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Tips to Avoid Over Packing

Tips to Avoid Over Packing

At the Sudbury Quality Inn, we want your stay to be as comfortable as possible and we know there’s nothing less comfortable than having to lug around a heavy bag full of things you may not need. Here are our 3 tips for avoiding over packing that will save you from unnecessary preparation time and a sore back!

Only Take the Essentials

While it may seem obvious, try to limit your packing to only essential items. These items include clothing, toiletries, a small medical kit, and possibly a few miscellaneous items such as a camera.  As long as you have these, there’s no need to stress about including every little thing that you could ever need. If you ever really needed something that you didn’t pack, you can always just buy it while you’re there!

Ditch the Suitcase for a Smaller Bag

If your stay isn’t going to be for an extended period of time, use a backpack or small bag rather than a large suitcase. Even if you plan on packing lightly into a suitcase, the extra room will make it tempting to pack more than you actually need. With a small bag, there is only enough room for the essentials, forcing you to pack light without even realizing it!

Plan Your Outfits

What often happens with clothing is that we overestimate how much we will actually wear. We plan to have clothes for every possible scenario when realistically you’ll only need a few different outfits for the things you have planned. Take time to think about what you have scheduled on the trip and the type of clothes that they require, and plan the outfit to wear for that occasion before you pack. This way, you won’t be throwing in unnecessary clothes that would only serve to take up precious bag space!

Why Hotels Are Still At the Top of Travel Accommodations

Why Hotels Are Still At the Top of Travel Accommodations

In today’s world, hotels are having to compete with more and more alternative forms of accommodations. Services such as Airbnb and hostels give travellers other options when looking for a place to stay away from home. 

The remainder of this post will explore the benefits offered by hotels that set them apart from other forms of travel accommodations. 

Availability Worldwide

Aside from staying with family or friends, hotels are one of the oldest forms of accommodations. They have been utilized all around the globe to house people on their travels for centuries, which means there’s a high likelihood that your travel destination will have a local hotel you can utilize

Ample Amenities

Whether you’re travelling for adventure, vacation, business or something else, getting away from home should spell a reprieve from the responsibilities associated with maintaining a household. Hotels are one of the only forms of accommodations that take amenities seriously. Staying at a hotel you can look forward to housekeeping, in-room toiletries, room service, laundry service, internet access, towels.

Better Socialization

Whether you’re staying in a boutique hotel or a large hotel chain, most hotels offer a bar where you can get a drink and potentially socialize with other guests of the hotel. This is a feature that other accommodations don’t necessarily provide.

So, if having the opportunity to meet and talk with other is a big part of what’s important to you on your travels, a hotel may be the route to go.

Greater Safety

Another great aspect of hotels is guest safety. A significant aspect of a hotel’s business model is creating a space that guests will feel safe in at all hours of the day. The extent of the safety measures in place at a hotel varies depending on the hotel and the country it resides in; but, the following are common security measures practiced by most hotels:

  • Hotel staff trained in responding to emergencies and first aid;
  • Surveillance cameras on the premises;
  • And hotel security guards. 

Come Checkout Sudbury’s Top October Events

Come Checkout Sudbury’s Top October Events

October is a great month for fun fall events and the month of Halloween! And in Sudbury, we don’t waste time with the festivities. Below, are a list of some of the top attractions taking place in Sudbury this October. The events range from scary Halloween events to fun family events like pumpkin picking. 

Fear Theatre: If you’re looking for the ultimate haunted house experience, look no further than Sudbury’s Fear Theatre. This event is held at The Grand from October 3 – 19, 2018 and guests can expect a truly frightening experience.

Tunnel of Terror: This is a truly unique Halloween experience as it’s the only one you’ll find that takes place seven stories below the Earth’s surface. So, if you’re looking for a real test of your bravery this Halloween, see if you can stand the test of Canada’s only underground haunted house!

It’s important to note that this experience is recommended for those ages 12 and up. Children under six aren’t permitted. The Tunnel of Terror is held at Sudbury’s Dynamic Earth from October 5 – 28, 2018.  

