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5 Best Things to Wear on a Plane

5 Best Things to Wear on a Plane

Flights can feel long and often uncomfortable when you’re on a plane heading to your vacation destination. What you’re wearing can play a big part in how you feel during the ride, making the difference between an uncomfortable trip and an enjoyable flight. That’s why we’ve collected a list of the five best things to wear on a plane to maximize comfort for a smooth flight!

Breathable Clothing

Wearing clothes that can breathe has many benefits while on a plane. They allow air to circulate your skin to prevent you from sweating and making you feel less clean. Material like cotton and silk will help to keep you comfortable while allowing your skin to breathe and prevent sweating.


Layering up is important to make sure you stay at a good temperature the whole plane ride. The great thing about layers is if the temperature in the cabin is cold, you’re set with clothing to keep you warm. If it’s hot outside or gets warm in the plane, you can always take off a layer or two to always feel comfortable no matter the temperature.

Comfortable Footwear

With lots of walking involved on vacations, it’s easy for our feet to tire out and get sore. Wearing comfortable shoes will help to prepare your feet for the walking ahead during the plane ride to your destination, or help them relax on the way back.

Loose-fitting Clothes

Tight clothing can often add to the discomfort of a flight by restricting blood flow through your body, especially when sitting for a long period of time. Loose-fitting clothes will help to increase your circulation and allow your body to feel more relaxed and less sore.

Clothes with Pockets

Pockets will help you have easy access to anything you’ll need during the flight without the hassle of having to go into your carry-on bag.

4 Essentials to Pack This Winter

4 Essentials to Pack This Winter

Winter travel can be tons of fun and offer unique experiences that a summer excursion can’t. However, with the cold weather comes challenges that need to be overcome in order to make the most of your trip. That’s why we’ve collected a list of four things to pack that will help you tackle the cold and have an amazing vacation this winter!

Lip Balm

When the weather is cold, it’s easier for your lips to dry out. No one wants the discomfort of dry and chapped lips when on vacation, so a small tube of lip balm will come in very helpful, especially in the winter cold! Carry this around with you in your bag or in a pocket so you have it handy whenever your lips start to feel dry.

Hat and Mittens

Your head and hands are two areas that will become cold very quickly, so combat this by packing a warm pair of mittens and a winter hat or toque. This will help your whole body feel warmer and along with a few layers on your body, will help you stay outside and have fun no matter the activity or weather!

Feet Warmers         

Just like your fingers, your feet tend to get cold the quickest, and can cause major discomfort when they do so. Putting feet warmers in your shoes or boots will help to provide you with that bit of extra warmth to keep your toes comfortable and allow you to walk around your destination, even when there is lots of snow on the ground.

Extra Battery

Phones can lose battery much quicker when they are exposed to the cold, so having it in your pocket during your winter travels can affect the battery life. Carrying an extra portable battery could help you out if you’re away from a charger for a long period of time and need to make a call or text.

What to Look Forward to in Winter

What to Look Forward to in Winter

As we close out November and get into December, the winter months are upon us and so is the colder weather. While it’s easy to dislike the snowy season for its weather, there is a lot to look forward to when winter rolls around. Here’s a list of 4 things that can get you excited about December and beyond and avoid the winter blues!

Holiday Season

From Christmas to New Years, the holiday season is filled with excitement and joy. It’s a time when families get together, share good food, and often exchange gifts. With many people getting time off work and children being out of the school, it’s the best time for the whole family to be together. From celebrating with family, to decorating, to listening to seasonal music, the holidays bring tons of fun to make winter much more exciting.

Cozy Clothing

With the arrival of the cold comes the warm and cozy clothing. Cozy clothing is a relaxing way to combat colder weather and breaking them out for the first time of the season is something to look forward to. From scarves, hats, boots, and blankets, there are always cozy options to help you warm up!

