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Staying Safe & Sound When Traveling Abroad

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Traveling abroad is an amazing opportunity that some people get to do once in a while. Going to a foreign country can be exciting and all but there are some safety precautions you must take before going to an unfamiliar place. Being prepared before going to a foreign country is the best way to enjoy the new experiences while staying safe.

These are some tips to keep in mind while traveling to a foreign country so that you would not have a difficult time, for traveling is intended to be coated with fun and excitement.

Here are a few tips to guide you:

See to it that you have the right passport and visa, double-check everything. For these are the most important things you have to secure before anything else. And be sure to fill in the information intended for the emergency page.

Make sure you keep duplicate copies of your important travel papers in case they are lost or stolen.

Researching about the country will definitely help you. Get to know the country you want to visit. The Consular information sheets would surely be very essential as a reading material. You really have to get to know the country you are going to visit.

Being in a foreign land means you are under the rules and policies of the country. Try to stay out of trouble through proper research and understanding the Do’s & Don’ts of the country’s laws.

Be mindful of people’s customs. Don’t show disregard for the country’s beliefs and acts. You are a visitor in their country so you must respect them. Not recognizing their beliefs could get you in trouble especially if it is part of their law. When you know the culture and the custom, you sow seeds of respect to the place and its people.

And of course, keep the contact information of the neighborhood offices and the location of your home country’s embassy in the country you’re traveling to handy! You can reach out to them in case of emergencies or help.

These are good tips to remember whenever you go around and see the world. Traveling is indeed fun but there are always risks when going to a foreign place. Being prepared with the right steps, information, and guide will help you keep safe when traveling.

As you visit places and meet people, make this your guide to having a safe and fun trip.

5 Tips to Improve Travel Photography

5 Tips to Improve Travel Photography

Vacations are full of amazing sights, attractions, and experiences that are worth remembering for a lifetime. That’s why it’s great to take as many pictures on your travels as possible to ensure you have a physical way to recall the trip. We’ve put together 5 tips to help you take the perfect, aesthetically pleasing pictures that will preserve the amazing memories of your trip forever!

Scout Out Locations

Before leaving for your trip, do research online to find some of the best spots to snap some photos. This can include finding out about the area’s famous landmarks, beautiful scenery, and top attractions. These will be a great place to start and make for some amazing photographs.

Ask the Locals

Try asking the locals of the destination where you should head to find the area’s best photo spots. Being familiar with the area, they may know of some hidden gems that wouldn’t necessarily be found online.

The Rule of Thirds

You may have heard about the “Rule of Thirds” before, but what does this actually mean? The rule involves imagining your photo split into three sections, and having each section take up a proportionate amount of the shot. This will help make your picture turn out even and pleasing to the eyes.

Take a Bunch of Shots

There’s nothing worse than getting back to your hotel at the end of the night and realizing that the pictures you took at a destination earlier didn’t turn out. That’s why it’s best to take as many shots as possible to ensure you get the best picture. This can include photographing the area from different vantage points, angles, and with different framing.

Learn the Technical Aspects of your Camera

Whether you’re using your phone or an actual camera, make sure you know the technical aspects of it before leaving for your trip. This includes how to operate the flash, using the zoom, and adjusting the lighting.

Tips for Working While on a Trip

Tips for Working While on a Trip

While vacations are a time to unwind, relax, and get a break from some of the responsibilities of our daily life, sometimes we’re required to do some work while on the road. However, going from vacation mode to work mode can be tricky when you’re enjoying your destination. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to help you get your work done in no time so you can get the most out of your vacation!

Create a Schedule

Making a schedule of your work time will allow you to be more productive when it comes time to get things done. Create the schedule according to the time of day that you work most efficiently, and map out the work that needs to be done and its time frames. This will make the task much more manageable and allow you to still plan a fun day of your vacation around the schedule you’ve created for work.

Get Organized

Getting work done can be difficult when you are away from the familiarity and rhythm of your daily routine back home. That’s why it’s so important to stay organized and ensure you have everything you need to complete the task at hand. This can include packing organizers or binders to keep track of documents, special compartments for technology like chargers and USBs, and anything else you may need to get things done the same as you would at work. Organizing will also help save room in your luggage for all the other essentials for your vacation!

Stay Active

While it’s easy to fall behind on staying active while on vacation, try to keep up with some exercising to reap the many benefits. Specifically, staying active while on your trip will help you to get work done by keeping your mind sharp and reduce stress. This will help increase your productivity during work time and get it done quickly and efficiently so you can get back to enjoying the trip.

Preparing for Winter Driving

Preparing for Winter Driving

Often on winter trips we’re required to do some driving to get from point A to point B. However, this isn’t always an easy task when the weather is cold, the snow is falling, and the roads are slippery. To stay safe and comfortable while driving in the winter, we’ve put together a few tips to help you on your winter travels in the car.

Check Conditions and Plan Accordingly

Before taking to the road, check ahead to see what the weather is going to be like when you are leaving. If the forecast is calling for heavy snowfall, try to plan a route that avoids back roads and stays on major roadways that are more likely to be plowed. Even if it may take a bit longer, always choose the safer route.

Get Winter Tires

Winter tires are important for snowy roads as they will help provide the car with extra grip. With the added traction, you will be able to handle the car much easier and shorten breaking distance, reducing the risk of sliding or losing control on the slippery roads.

Give Yourself Extra Time

When leaving to go to your destination, make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to drive there. Driving on snowy or slippery roads requires much slower and careful driving, which sometimes can be forgotten when running late to where you’re going. Leaving lots of time to get to your destination will ensure you can slow down and focus on staying safe on the roads.

Pack the Proper Safety Supplies

Make sure to have the proper supplies packed in your trunk to stay safe and warm in case of an emergency, such as your car breaking down in the cold. This can include extra gloves, first aid kit, flashlight, water bottles, snow brush, shovel, and booster cables.

