?

Winter weather is fast-approaching and in Sudbury, this means a whole new set of activities to look forward to. Cross-country skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling and downhill skiing, are just some of the outdoor winter activities that those in this beautiful city can enjoy. However, freezing temperatures and strong chilly winds can make enjoying time outside much more of a challenge. Use the following advice to ensure your wardrobe is winter wonderland ready!

Adjust Clothing Based on Weather and Activities

A big part of determining how you should dress is based on the activity that you’ll be doing. For example, are you going to be active at all times or on and off? Another question is, are you moving at a steady pace or is this a more intense activity?

Depending on how physical the activity is, it can be a good idea to remove a layer of clothing prior to starting the activity. This helps prevent overheating and dampening your clothes with sweat. 

Wear Layers

As discussed above, layers increase your ability to adapt to changing weather conditions and the activities you’re doing. For outdoor winter activities, it’s best to have the following three layers:

  1. Inner (Base) layer: Should be a thin layer,  covering all skin surfaces. This layer is meant to remove moisture from the skin. 
  2. Middle layer: Serves as insulation. Wool and fleece are both excellent materials to comprise this middle layer. 
  3. Outer layer: Meant to provide protection from the elements, such as water and wind. A good winter jacket should have a hood and collar for additional body protection. The jacket should also have a zipper and sleeve ends for ventilation. This will help remove moisture from the coat. 

Whenever you’re preparing to participate in any form of outdoor activity, make sure to be aware of the current weather and what the forecast is saying about how the weather will change throughout the day. Proper preparation is the best way to ensure you’ll have a blast outdoors this winter!

Why You Should Consider Travelling Spontaneously

Why You Should Consider Travelling Spontaneously

Are you a calculated person, that prefers to plan every step prior to taking one or someone who revels in living in the moment? If you’re someone who prefers that life is planned and predictable, temporarily leaving your ways to experience spontaneous travel has its benefits. So, for all those that haven’t tried spur-of-the-moment travelling, here’s why you should!

Frees You to Make Your Own Schedule

Without having to worry about messing up your pre-planned travel activities or ruining the plans of those you’re travelling with, you are free to live in the moment and do as you please. If you’re feeling tired after an activity, you can just head back to your hotel for relaxation. If you wake-up wanting to explore the city, you can do that without hesitation. If you and whoever you may be travelling with decide to travel spontaneously, it leaves you totally free to really do whatever you want!

Promotes a Healthy Mind

Whether you’re stressing over an impending work deadline or other challenging situations in your personal life, a brief respite is what so many of us need to avoid becoming entangled in the net of negative emotions and thoughts that prevent us from being a well-balanced and even-tempered human-being. 

Devoting yourself to constant work, without any fun, is an easy way to feel burned out and can actually drop your productivity. 

Offers Excellent Travel Deals

Another reason to try spontaneous travel is it can open you up to good travel deals. Many sites on the internet offer last-minute travel deals that you can capitalize on if you’re willing to be flexible with your travel dates.

How to Earn an Income While Travelling

How to Earn an Income While Travelling

Does a desire to see the world and all that it offers, have you longing to go on adventures and visit new places? If so, it can be disheartening when you feel your current financial situation doesn’t support your travel goals or your job doesn’t allow you to work remotely. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to earn an income while travelling. The following are all ways to earn money while travelling. Let us help you realize your dreams!

Online Freelance Work

There is endless freelance work being offered online that can enable you to earn an income regardless of where you are in the world. From web design to programming, writing or legal work, freelance work can be found in dozens of fields. 

Work Remotely

If your current job requires you to be in the office every day, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to leave your secure job to travel. Consider negotiating a work arrangement with your boss that enables you to work remotely. This work arrangement will allow you to stay in your current position and travel simultaneously–it’s a win-win!

Travel Writing

If you’re a capable writer, many opportunities exist to earn income writing articles about your experiences and places you’ve visited. Travel writing can be a difficult business to break into; however, if you can successfully publish a few articles, it’s possible to gain recognition and have your writing skills sought after. 

Corporate Jobs

To earn an income while travelling, you don’t have to leave the comfort of the corporate world. If you’re interested in a more career stability and a higher paycheck, look into corporate or other long-term jobs worldwide. China, Singapore and New Zealand are just a few of the countries with companies offering good work opportunities. 

Don’t let your financial situation or current job position stop you from living the life you want to. With a bit of research, you can uncover the right job that will meet your financial needs and allow you to travel!