Winter Activities

The best part about snow starting to fall is all the winter activities that come along with it! Skiing and snowboarding are two great family sports to look forward to once the hills are covered in snow. The colder weather also brings skating on frozen ponds and lakes, tobogganing down hills, building snow forts, and snowball fights!

Seasonal Food and Drink

When the winter rolls around, there’s nothing better than warming up with food and drinks that are perfect for the colder season. Warm apple cider, hot chocolate, and soup are just a few options from a long list of foods and beverages that will warm your stomach and make the chilly weather enjoyable.

Healthy Snacks to Pack on Vacation

Healthy Snacks to Pack on Vacation

When it comes to travel, it can be easy to slip into bad eating habits as you stray away from your everyday routine. Often when hungry on vacation, we choose the quickest and easiest option available to satisfy our hunger, which tends to be fast food. Combat the unhealthy diet choices on vacation by packing some easy on-the-go snacks that you can eat at anytime! We’ve put together a list of some healthy and easy to pack snacks to bring with you on your next trip!


Nuts are the perfect snack to pack on the go due to their size and nutritional value. Nuts have a high concentration of healthy fats, protein and fiber that will help you feel energized and full. Nuts can include many different types from almonds, cashews, pistachios, and peanuts, so find some of your favourites and pack them for your trip!

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are great for providing you with the vitamins and nutrients you need, especially during long travel days. Before you leave, pack your own fruits and vegetables such as baby carrots, apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries and blueberries. These all make for convenient snacks and are loaded with vitamins, nutrients and fiber to meet your body’s needs. There are even some less-conventional but just as beneficial options such as fruit and veggie chips with no additives that taste great and are super easy to eat on the go!

Protein Bars

There are many types of bars that have a high amount of protein and nutrients, which are easy to pack and eat on your travels. These high-protein snacks help to build muscle and strength, and will keep you feeling full to reduce the cravings of eating unhealthy foods.

Remember that while it’s okay to eat out on vacation, it’s also important to balance out the unhealthy foods with some healthy options like the ones above. They’ll help you feel your best on vacation and your body will thank you!

Getting a Great Sleep Away From Home

Getting a Great Sleep Away From Home

Often when we’re away from home and not in our own bed, getting a good night of sleep can be difficult. We’re used to our bed at home and the unfamiliarity can throw you off. That’s why we’ve put together a few simple tips that will help you get a great rest and feel refreshed on your vacation!

Stay Off Electronics

The bright artificial light of an electronic, such as our phones and laptops, can interfere with our sleep process at night. The blue light that the screens give off can slow down the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep. Without it, we have difficulty falling asleep and instead feel awake and alert. Thus, it’s important to put down the phone during the evening to ensure you get a full rest on your trip.

Dress Comfortably

Since you’ll be away from the bed you’re familiar with, make up for it by dressing the same way you would at home. This will help create the feeling of sleeping at home while putting you in the mindset of going to bed!

Bring Earplugs

Sometimes when we’re away, there can be noises and sounds at night that we aren’t used to hearing at home. To cancel out these sounds and help you stay relaxed and in sleep mode, bring a pair of earplugs to put in at night. This way you can fall asleep to peace and quiet and won’t be disrupted by any sounds during the night!

Wind Down

There are many different ways we can relax and wind down before bed. These can include taking a warm shower, drinking caffeine-free tea, or reading a book. Use whichever method works for you in order to wind down from a busy day and get your mind ready for a night of sleep!

At the Quality Inn Sudbury, our rooms are the perfect place to relax and get a great night of sleep so you can feel ready to take on the next day!

5 Things to Carry With You on Vacation

5 Things to Carry With you on Vacation

While you’re on your trip, there will be times when you aren’t close enough to your hotel to go back and grab things that you may need. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead and carry a few important items with you on your travels. We’ve put together a list of 5 things to carry with you while on vacation!

First-Aid Kit

Although you hopefully won’t need to use it, a small first-aid kit is important to make sure you’re prepared and safe. The kit doesn’t need to be too extensive, but some band aids and disinfectant can help you out if injuries do occur.