3 Tips to Travel More in the New Year

3 Tips to Travel More in the New Year

Didn’t get in as much travelling during 2018 as you would have liked? Now that we are into 2019 and a whole new year of travelling opportunities and adventures await, you can get in the travelling that you may have missed out on last year. That is why we have put together 3 tips that will allow you to get out adventuring in 2019 and have a year full of new experiences abroad!

Start on Planning a Big Trip

A great way to make sure you get out travelling is to plan well in advance for the trip. To do this, try planning one big trip to take a little later on in the year that you can start planning immediately. The early planning will get you excited for the trip and make sure you get in at least one great  travelling experience in 2019!

Take Small Weekend Trips

The best way to get travelling in 2019 is to simply go out and do it! That is why small weekend trips can be a great way to get out of the house and stray from your daily routine to have more experiences. The trip doesn’t need to be overly expensive or too far away for you to have a great time and a rewarding experience! To start this, try looking for attractions within a few hours of where you live and spend a weekend there taking in something you enjoy.

Start a Travel Fund

Often with travelling, people tend to back out of trips or procrastinate planning them due to the cost associated with it. To avoid this, set up a travel fund to save money solely for the trips you have been wanting to take. Putting travel money into a separate place helps to make the cost of a trip less intimidating and will also help you to save it throughout the year.

How to Make your New Year’s Resolution Stick

2019 - Christmas String In The Jar With Bokeh

As 2018 comes to a close and we enter a new chapter in 2019, many of us make a New Year’s Resolution to improve in some aspect of our lives. Whether that be to travel more, get in more exercise, or start up a new hobby, it’s important to have a plan going into the New Year so that you’re able to stick to the process of achieving the goal. That’s why we’ve put together 3 tips to help you accomplish your New Year’s resolution and have an amazing 2019!

Write Down Reasons for the Goal

Get out a pen and paper and make a list of all the reasons that you can come up with for why you are setting out to achieve your resolution. This list will act as a great motivational tool to push you during the process and remind you that there’s a positive reason for what you’re doing. If you ever feel like giving up on the goal throughout the year, take a look back at that list for the inspiration to keep working through it and achieve those end results.

Break it into Smaller Parts

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by a big dream and not know where to start, which often results in not starting at all. Try breaking up your goal into smaller, more manageable pieces. This will allow you to take the resolution one step at a time, making it easier to stick to and to track your progress.

It’s Never the Wrong Time for your Resolution

It’s easy to make excuses during the process of a resolution and put it off until the next week, the next month, or even the next year. But, the truth is that it’s never the wrong time to make the steps toward a positive change. Even if you just work on small aspects of your goal, this is a better step than doing nothing at all and will help you get closer to the end result. 


How to Travel with Gifts During the Holidays

How to Travel with Gifts During the Holidays

When travelling during the holidays, it can be tricky to pack all the gifts that you need to bring with you from point A to point B. Not only do they need to get there safe, but there also needs to be room to pack them efficiently. That’s why we have put together 4 tips to travelling with gifts this holiday season so you can deliver a gift to everyone on your list!

Use a Hard Shell Suitcase

Hard shell suitcases are great for protecting any valuable gifts that you may be packing. Not only will it keep them safe during the travelling process, but the shape of the suitcase can also make packing much more efficient than having to pack a bunch of oddly-shaped gifts into a car or bag.

Protect Breakable Items

Even in a hard shell suitcase, you can never have too much protection for gifts that are especially breakable or fragile. A way to keep these gifts extra safe in a suitcase is to wrap them in clothing or protective wrap that will make sure they don’t take any bumps during the moving process.

Bring Extra Wrapping Paper

Even if you’ve wrapped all your gifts beforehand, sometimes the wrapping can get damaged or come undone in the process of travelling. Having extra wrapping paper on hand will allow you to make any adjustments or touch ups to gifts that may need it upon arriving at your destination.

Consider Travel-Friendly Gifts

While sometimes the perfect gift in mind isn’t necessarily travel-friendly, if you are stuck between two options and one will be much easier to travel with, go with that one. Gifts that are still great to give and easy to travel with include gift cards and any small, durable gifts that are less likely to get broken in the moving process.

What to Pack for a Ski Trip

What to Pack for a Ski Trip

With the cold weather arriving and snow starting to fall, the season for skiing and snowboarding has begun! One of the most popular vacations in the winter involves these winter sports, and it’s important to be prepared for everything a skiing trip requires. That’s why we have put together a list of the essentials you’ll need to hit the slopes and have a great winter adventure in the snow!

Skiing and Snowboarding Equipment

This one is obvious, as you won’t be able to take to the hills without your equipment! Including your skis or snowboard, boots, poles, helmet and more, make a checklist of all the equipment you wear while on the slopes to ensure that you don’t leave any piece behind.

Goggles or Sunglasses

While the sun itself isn’t always a problem while skiing, the bright white snow can often be very harsh on the eyes. Packing a pair of ski goggles or sunglasses will help to keep your eyes relaxed and focus on the skiing rather than trying to keep your eyes from squinting.

Lip Balm

The winter cold can be tough on your lips as the cool air tends to dry them out much more quickly than usual. Packing a tube of lip balm will help to keep your lips from drying out and cracking, saving you from the uncomfortable feeling while on your trip. Lip balm tubes are also small and easy to carry with you, making them simple to pack and available whenever you need them!

Hand and Foot Warmers

Two of the easiest parts of your body to quickly become cold are your hands and your feet. That’s why packing adhesive warmers will help to keep these problem areas warm and keep you comfortable on the hills. No matter the weather, warmers will allow you stay out skiing longer without having to end your session due to freezing hands and feet!