Pumpkinferno: This exhibit is a true fan favourite in Sudbury and this year is looking to be the best yet. Pumpkinferno 2018 will have a new Northern Forest set, as well as a new scavenger hunt. All ages are welcome and can look forward to over five-thousand hand-carved pumpkin, 19 unique sets made intensely of individual fiber pumpkins. The pumpkinferno is also held at Sudbury’s Dynamic Earth from October 5 – 8, 2018.  

Fall Harvest 2018 at Wagon Wheel Ranch: Returning for their 13th year, Wagon Wheel Ranch’s Fall harvest is sure to be a lot of fun for the entire family. All ages are permitted and hours of operation are from 10 am – 4 pm each weekend in October (including Thanksgiving Monday). This event is available from October 6 – October 28, 2018.

Sudbury Quality Inn, we are proud to be part of a community that makes a solid effort to engage with people of all ages. If you’re interested in experiencing the best of what October has to offer come through our city!

Pet Travel: Advice for Travelling with a Nervous Pet

Pet Travel: Advice for Travelling with a Nervous Pet

For many pet owners, a cat or dog is as much a part of the family as any human member and this means they’re included in family activities such as travel. Now, as great as it can be to have your dog with you on a road trip or even in another country, the travel process by car or plane can often be stressful on animals. So, if you’re travelling with a nervous pet, use this advice to make the process as comfortable for them as possible!

Be Aware of Distress Signs

A major component of successfully travelling with your pet is understanding their body language. For example, crying and shivering are more obvious signs associated with a distressed animal; however, less apparent signs can be excessive licking, pacing or a glazed-over look.

Have Your Pet Crate or Carrier Trained

Various modes of transportation (car, plane, train, etc.) will likely cause your pet to spend extended amounts of time in their crate. For animals that aren’t used to being in such a confined space, the process will likely be very stressful.

You can improve your pet’s travel experience by building a positive relationship with the carrier, by offering treats when the animal is inside the carrier.

Travel with a Comfort Object

Bringing along a familiar toy or blanket is an excellent way to reduce anxiety and make your puppy feel more comfortable and at ease, even when they’re miles away from home.

Stay Calm At All Times

A significant factor, often overlooked with your pet’s well-being while travelling, is your own state-of-mind. How can your puppy stay calm if he picks up on your nervous energy? Even if you’re slightly nervous, doing your best to stay calm, cool and collected helps keep your pet calm as well.

At Sudbury Quality Inn, we recognize how important pets are and welcome them as guests in our hotel. If you’re planning on staying in our hotel with your pet, we ask that you please inform the hotel of this when booking your room. For further information on our pet policy, click here

Thanksgiving is Almost Here and What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving is Almost Here and What Are You Thankful For!

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all that has happened throughout the year and think about all you’re thankful for. Whether it was positive moments you enjoyed or painful moments that paved the way for self-growth down the road, there are likely many things we can all be thankful for. So, to kick off the fall season right and get us in the Thanksgiving spirit, here are four aspects of the fall season to be thankful for!

An Extra Hour of Sleep

One great part of the fall season is daylight savings. Although the time change can take a few days to get used to, we do get an extra hour of sleep, which I’m sure we all can appreciate.

TV Show Season

Throughout the summer months, we are forced to watch repeats of TV shows, with a few new seasons of shows sprinkled in between the re-runs. Fall is the season for premieres for new TV shows. So, grab your favourite snack and get comfortable on the couch as you prepare to enjoy the latest season of your favourite TV series.

Comfy Clothes

Another thing to look forward to in fall is a change of wardrobe. Cooler temperatures encourage nice, cozy outfits. You’ll be able to layer sweaters and scarves and wear your favourite pair of boots that had to be hidden away all summer.

Beauty of Nature

Although each season has a beauty to it, there is something truly special about fall. As all the leaves begin to change colour, nature takes on a bright and vibrant feel.

Tips to Create a Powerful Business Presentation

Tips to Create a Powerful Business Presentation

Have you been tasked with presenting a business presentation to clients or fellow company member in another city or even country? Business meetings can involve enough preparation and work, without having to worry about executing a successful presentation. So, if you’re finding yourself responsible for presenting a business presentation, the following information will help you deliver powerfully.