Hand Sanitizer

When on our travels, we tend to touch a lot of things with our hands which brings the potential of spreading germs. Especially before eating out at a restaurant, a small bottle of hand sanitizer is the perfect item to carry with you to make sure your hands are clean and you don’t pick up any unwanted illnesses!

Water Bottle

With all the walking that we often do on our travels, it’s important to make sure you are staying hydrated with a good amount of water throughout the day. Carrying around a water bottle will help you have water handy whenever you need it so you can avoid dehydration and stay feeling your best!


Bringing a small snack around with you will come in handy if you’re feeling a bit hungry but not ready to eat a full meal. Easy to pack snacks like granola bars and fruit can go a long way in helping to satisfy you’re hunger while you’re on the go.

Lip Balm

With lip balm coming in such small and easily-packed containers, it can’t hurt to carry it with you on your travels! No one wants chapped or dry lips while on their vacation, so having this handy will help you avoid discomfort and enjoy your trip to the fullest! This also comes in great for winter travels when the weather is cold and your lips are more susceptible to becoming dry due to the weather.

Tips to Make Traveling Easier on the Body

Tips to Make Traveling Easier on the Body

While travel is a rewarding and exciting experience, it can also be taxing on the body. From long car rides, to lots of walking, to consuming different foods, our body often isn’t used to the physical challenges of going on a trip. That is why we’ve gathered some tips for feeling your best and helping out your body when on vacation!

Pack the Proper Gear

When it comes to comfort, a big aspect of how your body feels is based on what you are wearing. It’s important to come prepared with the proper gear for the activities you’ll be doing on your trip. If you plan on doing lots of walking, bring a comfortable pair of running shoes. If you know you’ll be out in the sun, pack a baseball hat and sunscreen. Your body will thank you at the end of the day!

Don’t Forget about Exercise

While exercising can often get lost among the fun activities planned on vacation, it’s important to keep up your physical activity for your body’s health. You don’t need to spend tons of time exercising or in the gym, just a simple run or even a walk will help your body get the movement it needs to feel your best.

Watch what you Eat

Although it’s tempting to eat lots of junk food on vacation, try to balance out the not-so-good food with some healthy options. Of course it’s still okay to eat some less-healthy meals, but going overboard will leave you feeling sluggish and can be tough on the body. Remembering the healthy food options will help your body feel great and ready to take on the activities you have planned.

Take Your Time

Stressing out and having to run between activities can be exhausting on the body. Planning lots of time between activities in your schedule will not only prevent you from having to run from place to place, but it will also reduce stress to help your mind and body feel its best.

Why you Should Keep a Journal of Your Trip

Why you Should Keep a Journal of Your Trip

Vacations create so many amazing memories and experiences that are worth remembering. To preserve these memories and have them for life, you should try keeping a journal while on your trip of all the fun things you’ve done. We’ve put together a list of why packing a journal is a great addition to any vacation!

Help you Remember your Trip

With so much excitement and things to do when on your vacation, it’s easy to lose track of all the activities you’ve done and the sights you’ve seen. This is why keeping a journal is a perfect way to help you never forget your experience! Even years after your trip, you can give your journal a read through and relive all the amazing moments that we can so often forget about over time. Vacation memories are something to cherish and journals are the perfect way to do that!

Log the Details

While cameras are an amazing tool to help document your vacation, it’s harder to tell the full story of an experience just through photographs. On the other hand, journals allow you to write every little detail to give you the full memory of a day or an experience. This can include writing about the weather, the food you ate, people you met, or even simply how you felt about the day! Journals are a great way to complement a photo album from the trip and will give you a more complete memory of the vacation.

Unwind at the End of the Day

After a busy and eventful day of activities, it can often be tough to go straight from the excitement to bed. That’s why journaling is a beneficial way to end off your day. By helping you to clear your mind, wind down and relax, writing in a journal can prepare you to fall asleep and get a great night of rest for the next day.