Establish Your Credibility at the Get Go

Make it clear why you were chosen to give this presentation and why you have value to offer everyone in the meeting room. The chances of your audience listening and engaging with you drastically increases if they genuinely feel you have valuable information to offer. 

Credibility can be achieved by providing a brief overview of your background with the topic of highlighting key references that substantiate the information you’re providing. The key is to establish this quickly and at the beginning. 

Introduce a Goal Early in the Presentation

The purpose behind a goal is giving your audience insight as to what they’re supposed to have in mind as they listen to your presentation and allows them to take the goal into consideration as they hear your points. For example, the goal of your presentation may be proposing a new direction or initiative within the company, or maybe receiving funding for a project. 

Start Separate Ideas with Powerful Imagery or Quotations

Opposed to just having a new title or a basic stock photo, strive to evoke emotion in your slides with a relevant quotation or full-screen image. At the very most, add a word or two about the topic, but ideally, you can just say it out loud and let the quote or image work as a visual aid to support this new topic.

At Quality Inn Sudbury, we strive for greatness every day at our hotel and believe everyone should be doing the same! We hope these tips provided practical ways to improve the quality of your business presentations

And to show our dedication to business excellence, we want all our guests to know that Sudbury Quality Inn offers an All-Inclusive Meeting package. Click here to check it out!

Great Ways to Commemorate the End of Summer

Great Ways to Commemorate the End of Summer

If life was a book, the chapter of summer 2018 would be on its final pages. In periods of transition like this, I often reflect on what’s passing away and question whether I made the most of it, so I urge you to do the same. Did you make the most of your summer 2018? Regardless of whether the answer to that question is a yes or a no, no need to worry because summer isn’t over yet! Below, are great ways to end the summer with a bang!

Escape the City One Last Time

With fall come the routines that we all throw to the wayside over the summer. Kids are back in school and the rest of their time consists of homework and extra curriculas, not to mention many adults are already back from the lengthy vacations they enjoyed over the summer. With everything settling back into a ‘normal’ routine,

Fortunately, the fun doesn’t have to end here. Consider taking a day trip to a nearby park, hiking spot or even fishing area.

Eat Outside

With summer on its way out, engage in activities that allow you to fully enjoy the summer weather. For instance, have meals outdoors–this could literally be in your backyard or in a local park. Although meals can still be enjoyed outside in autumn as well, nothing quite beats the warmth and sunshine of summer–so, enjoy it before it’s gone!

Take it Old School

Make the effort to plan one last fishing trip or camping weekend before the cold weather really starts to set in. These experiences not only help kids develop an appreciation and respect for nature, but they are great opportunities for parents to bond with their kids and create awesome memories. 

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Upset Over the Arrival of Fall

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Upset Over the Arrival of Fall

Summer isn’t even officially over and already we can feel the changes in the weather as nature prepares for the fall season. For some, fall is a welcomed change from the heat of summer; however, I think it’s fair to say that many of us wouldn’t mind if summer continued for a few more months. But with fall fast approaching, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t be disappointed with the summer ending and fall soon beginning. 

Kids Have Gone Back to School

For all the parents out there, you can finally exhale because you’ve made it through the summer. Your children are officially back in school and the task of keeping them occupied all summer is finally over!

Fun Events like Berry-Picking

Another great aspect of fall is enjoying the activities that are native to this time of year, such as berry-picking. Activities like this offer many benefits such as:

  • An opportunity to take a break from technology and just enjoy being in the presence of others;
  • Great way to spend time together as a family and create memories you can look back on fondly for years to come. 

So, if you live in or around Sudbury or you’re just passing through consider making a day event at one of Sudbury’s local berry-picking farms, Ruby Berry Farms, Lise’s Strawberry Farm or Valley Orchard

Great Time for Travel

And although you may be missing the warm temperature of summer, take heart that fall is still a great time of year to travel and actually comes with benefits. With kids back in school and the majority of people using their vacation days throughout the summer, you’ll find that many travel destinations and hotels have less traffic during the fall season.